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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"The Song Remains The Same"

As a well known popular song from the '70's, it's title is so true.

It's good to know some things never change.  As I age, you know...like when you remember hearing your parents or grandparents or just about any elder who wanted to impart the benefit of their years on you, I find many things remain the same.  I look back over the decades and observe that each one is unique and for me the focus is always musically, as to the style and type of musicians making a name for themselves, but find that lyrics really haven't changed much. The words have simply been rearranged.  Boy has girl, boy loses girl, love of his life. Or, girl thinks life is never better than with her new beau. Girl realizes boy is loser and lazy yet cannot figure out why she misses him so much after kicking him out on his ass (cryin' in your beer music).  Lyrics are pretty much the same throughout time and include love of some sort.  Love of boy for girl, girl for boy, love of life, love of car, love of creator.  Love, love, love.  Which, would include hate because you can't have hate unless there is love, right? Yin, yang. Some of my favorite words in song: "Life is grand, love is real and beauty is everywhere" (Roger Clyne). "If your bottle's empty, help yourself to mine...here's to life!" (you-know-who).

So, my darlings, where did I leave you hanging?  I'm sorry to report I have made very little progress since my last post.  I had to leave my full time job, got disability approved in only two months and nine days (without the aid of an attorney!), started a new infusion therapy, which after six very boring infusions I've seen little to no improvement.  Can you imagine, sitting around a room with other chemo patients chatting about only their ailments? Yeah...take this blog and multiply and *yawn*...it's not exciting. Which is not to say I am not empathetic, on the contrary.  I feel deeply for all of us who are cursed with these bodies that are working against us.  It does, however, give me pause for how fortunate I am to have insurance that pays the exorbitant price.  All I can say is, thank you Obamacare!

One thing I've had mucho time to ponder, and that is words.  I so love words!  Much time spent sitting, waiting, driving, resting (aka unable to move), obsessing about insomnia...my over active brain sometimes  flashes words in and out within a vision.  Almost like a neon sign. Words come, and go in no particular order. I took it as a sign that my muse was telling me to get back to the keyboard and give it a go.  So, here I am and it's working quite well, actually.  Brain and hands are working in tandem.

"I owe, I owe, I ohhhhhwe..." More famous words from Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, this from their newest release "The Independent".  If you haven't picked it up yet, visit  azpeacemakers.com and get yourself one. You'll be glad you did.  In my case, I owe many return e-mails and phone calls and I vow to catch up with you all.  I do appreciate the well wishes and inquiries. 

Let me know what's new with you.  Leave a note here, shoot me an e-mail, send a tweet, just don't FB message me, please! That blasted new FB messenger was so complicated for this old hippie broad to understand, I had my daughter uninstall it! What a mess that thing was! Good riddance :D Let me know new music you have out, books being released, columns updated.  I am the harbinger of news to be spread and am happy to give a plug where plug is due.  I see many of you on my FB feed with new projects up and coming, so let me help you advertise.  It's free...what have you got to lose?

My daughter has decreed that Mr. Snippy needed a more "hip" name, so he is now known as Stan Li. He answers to it, so I guess it's ok.  He's quietly slumbering at the foot of my bed on his own pillow (that he stole from me) and confidently see's himself as king of this castle.  I don't mind, I'd much rather someone else be in charge. 

Take care, my dearests, and please do get in touch.  I shall persevere to finish what I have started and get unmentionable books ready for print ( there are many...m-a-n-y!).  As always, you can follow the links to your right (motions in best Vanna hand wave fashion) to get what is now available.  If you are so inclined, you may buy any of the two paperbacks "Random Encounters" or "Bright Lights" at my website LifeLoveLust and get my little book of poetry and prose for free.  Free is always good  :D  As of this moment, "Back Track" is still only available on Kindle. (Did someone just mutter...procrastinate?)

Hugs (big enveloping bear type!) to you all!

Determinedly yours, 
~ K

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