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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baby, I’m amazed…

At the vast contrast between going from keyboard to screen, screen to printed copy, printed copy to book form, then reading through that first proof.  The story format changes each time, which changes the story.  I’ve chatted with other writers about that aspect, about how different the same story looks, feels, and reads in the progressive stages to finality.

“maybe I'm amazed at the way you're with me all the time,
maybe I'm afraid of the way I leave you.
maybe I'm amazed at the way you help me sing my song,
right me when I'm wrong-
maybe I'm amazed at the way I really need you”

I’m fairly certain Sir Paul McCartney wasn’t referring to words or books or anything close to that when he wrote that song, but words of songs can mirror life and apply to many situations. That’s how my twisted brain sees it, anyway.  

To wit…reading cover to cover “Back Track”. It is starting to emerge as a complete novel. The proof copy had me doing *many* OMG!’s reading through and finding all kinds of errors even though I’ve scrutinized it profusely at each stage.  I’m amazed at how much work there is still to do when I was certain I was on my way to presenting a complete story.  Reading it in the actual book form, the story structure changes, words change, I find imperfections that beg for correction.  For both “Random Encounters” and "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey” I had an independent editor, so didn’t have to do all of the tedious work myself.  Ah…such is the life of a self published author.  I’m determined to complete this project myself, for myself. It‘s a lot of work, but will be worth it.  While the interior still needs some work,  I’m very happy with the cover.  Amazing, huh? :D

What’s amazing to you today? Do you marvel at the extraordinary-ness of life? Yeah, me too.  Gimme a shout and let me know what’s new and different in your world.  I really do like to know.  I spend far too much time melding into my computer, then I realize human contact has become elusive.  Being sequestered here has both its pros and cons.  I get one on one contact with the Lhasa always, he wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s quite demanding for attention.

Speaking of the snarling one, he is peeved about the snow that fell this week.  We got five inches in my neck of the woods along with a cold snap that has it frozen to the ground.  It’s difficult enough for a little guy to find just the right spot to deposit his gifts to the yard, but when the snow freezes solid to the ground, it’s doubly difficult.  I suspect he’ll be snarling about snow for the next few months until Spring has sprung.

Did you really think we’d get through a blog without a song reference? I think you’d be amazed if we did! However…I’m never amazed at how uplifting hugs are! Give them, get them.  It works…just that simply. 

*ahem* no groping, though.  Those kinds of hugs could get you arrested!

Amazingly yours,

~ K