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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"The Song Remains The Same"

As a well known popular song from the '70's, it's title is so true.

It's good to know some things never change.  As I age, you know...like when you remember hearing your parents or grandparents or just about any elder who wanted to impart the benefit of their years on you, I find many things remain the same.  I look back over the decades and observe that each one is unique and for me the focus is always musically, as to the style and type of musicians making a name for themselves, but find that lyrics really haven't changed much. The words have simply been rearranged.  Boy has girl, boy loses girl, love of his life. Or, girl thinks life is never better than with her new beau. Girl realizes boy is loser and lazy yet cannot figure out why she misses him so much after kicking him out on his ass (cryin' in your beer music).  Lyrics are pretty much the same throughout time and include love of some sort.  Love of boy for girl, girl for boy, love of life, love of car, love of creator.  Love, love, love.  Which, would include hate because you can't have hate unless there is love, right? Yin, yang. Some of my favorite words in song: "Life is grand, love is real and beauty is everywhere" (Roger Clyne). "If your bottle's empty, help yourself to mine...here's to life!" (you-know-who).

So, my darlings, where did I leave you hanging?  I'm sorry to report I have made very little progress since my last post.  I had to leave my full time job, got disability approved in only two months and nine days (without the aid of an attorney!), started a new infusion therapy, which after six very boring infusions I've seen little to no improvement.  Can you imagine, sitting around a room with other chemo patients chatting about only their ailments? Yeah...take this blog and multiply and *yawn*...it's not exciting. Which is not to say I am not empathetic, on the contrary.  I feel deeply for all of us who are cursed with these bodies that are working against us.  It does, however, give me pause for how fortunate I am to have insurance that pays the exorbitant price.  All I can say is, thank you Obamacare!

One thing I've had mucho time to ponder, and that is words.  I so love words!  Much time spent sitting, waiting, driving, resting (aka unable to move), obsessing about insomnia...my over active brain sometimes  flashes words in and out within a vision.  Almost like a neon sign. Words come, and go in no particular order. I took it as a sign that my muse was telling me to get back to the keyboard and give it a go.  So, here I am and it's working quite well, actually.  Brain and hands are working in tandem.

"I owe, I owe, I ohhhhhwe..." More famous words from Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, this from their newest release "The Independent".  If you haven't picked it up yet, visit  azpeacemakers.com and get yourself one. You'll be glad you did.  In my case, I owe many return e-mails and phone calls and I vow to catch up with you all.  I do appreciate the well wishes and inquiries. 

Let me know what's new with you.  Leave a note here, shoot me an e-mail, send a tweet, just don't FB message me, please! That blasted new FB messenger was so complicated for this old hippie broad to understand, I had my daughter uninstall it! What a mess that thing was! Good riddance :D Let me know new music you have out, books being released, columns updated.  I am the harbinger of news to be spread and am happy to give a plug where plug is due.  I see many of you on my FB feed with new projects up and coming, so let me help you advertise.  It's free...what have you got to lose?

My daughter has decreed that Mr. Snippy needed a more "hip" name, so he is now known as Stan Li. He answers to it, so I guess it's ok.  He's quietly slumbering at the foot of my bed on his own pillow (that he stole from me) and confidently see's himself as king of this castle.  I don't mind, I'd much rather someone else be in charge. 

Take care, my dearests, and please do get in touch.  I shall persevere to finish what I have started and get unmentionable books ready for print ( there are many...m-a-n-y!).  As always, you can follow the links to your right (motions in best Vanna hand wave fashion) to get what is now available.  If you are so inclined, you may buy any of the two paperbacks "Random Encounters" or "Bright Lights" at my website LifeLoveLust and get my little book of poetry and prose for free.  Free is always good  :D  As of this moment, "Back Track" is still only available on Kindle. (Did someone just mutter...procrastinate?)

Hugs (big enveloping bear type!) to you all!

Determinedly yours, 
~ K

Monday, December 9, 2013

Testing, 1...2...3

Greetings, all!

The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated...or, something like that.  I'm seriously trying to get my writing cap back on, so please pardon if I struggle a little.  It's painful to sit at the keyboard for any length of time, so keeping my attention and focus on writing has been very difficult.

Thank you all for your concern and well wishes.  I have been very sick, for a long time now, and it's been trying, to say the least.  I do appreciate all of the messages and texts of well wishes and I'm working diligently to function somewhat normally (what?). In short, the (very expensive!) meds have stopped working and my rheumatoid disease is getting worse.  I'm currently in limbo in the medical world as my team of dr.'s try to figure out what to do with me.  It seems I am back to being an "enigma".  I'll keep you posted on that. Meantime, let's move on.

Exciting news from the publishing department...two FB author friends have new book releases (yay!). Musician/author Jamon Scott's "Michael Jackson Got Me On Coke" is a delightful read of 'memories from the middle of nowhere'. It's available at lulu.com .  Chris LaFata is getting great reviews for his first effort of history and sci-fi,  "Washington's Providence". Check it out at Amazon.com.

As for me, I'm still on the fence about "Back Track".  The only thing I am certain of so far, is that I'm absolutely in love with the cover! It's the interior I keep changing, fixing, having second thoughts about scene structure or page setup, or...whatever.  You know how when you really, really, really want something to be absolutely perfect and won't settle for less? Yeah...me too.  That combined with the fact that already I can't sit here in this chair at this keyboard any longer has greatly hindered my progress of release. I promise I will find a way to work it out and get it ready to for readers! It is still available on Kindle.  Let me know what you think.

Take great care, my loves.  Each day I learn how very precious life truly is and how much I appreciate the little things that really matter.  Take care of each other.  In the end, that's all we have.  Toys don't matter, things don't matter, even achievements really aren't what's at the heart of, our hearts.  It's love. For everyone.

Lovingly yours,

*Hugs* ~ K

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Catching up!

Let’s see…where did we leave off?  I don’t recall, but try to push myself further in every aspect remembering a few cliché’ sayings:  In order to win, you have to play. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  No reward without sacrifice.  In essence, to finish what I start.  You have lots of unfinished projects around the house? Yeah, me too.

Bragging rights:
One of my favorite times of the year is approaching.  March madness is upon us.  My golden boys the Gonzaga Bulldogs are #1! It’s going to be an interesting tournament.  I’ll spend hours pondering my bracket and hope I don’t get busted in the first round…again! Let’s move on.

Hell hath frozen over in Mexico! 
Rather, it will come June. My favorite musicians in the whole world are reuniting.  Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers have their summer party every year south of the border in Rocky Point.  This year, former band mate from The Refreshments Brian Blush will join them which gives a three out of four for a Refreshments reunion.  It’s been said in certain circles that hell would freeze over before even this would come to pass, much less the original four band members ever playing together again.  The fourth, bassist Art Edwards (“Buddy”) is a novelist now and has projects of his own to see to.  I’m sure it will still be an exciting time in Mexico! I would go, but, ya’ know…I have this water phobia thing goin’ on.  I shall rely on my Peacemaker friends to keep me apprised of all the shenanigans! Get all the scoop at www.azpeacemakers.com

More music news:
Favorite local boys “Buffalo Jones” will again be opening for “Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers” in Spokane March 31 at Center of Spokane.  It’s a great combination!  Be sure to find me in the crowd for hugs.  It’s gonna be a great time! But, no Easter egg blue, please. That color scares me. Find information at www.facebook.com/buffaljones

A mere image of my former self:
So…I’m on a high protein diet.  I’ve gotten past the first week of the carb letdown.  You know how when you purge the sugar and flour and all that bad stuff out, and about the third day you make a plan to  hijack a Franz bread truck? Yeah, me too.  But, I stayed strong and made it through and I’m starting to see a difference.  One more week on the restricted part of it and then I can move on and hope the weight still comes off.  The meds I take work against me in that area, so if I don’t make progress after next week, I’ll have to find another plan.  My rickety arthritic bones keep me from being able to move enough to work out, so I’ll have to try something else. 

Tidbits on the book front…
Lupus slowed me down to less than a crawl, and has had me nearly stationary for the winter but I’m starting to emerge out of the darkness it put me in, and I’m seeing light! It could be that it’s the sunshine outside my window this morning, but whatever it is that is energizing me and feeling better, I’ll take it! Don’t you just get so tired of being so tired? Yeah, me too.  I’m constantly searching for ways to outsmart the lupus gene, but sadly, most of time I find it is smarter than I am.  I digress…”Back Track” is now back to the printer for the FINAL final copy and should be available in paperback by next week.  The usual trumpeting gregarious announcement shall indeed appear when that happens!

Things we like: 
The active sounds of kids outside playing in the warm weather…Daylight savings time…March madness (of course)…Broiled, crispy cauliflower with hot pepper flakes sprinkled on (it’s not quite French fries, but it’s a substitute)…Four out of the top ten books selling on Amazon have food as subject…Former Zags standout Dan Dickau being inducted into the WCC hall of honor.  What’s making you smile today?

The Lhasa has not been well.  His back is achy and it makes him even snarlier than usual.  He snapped yesterday when the big dog, Boonie, got a little too close passing him in the hallway.  Stanley gnashed his teeth and growled like a grizzly, sending poor Boonie whining to his room and feeling punished.  Conversely, my co-worker's two small children were over this week and he couldn’t get enough of attention from them without any snarling at all.  Go figure. 

Give random hugs!  They will be appreciated and reciprocated :D

*Hugs* ~ K

Sunday, January 27, 2013


It seems now days we hear that word used casually in reference to many things from occupations, to families, to causes close to our hearts. It’s even a fruit. Then there’s the actual definition of it.  Merriam Webster describes passion as: “an intense emotion“, simply.  I see passion as what's in our hearts, as in: what is our passion in life, what makes us most happy? For me, it changed as life evolved.  When I was younger, my children and making a safe, comfortable home for them was my passion.  My focus at that time was raising them “right”.  I’m not really sure what that phrase means, but I knew I needed to give them unconditional love, security and make sure their basic needs were taken care of.  I did that and now I have three terrific kids who grew to be well adjusted adults (pats self on back).  Then, my passion became my job. I wanted to excel in my field which would, hopefully, lead to making more money. When I was in my forties, I started writing seriously (as opposed to casually with no direction) and get the stories in my scrambled brain into print.   Now, my passion is writing along with living a simple life. As I age, I want security for myself in my later years. Remember the days when we would roll our eyes at the older folks (fuddy-duddies) and cringe when they started sentences with “I remember when…”, or one of my personal favorites “back in my day…”?  Yeah, me too.  What’s your passion now? I’d love to hear about it.  That’s one thing that is much more important to me as I age. Correspondence and keeping in touch, so gimme a shout out somewhere.  All of my links are to the right, or leave a comment here. 

Speaking of learning as we age, or learning as we go, I’m ever learning new things in the writing world.  As simple as I try to keep things, there always seems to be someone who points out that I need to be just little more detailed about things.  I’m in the process of adding some of those detailed touches to my books and they’ll all be updated on Amazon, or you can get them at my website in whichever state they happen to be in when you order, simple or revised.  Remember, when you order at my site either “Random Encounters” or “Bright Lights” (or both), you get “LifeLoveLust” thrown in for free.  Just an added little casual reading pleasure for you. I still have a few copies of “Bright Lights” with the photo on the front cover, so if you’d like one of those let me know.  As soon as “Back Track” is released in paper form, I’m retiring the photo cover of “Bright Lights”.  “Back Track” is currently only available on Kindle due to a semi-commitment from a publishing source.  I’ll keep you posted on that, as I have no way of knowing how long the decision for printing in paperback form will take.  Meantime, my Kindle version could use some “likes”  :)

It’s that gloomy time of the wintry season here in the Pacific Northwest.  The Lhasa has a permanent body imprint on his blankie at the foot of my bed.  He’s vowed not to frolic in the outdoors until there are at least two continuous days of sunshine.  I’ve affirmed to him that Spring will be here before we know it and the dark, dismal days of winter will be behind us once again.  To every season…and all that jazz.  What are you doing to perk up your winter blahs? Give me some examples, maybe I can get some ideas to bring the ol’ boy out of his gloom.

Random thought: Why can’t we buy colored t-paper anymore?

Movies I could watch over and over and over: Top Gun, The Electric Horseman, all of the Godfather movies, An Officer and a Gentleman, Casablanca, The Natural…there are many more.  What about you? I’m always on the lookout for a good flick to curl up with along with something hot from the Keurig :)

Hug everybody today! That certainly will put some brightness into any day, wintry or otherwise. 

Virtual Hugs,

~ K

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Good enough…

Do you hear that a lot? Yeah, me too.  In various situations, whatever is happening or wanted to happen whichever is the case, but do you think we stop and think what it really means? To me, the implication is  the chore, or whatever it is that’s in process, could have been done better.  But, people settle.  People get tired of working at something, tired of trying to perfect it, then mentally give up and just say, that’s good enough. Don’t you feel a little cheated by that? Feel shortchanged? Yeah, me too. 

That’s why I really took my time at getting “Back Track” ready for the masses to read.  When I got the proof copy, even after all the time I’ve taken to go over it and over it (and over it again!) I wanted to do a thorough, diligent editing to make sure it was as perfect as I could make it.  I have yet another proof copy on the way as I *think* this time, it’s ready for presentation! Yes, I’m excited! 

Although I must admit that the past year was not spent only on editing and perfecting it. Even I’m not that slow! Lupus flare ups had me many days unable to even think about working at editing, or even reading.  The extreme physical symptoms of chronic fatigue including the tell-tale lupus “brain fog” had me barely able to function on more days than not, I’m sorry to report.  I’ve made it through the busy holiday/birthday season and although I’m not 100%, I am feeling somewhat better and optimistic that 2013 is going to be a banner year for K! I hope your new year has started off with a bang!

The Lhasa made it through the holiday/birthday season without snarling.  He’s pretty cranky when other dogs come to visit his domain and his territorial nature normally gets defensive.  I’m happy to report there were no dog fights and he’s now snuggled up back on his corner of the bed with his blankie and his new toy he got for Christmas.  Looking around the wrapping paper scraps and boxes of gifts everyone else received, I got a “really?” look from him when he opened his new tug toy.  I felt inadequate for just a moment.  We both seemed to have moved past it now. 

What's new in your corner of the world? Gimme a shout, let me hear from you.  We need to catch up.

Here’s some virtual new year hugs to you all.  Share them, they’re meant for giving away :)  

*Hugs* ~ K

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baby, I’m amazed…

At the vast contrast between going from keyboard to screen, screen to printed copy, printed copy to book form, then reading through that first proof.  The story format changes each time, which changes the story.  I’ve chatted with other writers about that aspect, about how different the same story looks, feels, and reads in the progressive stages to finality.

“maybe I'm amazed at the way you're with me all the time,
maybe I'm afraid of the way I leave you.
maybe I'm amazed at the way you help me sing my song,
right me when I'm wrong-
maybe I'm amazed at the way I really need you”

I’m fairly certain Sir Paul McCartney wasn’t referring to words or books or anything close to that when he wrote that song, but words of songs can mirror life and apply to many situations. That’s how my twisted brain sees it, anyway.  

To wit…reading cover to cover “Back Track”. It is starting to emerge as a complete novel. The proof copy had me doing *many* OMG!’s reading through and finding all kinds of errors even though I’ve scrutinized it profusely at each stage.  I’m amazed at how much work there is still to do when I was certain I was on my way to presenting a complete story.  Reading it in the actual book form, the story structure changes, words change, I find imperfections that beg for correction.  For both “Random Encounters” and "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey” I had an independent editor, so didn’t have to do all of the tedious work myself.  Ah…such is the life of a self published author.  I’m determined to complete this project myself, for myself. It‘s a lot of work, but will be worth it.  While the interior still needs some work,  I’m very happy with the cover.  Amazing, huh? :D

What’s amazing to you today? Do you marvel at the extraordinary-ness of life? Yeah, me too.  Gimme a shout and let me know what’s new and different in your world.  I really do like to know.  I spend far too much time melding into my computer, then I realize human contact has become elusive.  Being sequestered here has both its pros and cons.  I get one on one contact with the Lhasa always, he wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s quite demanding for attention.

Speaking of the snarling one, he is peeved about the snow that fell this week.  We got five inches in my neck of the woods along with a cold snap that has it frozen to the ground.  It’s difficult enough for a little guy to find just the right spot to deposit his gifts to the yard, but when the snow freezes solid to the ground, it’s doubly difficult.  I suspect he’ll be snarling about snow for the next few months until Spring has sprung.

Did you really think we’d get through a blog without a song reference? I think you’d be amazed if we did! However…I’m never amazed at how uplifting hugs are! Give them, get them.  It works…just that simply. 

*ahem* no groping, though.  Those kinds of hugs could get you arrested!

Amazingly yours,

~ K

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Current events

Let’s review what’s transpired lately in K world.  Putting final touches on “Back Track” and should be ready for a proof copy this week .  I know, I know…I’ve been saying that for weeks now.  It’s just that…it’s such a great story, I want to be sure no details are left out, or blurred, or leave the reader scratching their head wondering what they missed when the story doesn’t track.  It’s got some twists and turns that take some real finesse to keep it flowing.  I can tell ya’, I’ve got finesse! Ha! And, I've made a definitive cover choice  :)  Let’s move on.

Real current events

Ah…the political world of happenings.  Are you sick of it yet? Much as I covet our great nation and all of the freedoms and liberties we are privileged to enjoy, the long drawn out political process of the presidential elections every four years has me weary.  I know absolutely no one who is one of those undecided voters the pundits refer to.  Everyone I’ve spoken with about it is 100%  for one or the other candidate.  I respect that. I like swift decision making.  I put it out there on FB to get comments from friends, because you know since it’s FB we only have direct access to friends, there are no foes, anywho…I asked people to tell me one definitive reason they favor the incumbent or the challenger.  I guess my FB friends are all of those undecided voters we hear tell about, because not one person came forward with anything to convince me of their vote.  Get off the fence, people! Election day is upon us and will be here before we know it.  In fact, 16 days to be exact. I wonder what they’ll do with all that TV time now that there’s no political ads to run? Do you s’pose the candidates will run thank you ads after the fact? Hmmmm?

And yet, more current events

As mentioned in a previous blog, we had an unfortunate event with the groomer and the Lhasa was quite unhappy with her, as was I.  Through a delightful client of mine, we got lucky and got a referral to a new groomer that we went to this week and he looks like a Lhasa again instead of a miniature shaggy dog, and all without any fuss, pokes in the eye with scissors or other mysterious injuries.  It was like a female Dr. Doolittle took over! We went into the groomer’s, Stan nosed around a little bit and took in all of the unfamiliar people smells and doggie smells while I chatted briefly about my preferences for him to be clipped, and without warning she leaned down, scooped him up, and he cuddled right in her arms! No squirming or trying to get free, no snarling or gnashing of his teeth, he felt comfortable and safe.  I left there knowing he was in good hands and that made such a chore a lot easier.  I encourage everyone to get a personal referral to a groomer.  They aren’t simply bathing, clipping and otherwise wrestling with your beloved four legged precious, they are someone entrusted with the care of them while doing the necessary. Stanley and I are both sleeping a lot better now knowing he is not being mistreated while in her care. If anyone local needs such a referral, get in touch.  She doesn’t take large dogs anymore, but she has room for the little ones. Isn't he just darling?

In closing, thank you all ever so much for your kind words and well wishes.  It’s funny how I think no one notices when I haven’t been up to par. Lupus is an evil and unpredictable disease that strikes again just when we’re thinking we’re like normal people, off guard, it commands…”No! You shall not feel like a normal person. I’m taking control of your body and mind and you’ll do as I say!” putting me in a nearly non-functional state for the last few weeks.  I’ve been fatigued and my thought process just didn’t, well…process.  I’m hoping this improvement in my energy level is indicative of increase in productivity.

Have you been hugged today? If not, perhaps it’s because you haven’t given any.  Do it! They’re contagious, and you get what you give.   


~ K