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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baby, I’m amazed…

At the vast contrast between going from keyboard to screen, screen to printed copy, printed copy to book form, then reading through that first proof.  The story format changes each time, which changes the story.  I’ve chatted with other writers about that aspect, about how different the same story looks, feels, and reads in the progressive stages to finality.

“maybe I'm amazed at the way you're with me all the time,
maybe I'm afraid of the way I leave you.
maybe I'm amazed at the way you help me sing my song,
right me when I'm wrong-
maybe I'm amazed at the way I really need you”

I’m fairly certain Sir Paul McCartney wasn’t referring to words or books or anything close to that when he wrote that song, but words of songs can mirror life and apply to many situations. That’s how my twisted brain sees it, anyway.  

To wit…reading cover to cover “Back Track”. It is starting to emerge as a complete novel. The proof copy had me doing *many* OMG!’s reading through and finding all kinds of errors even though I’ve scrutinized it profusely at each stage.  I’m amazed at how much work there is still to do when I was certain I was on my way to presenting a complete story.  Reading it in the actual book form, the story structure changes, words change, I find imperfections that beg for correction.  For both “Random Encounters” and "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey” I had an independent editor, so didn’t have to do all of the tedious work myself.  Ah…such is the life of a self published author.  I’m determined to complete this project myself, for myself. It‘s a lot of work, but will be worth it.  While the interior still needs some work,  I’m very happy with the cover.  Amazing, huh? :D

What’s amazing to you today? Do you marvel at the extraordinary-ness of life? Yeah, me too.  Gimme a shout and let me know what’s new and different in your world.  I really do like to know.  I spend far too much time melding into my computer, then I realize human contact has become elusive.  Being sequestered here has both its pros and cons.  I get one on one contact with the Lhasa always, he wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s quite demanding for attention.

Speaking of the snarling one, he is peeved about the snow that fell this week.  We got five inches in my neck of the woods along with a cold snap that has it frozen to the ground.  It’s difficult enough for a little guy to find just the right spot to deposit his gifts to the yard, but when the snow freezes solid to the ground, it’s doubly difficult.  I suspect he’ll be snarling about snow for the next few months until Spring has sprung.

Did you really think we’d get through a blog without a song reference? I think you’d be amazed if we did! However…I’m never amazed at how uplifting hugs are! Give them, get them.  It works…just that simply. 

*ahem* no groping, though.  Those kinds of hugs could get you arrested!

Amazingly yours,

~ K

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Current events

Let’s review what’s transpired lately in K world.  Putting final touches on “Back Track” and should be ready for a proof copy this week .  I know, I know…I’ve been saying that for weeks now.  It’s just that…it’s such a great story, I want to be sure no details are left out, or blurred, or leave the reader scratching their head wondering what they missed when the story doesn’t track.  It’s got some twists and turns that take some real finesse to keep it flowing.  I can tell ya’, I’ve got finesse! Ha! And, I've made a definitive cover choice  :)  Let’s move on.

Real current events

Ah…the political world of happenings.  Are you sick of it yet? Much as I covet our great nation and all of the freedoms and liberties we are privileged to enjoy, the long drawn out political process of the presidential elections every four years has me weary.  I know absolutely no one who is one of those undecided voters the pundits refer to.  Everyone I’ve spoken with about it is 100%  for one or the other candidate.  I respect that. I like swift decision making.  I put it out there on FB to get comments from friends, because you know since it’s FB we only have direct access to friends, there are no foes, anywho…I asked people to tell me one definitive reason they favor the incumbent or the challenger.  I guess my FB friends are all of those undecided voters we hear tell about, because not one person came forward with anything to convince me of their vote.  Get off the fence, people! Election day is upon us and will be here before we know it.  In fact, 16 days to be exact. I wonder what they’ll do with all that TV time now that there’s no political ads to run? Do you s’pose the candidates will run thank you ads after the fact? Hmmmm?

And yet, more current events

As mentioned in a previous blog, we had an unfortunate event with the groomer and the Lhasa was quite unhappy with her, as was I.  Through a delightful client of mine, we got lucky and got a referral to a new groomer that we went to this week and he looks like a Lhasa again instead of a miniature shaggy dog, and all without any fuss, pokes in the eye with scissors or other mysterious injuries.  It was like a female Dr. Doolittle took over! We went into the groomer’s, Stan nosed around a little bit and took in all of the unfamiliar people smells and doggie smells while I chatted briefly about my preferences for him to be clipped, and without warning she leaned down, scooped him up, and he cuddled right in her arms! No squirming or trying to get free, no snarling or gnashing of his teeth, he felt comfortable and safe.  I left there knowing he was in good hands and that made such a chore a lot easier.  I encourage everyone to get a personal referral to a groomer.  They aren’t simply bathing, clipping and otherwise wrestling with your beloved four legged precious, they are someone entrusted with the care of them while doing the necessary. Stanley and I are both sleeping a lot better now knowing he is not being mistreated while in her care. If anyone local needs such a referral, get in touch.  She doesn’t take large dogs anymore, but she has room for the little ones. Isn't he just darling?

In closing, thank you all ever so much for your kind words and well wishes.  It’s funny how I think no one notices when I haven’t been up to par. Lupus is an evil and unpredictable disease that strikes again just when we’re thinking we’re like normal people, off guard, it commands…”No! You shall not feel like a normal person. I’m taking control of your body and mind and you’ll do as I say!” putting me in a nearly non-functional state for the last few weeks.  I’ve been fatigued and my thought process just didn’t, well…process.  I’m hoping this improvement in my energy level is indicative of increase in productivity.

Have you been hugged today? If not, perhaps it’s because you haven’t given any.  Do it! They’re contagious, and you get what you give.   


~ K

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Maybe next year…

The time has come…all hope is lost.  I have given up on my beloved Mariners knowing there will not be a winning season this year.  Until now, I still had hope.  There was still enough wiggle room that if they won all of their remaining games and if opposing teams ahead of them in the standings lost all of their remaining games…playoffs, here we come! Alas, that dream has dissipated this year, as it did the year before. So, faithful fan that I am, I say…maybe next year.  Let’s move on.


Last week, I previewed one of the covers I’ve been considering for “Back Track”.  I think I’ve discarded that one in favor of this:

Now...you have to picture that this wraps the entire book cover. The setup of it on the book, the spine goes straight down the middle, with the title and author name (ME!) just under the stirrup.  It's a short title, so that part works. What do you think? I value comments as I have a pretty near-sighted view of my choices.  While one of me likes the pink sunset with horses in the foreground (featured last week), one of me likes the boots and spurs, and there is yet another me lurking somewhere deep in my psychotic psyche that has something different in mind.  I have one more I’ll feature next week here, then make a firm decision. 

At this point, I’m releasing “Back Track” simply for the pure joy of it.  I could write volumes on how saturated the publishing world is right now and how difficult it is just to be noticed at all. It’s not that I don’t want to be on a best sellers list, it’s just...the daunting task of promoting and all of the work that goes into getting on to even Amazon’s top sellers radar, well…let’s just say it’s tiring and I try to conserve my energy these days to do more of what I want to do, not what I have to do.  I must admit, though, that this is my best work ever. It's a longer story than either of my first two at almost 50,000 words, has more character development and deeper plot story.  I'm quite proud of it and pleased to offer it for reading pleasure!

Life’s too short

For a bad cup of coffee.  Or a bad slice of pizza.  Or a bad brownie (yes, they do exist!). But, you get the idea.  When you have a whole pot of coffee and the first cup is bitter, you don’t want the rest of the pot, do you? Same with pizza.  You don’t want to eat more of the pie if the first one just didn’t hit your taste buds square.  And, yes, I have had a bad brownie! They can get overcooked and crumble…not a good thing.  The cure? My Keurig saves me on the coffee front. Pizza by the slice would be ideal. That newfangled brownie cooker that has them already single serve is the bomb! New inventions come along every day to make life a little bit better, don’t you think? It’s the little things that give us pleasure everyday. What’s newfangled in your world that you didn’t know you couldn’t live without until you got it? Gimme a shout here, or a tweet @speshlk0510, or friend me on Facebook.  I love to hear what’s new with ya’ll. 

This blog has been brought to you by  “Fulton‘s Harvest  Pumpkin Pie” cream liqueur.  Serve chilled on the rocks or  pour a little in your coffee…yum!  Warms from the inside out.  The fall days are getting cooler up here, so a little warmth from the inside out,  is welcome.

What’s keeping you warm today? Hugs? Try them! They’re awesome :)

*Hugs* ~ K

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Oops! I did it again

Slept with the slider open all night again.  Thank the powers that be I live in a quiet, uneventful neighborhood.  Since our disparaging looks at them across the way,  and our disapproving calls to the sheriff’s dept. to report disturbing events across the street at what my kids unaffectionately named “the crack house”, those good-for-nothings moved out, and it’s been much more pleasant living around here.  Some new neighbors moved in and with the exception of a little yippy dog, there’ve been no more 911 calling incidents.  Let’s move on.

Tiny moments, big impact

Have you ever had those moments when something really small, seemingly everyday things that you usually dismiss or just go on about your business, catch your eye or make you stop and think and it resonates as something truly terrific? Yeah, me too.  Yesterday morning I got up to let the dogs out about six a.m. and square off the back deck right above Canfield mountain, the sun glowed a blazing red.  I’m not sure if it was due to all of the smoke in our area from the fires raging around us, or if it was a planned event.  Either way, I stood there mesmerized by it’s glow and felt the impact of such a powerful planet moving me emotionally. Or could be, I’m just getting so old that I’m easily fascinated by anything, too  :)

Stand by me

It’s basefoot time again.  Yesterday I spent my early evening switching from a baseball game to keep up with my Mariners, hoping they’ll end their season at least with their heads held high, and college football which was greatly disappointing.  My Oklahoma Sooners fell flat and reminded of the Sooners of olden days when fumbles and/or interceptions cursed them.  I’m not one of the blessed with picture in picture on my ancient 42” plasma.  I bought it when they first came out, too many years ago for me to even remember. As little viewing time as that old relic gets though, it will last me well into my old age so I see no need to invest in one with newer features. As I exercised my thumb to move between channels, I daydreamed the advantages of the coveted pic in pic feature, when I realized this is the first time I’ve turned it on since the end of last college football season! Not once did I watch it during the summer months. I think it got turned on a few times just so I could make sure it still worked. 

Current events

Have you seen all of the political ads? On occasion, when I do turn on the little TV next to my desk to get news or watch my beloved NCIS, I’m overwhelmed with all of the politics.  I know it’s almost election time, but talk about beating a dead horse…it’s so bad, at this point I don’t even want to tune in to see anything  just so I don’t have to put up with the rhetoric!  Suffice to say, I have zero confidence in candidates, but I will vote.  I wouldn’t give up that right for anything, so will have to make a choice of  the lesser of the two evils.  Politics has become such big business, I have hard time believing that any candidate is really interested in what’s best for the people they govern. Call me jaded, if you will, but I haven’t yet seen one political ad that is believable.  A case of too good to be true, me thinks. I could akin it all to something you'd normally find out in a field of grazing horses that steams and smells repulsive, but I won't go that far here :-D

More pressing current events…I’m just about cover ready for “Back Track”.  Took a little down time last week after I finished editing to just breathe a little bit and get some perspective on what I want for a cover. What do we think of this?

I rather like it. It's just one of several backgrounds I'm considering, though.

I haven't been promoting much, but books are still selling much to my pleasant surprise.  Who says an indie author can't get the word out without corporate backing?  All books or e-books are available at Amazon, and Smashwords, where you can also get a free e-short story. If you're into freebies, order either "Random Encounters" or "Bright Lights" at my website and I'll send along "LifeLoveLust" for free.  I'm just benevolent that way.

It's officially an all hugs day! Give them, and I'm fairly certain you'll get some back. 

*Hugs* ~ K

Friday, September 14, 2012

The End Of The Innocence

Well friends, once again we find ourselves at the end of summer.  A beautiful mild weathered, mostly sunny summer for us here in the Pacific NW. I love this area, as I’ve often said . Living here is just about as perfect as could be.  I fear a torrid winter coming on, though.  I like snow, unless it gets so deep that I can’t leave my front door!  “We shall persevere” is my winter motto :)

So…what did you do on your summer vacation? My family lives in a faraway place called Oklahoma where it’s hot, dry dusty, windy, and most of all unattractive to me…flat! I drove the long distance miles to get there.  Across Montana, down through Wyoming and Colorado, cut across to Kansas, then taking a sharp right at Salina, finally made my way down to OKC.  It’s a beautiful drive, I really don’t mind it. Driving that far for so long ( two days ) gives me time to clear my head of the proverbial cobwebs that gather when we get into a rut and life becomes mundane and, well…boring.  It’s nice to get away and get a clearer perspective of life and what goals have and have not yet been met.  My day job continues to suck the life right out of me, so I must find ways to regenerate myself constantly, and find the time to feed my creativity.

On the writing front:  I’m back to editing “Back Track” after taking not only a vacation break, but a brain break from the project.  It’s the classic case of the artist being too close to the canvas that had me dreading the next chapter, or sometimes even the next paragraph.  My book writing has always been a labor of love and when I found myself being forced by my alter ego to be creative, I knew it was time for a serious break! I’m refreshed and ready to get back to it. I’ll have it ready for the masses very soon.  With the coolness of fall days here now, I will have more time indoors to edit.  Our summers are so short up here, I didn’t want to miss a single event, so sitting indoors at a keyboard wasn’t at the top of my list.  In fact, when I was away I purposely did not spend much time on a computer except occasionally to check e-mail on my phone for anything urgent.  Work called me several times a day and I’m not sure if it was truly because they needed my help, or just wanted me to know they couldn’t get along without me :)

Things we like:  Leisurely summer drives enjoying the beauty of this great country we live in…ice cream dripping down the side of a sugar cone…kisses from my doggies and their adoring eyes…reading a great short story ( I’m really into short stories these days)…my Keurig continues to delight me everyday…it’s almost playoff time!

Things we dislike:  Digging into the writings of David Foster Wallace after hearing much hype about his greatness, and finding it terribly boring and self absorbed…The Seahawks not being able to complete a pass in the final minutes of the 4th quarter for a win (it was pathetic!)…missing my family so soon after getting back from a long distance visit…disabling back pain.  Extremists.

The Lhasa is recovering from meeting so many new people and a road trip that had him bored, unless we were exploring the pet section of the rest areas in every state we traveled.  He’s tired now.  Several of my relatives tried to hide him from me (to keep him!) when it was time to leave.  He only snarled once the whole time we were there.

What’s on your list today? Give me a shout and let me know whazzup with you! I love to hear from friends and fans and anybody who loves to ramble! Ramblers unite! 

Give random hugs today.  I have :)

*Hugs* ~ K

Sunday, August 19, 2012

What's the buzz?

An irritating situation plaguing for a few days now.  There’s a fly in the bathroom.  I’ve left the door open so it could escape to freedom, to no avail.  I’ve tried trapping it in between the lid and the bowl and pushing the flusher at precisely the right moment to suck it down into the gravity force of the flush.  It’s a small bathroom, just big enough for one, although I don’t know why some go to such ostentatious means for a loo. I don’t care much for a potty fest, I’d prefer to take care of nature’s business on my own.  Ah-hem…back to the problem.  It’s too small a room to be flailing about with a swatter.  Aside from a can of bug bomb, I can’t think of any other way to get rid of the buzzing pest.  It swirls about my head while in the shower, my arms waving through the spritzes of water .  It’s become a personal battle for me.  I feel a strange kinship to Carl Spackler.  Let’s move on. 

Help wanted:
Must love dogs, possess excellent barkeeping skills,  be proficient at Word/Works, tolerate insanity at all hours, be flexible with bouts of mania/depression depending on which drugs are being used the moment, and have the ability to look the other way regarding…everything.  Need to be a whip cracker as someone needs to sit my butt in the chair and with the authority of a drill sergeant or commandant depending on your heritage, mandate I write until all pertinent words have come forth.  Apply within. 

Current events: 
Let’s get caught up on office goings on.  My paying job is going to pick up exponentially in the near future. The boss got his license back to sell insurance again.    He’ll have everybody, up to and including our astute mayor, even (post efforts by a rag-tag left wing political agenda to de-throne her of late) coming in to transfer insurance from whatever ne’er-do-well insurance company with now to one of our lovely, never offensive firms.  Because, of course, we would never do business with any insurance company who would offend their clients by insulting them with the likes of invoices and such.  That’s for me to do. 

Our town:
Small town life can be so entertaining in the online version of our local pulp fiction.  It’s a challenge to try to identify those making snarky remarks and much  fun watching the virtual fur fly. I think most folks know who each of the others are.  They amuse themselves and readers, by going back and forth over local politics and the idiocy of the criminals.  Not that some of the them are not criminals, but once revealed, publicly flogged and then recovered from their ominous sins, they are welcomed back into the fray without prejudice.  Just go to www.cdapress.com and you’ll see what I mean.  Let the sheep dip fly.

On the road again:
Well, it’s that time of year when I forgo work, household duties, pet care, and the otherwise daily grinds for a road trip to see my family.  The Lhasa is not pleased as it’s been triple digits in OK of late. I absolutely refuse to perspire, it’s so abhorrent and uncivilized. Those west nile virus mosquitoes are scaring the bajeebers right out of me, nonetheless…trek I must.  In the Jeep with two dogs who are not fond of taking care of their doggie business at the end of a leash.  Contrary to what they anticipate, there will be no free roaming of the rest areas in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, nor Oklahoma.  I’m privy to what lurks behind in the shade trees surrounding the porta-potties there and I can tell you, it’s not suitable for a dog.  Shady people are another guess.  Ah, yes…this will be a relaxing vacation indeed! 

In closing, I’d like to give credit for inspiration of this blog to an author I found through Linked In, James A. Ward.  His whimsical, tongue in cheek storytelling made me smile and even chuckle a little, whereby giving credence that he is in fact an entertaining read.   He is loathe of those who do not correctly know how to use the word ‘whereby’.  How did I do, James?  Take a look at his blog .  Bet it’ll make you smile, too.  Enjoy!

I’ll be back to report how the Lhasa fared in the heat of Oklahoma and regale you of tales from the road trip. I envision much calamity along the way.  Virtual hugs until I return! Share them…they’re free  :)

*Hugs* ~ K

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shama-lama-ding dong…odd song lyrics

Do you ponder what inspired song lyrics? Yeah, me too.  Sometimes I hear words or phrases put together in song and it makes me stop and think.  Which, is a good thing.  If all song lyrics were boring, everyday words and there wasn’t any unique-ness to them, we wouldn’t be interested, would we? Songs would all sound the same.  This one, shama-lama-ding-dong really got my attention, so I looked it up. Googling, if you will.  I am proficient at Google, as most folks are these days.  So…I found it was written by Mark Davis and performed by fictional band “Otis Day & The Knights” in the popular cult classic “Animal House”.  Seems apropos…that movie was very unique, so a unique song with unique song lyrics blends well.  For more unique-ness…let’s move on. 


Are you always on the lookout for new reading? Yeah, me too.  There’s quite a few new, interesting choices for reading out there.  I’m grateful for Facebook friend authors I wouldn’t have found if not for social media, enlightening me to what’s new.  Seeing as how my most recent ‘what’s new’ aka “Back Track” is still in the works, thanks to some very s-l-o-w editing and second guessing myself, it’s cool to read something completely different and give myself a brain break.  It helps me keep perspective on my own writing. 

I’m having lots of fun with (what else?) band fiction and music memoir by Henry Martinez and “Funky Butts”, a well penned first person fictional account of band life back in the late 80’s.  The heyday of the beginnings of bands like Van Halen, Duran Duran, The Cure, Def Leppard…many more that I still listen to frequently. I grew to love and really appreciate music then.  I say really because before, I simply listened to music.  It was in the late 80’s when I started to appreciate and feel the music.  Thus, starting my fascination with the arts in general.  It was an awakening, if you will.  Anywhoooo….back to Mr. Martinez…”Funky Butts” is witty, progressive, and just plain fun! It is one of my summer must read recommendations.  Even if you’re not particularly fond of band fiction, I think you will enjoy the detailed account of life in a rock band.  This has all the pertinent links to  Mr. Martinez , or friend him on Facebook .  Get a copy and enjoy!


Whatcha reading, or writing? Shoot me a tweet, or a text, or a message somewhere and let me know.  You never know...you just might see yourself here in my blog.  I seldom advertise for author profiles here anymore, I get bombarded with requests to be featured and although I understand the need for promotion anywhere and everywhere, I'm just a girl who can't say no and I can't stand to disappoint people, so I make no more promises, sadly.  If I had the time I would feature every request I get, but there simply isn't enough time or energy.  I love you all dearly and wish you much success and will do my small part to help out along the way. Meantime...my books can be found with the links to the right.  The only way to get "LifeLoveLust" free is to order one or both of my books from my website .

The Lhasa is a little more surly than usual.  He got poked in the eye yesterday at the doggie groomers and he's milking it!  I can only give so much sympathy...and, it's time to find a new groomer. 

This blog has been powered by Keurig and cinnamon sticks.  Get some, you’ll like it.  What are you reading today? It’s a hot summer day and those are in short supply in my neck of the woods so we try to enjoy them to the max while they’re here.  Soon enough, we’ll be getting our snow boots and winter gear on and putting the Jeep in four wheel drive, which uses a lot more gas.  Hugs all around and don’t forget to share them! It’ll warm you all over, much like that sunshine does :-D 

*Hugs* ~ K

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The selling of one's soul, or...why I self publish

I don't write a lot here anymore about the writing and the publishing process.  This blog has evolved into more of a stream of consciousness campfire, and I'm comfortable with that.  I no longer feel the need to write here.  Rather, I want to.  It's a communication to the blogosphere that is my small contribution, and hopefully prompts pause for reflection, and...lots of hugs! I'm amazed at how many people I meet for the first time who seem surprised that everyone really does get hugs from me!

Oh, yes...back on topic. Writing and inspiration. Probably the most frequent question I get is why I self-published, especially for "Random Encounters".  I've been told more than once, or twice, that it's a quality story and should be shopped to a publisher.  I understand the question, it's a great story.  Alternatively, "Bright Lights" is more of a fun project created to pay tribute to musicians whom I love so much.  I did spend an extraordinary amount of time shopping "RE" to anyone and everyone who would read my query and sample chapters.  The offers I received for publishing it ranged from exclusives at internet reading sites, which I'm not opposed to, to some small publishers that didn't have a budget for promotion, so that part of the contract would still have fallen on my shoulders.  A lot of work that I have already done on my own, pretty much for free and expending my own energy.  The only thing that would have changed would be instead of it being my own production, it would have a publishers name on it and I'd get a small (miniscule) advance.  I'd still be working heavily on promotion, and probably a lot more than I've been doing on my own, mostly due to some health issues holding me back most recently.  After careful consideration, I weighed the pro's and con's and decided I didn't need a publishing company name that much. I'd give up the rights to the book, it would be exclusive to one publishing outlet who had complete control over sales, profits, and where and when it could be read.  I considered it 'selling my soul' and for very little in return. I decided to keep my dignity.  Which is not to say that should the right offer come along, I would be opposed to it. I'm open :-D  I'm beginning to believe the veterans of this business who insist one needs an agent, are right. Sometimes, it takes striking out a few times before you get the swing of the game, so to speak ;-)

On soul selling, I like to tell a story about an amazingly talented musician I know.  He was about 18 years old when he really came into his musical genius and wanted to play music for the world to enjoy.  He made rounds at the usual outlets of Hollywood where up and coming bands like a very young Guns n' Roses, Motley Crue, Faster Pussycat, Dangerous Toys, and the like were playing at the time.  The '80's music scene was exploding.  He played with his band and some other random musicians whenever he got the chance and found that the mainstream music business was seriously lacking a character trait that completely turned him away from becoming a professional musician. When it came to negotiating a recording contract, he decided he could not sell his soul in order to play on stage in big arenas.  It was too big a sacrifice of his self worth.  Instead, he got an education in electronics and now plays music for himself, family, and some close friends who have discovered how talented he is. He even created his own recording studio and made a CD of his music.  That young 18 year old who was so wise so long ago is my son who is now all grown up with a son of his own and never regretted keeping his soul and his self worth.  I've always been very proud of him.  The story sound familiar? Jack Hamilton has many fine qualities of that young man I know so well.  You can find Jack's story in "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey".

I often find true inspiration from people or events in my life.  I prefer organic means of creating as opposed to something plastic, or manufactured. Organic seems more natural, doesn't it? I'm growing my own tomatoes, green onions and some pole beans out back, organically of course, and the vibrant colors of my petunias, roses, and flowering ground cover are thriving organically.  It stands to reason the living breathing beings we are flourish organically as well.  Don't you love how I start out with one subject and end up with another that is completely a whole 'nother thought? Yeah, me too :-D

BTW...I gave my website an updated, upbeat makeover.  I hope you'll pay a visit there

What's in your garden?  It's not too late to grow some beautiful inspiration for your summer.  Give everyone you know some good old fashioned organic hugs! It'll bring smiles all around.

Organically yours,

*Hugs* ~ K

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Like the corners of my mind...misty water colored memories...

You just know you're gonna have that song stuck in your head now, don't you?  There are worst things than a visual of a young Robert Redford!  Ah...those were the days.  Which is a whole 'nother song and you don't want the pic of what goes with that song in your dreams, now do you? :)

Memories...you know how when you come across stuff that you haven't seen for a long time? And you wonder, what is that stuff? What's under the magazines or folded up old blankets or tablecloths or whatever is situated on top of the box and you find treasures that you haven't seen in years? Yeah...I knew that you did.  My question is, what do you do with all that stuff? I mean, at this point it really isn't important stuff anymore.  Cause, if it was it wouldn't have been packed away out of sight for so long.

More than what to do with it, what to do with all of the memories that go along with all that stuff that we collected so long ago.  If we purge ourselves of the stuff that's taking up so much space, will those memories fade or be less real to us? Inquiring minds want to know.  In any case, I see a trip to the local thrift shop to donate some of that stuff for people who might have less stuff and need it.  They can start building their own memories with it.


As I type, I'm listening to the evening news for an update of the most pressing newsworthy items of the day. Some folks I know don't ever listen to the news at all, since it's mostly bad news.  I don't see it that way. I see it as being informed of what's going on in the event there is something I can do to help.  Like, donate some of that stuff, or money, to the folks back East suffering from the storm damage.  Or those my heart bleeds for that have lost their entire lives in the wild fires in the Midwest. Perhaps some stuff donated to their local thrift shops will help them re-build what they've lost.  In a round about way, I guess what goes around comes around as I might be in a position to need a helping hand some day and would hope there are those with big hearts who could help. 

Side note on the storm front:  My favorite music happiness "Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers" had a show scheduled in Falls Church, VA long before the storm hit and did so much damage there.  They were on the road with many shows prior to that scheduled show and many after and in the spirit of the show will go on no matter what, sans power or a safe structure to have the scheduled show with, they had a parking lot acoustic show to try to help a few very lucky people forget their troubles at least for a little while, and bring some kind of relief from the disaster that struck.  They could have passed it up and gone on up the road and taken a day off from their long touring schedule.  These guys wouldn't think of it!  I'll bet that small audience got just about the best, most intimate show ever! The band gives it their all no matter the circumstances.  It's one of the reasons I adore them.  Here's some of the fun 


Lastly, I'm from a generation and a culture within our country that prides itself on, well...pride.  I've been rather embarrassed, or perhaps self conscious is a better description, of how my deteriorating physical condition causes some depression (the meds also play a part in that).  The very realization that I cannot, no matter how hard I push myself and try to force it, just cannot do the things I used to.  It makes me sad for what the future holds as far as me being able to do things for myself.  I s'pose that's why I held out getting rid of Big Red for so long.  I knew in my heart it was the first step to being able to do less and making the necessary changes to accommodate.  I think what makes me saddest is that as a result of those snippets of depression, I've been writing less and less and that's not normal! I don't care how often the dr. says this is my new normal, it's hard to accept.  I've always been fiercely independent, so I'll have to find a way to stay that way.  So, if you see that I'm absent hereabouts, just give me a good swift kick and a Gibbs "slap" with a commanding "snap-outof-it"!

Hug everybody today, and hugs and big thank you to those of you who never lose faith in me.  Sometimes, that's what keeps me going.  I shall now return to the ongoing-never-ending process of editing "Back Track".  I'm determined to get this book finished and released, no matter what it takes! 

Links to e-reader versions and paper (yes, paper!) copies of my books at my website.  

*Hugs* ~ K

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Reality Check

Do you ever wonder if some people live in a state of denial? Or have blinders on? Or just plain don't care enough to rock the boat and do the right thing? I try to *not* be a pompous blow hard and get all preachy about life, but some things seem very simple to me.  When you witness, or even have an inclination...a weird feeling...intuition, call it whatever makes sense to you, if you suspect there is wrong being done, you make an effort to right it...right? Or find someone who can. Like, the police. Your superior if the evil doings are happening in the workplace. Especially if the wrongs are being done to children who cannot protect themselves and speak up.  Because they are frightened beyond belief.  If adults are abusing each other and doing nothing about it, I don't make a big deal about getting involved.  I figure adults should be with it enough to take care of themselves, but...when it comes to children my blood bubbles in the heat of anger and disbelief that there are monsters in our world who do evil, unspeakable things.  It sometimes makes me wonder what kind of a creator would subject his blessed children to such horrible acts.

Of course, my comments are aimed at the tragedy that unfolded at one of the most respected and dignified universities in our country.  People knew.  Plain and simple.  People knew, and they did nothing to stop a poor excuse for a human being from subjecting children to horrible acts that have nothing to do with love and affection.  They have to do with a sick mind that couldn't satisfy his urges any other way than to abuse young boys, who couldn't stop him out of fear.  IMO, in this case, there is no justice. The abuser will live out his life in civility of a prison that is required to provide him with three squares and a bed of some sort, and an hour of recreation daily, and not to mention the free medical care. There are people in third world countries who don't eat that good or have shelter or any medical care. He's got it pretty easy, I think.  The people left behind on the outside, who remained silent and/or turned a blind eye whichever the case is, they need to pay a price, too.  Conscience? Even if they do have a guilty conscience it's not as much suffering as those poor molested children went through. Even though there is a guilty verdict and the abuser was swiftly taken into custody to be locked up, there really isn't any justice for the boys whose lives were forever damaged.  There are no winners.

"I got the pistol, so I'll keep the pesos...yeah, that seems fair" ~ "The Refreshments ~ Banditos"

Which segues into my next controversial topic...immigration and the executive privilege utilized by our president this past week to grant immunity to countless illegal aliens.  My point: Laws.  We have laws in this country to assure liberty and the freedoms our constitution guarantees us. If even one of us is allowed to violate those laws, then where does that leave the rest of us because we do what we are supposed to do and follow the law?  It ensures peaceful existence. Or, as close to it as we'll get.  Any way you look at it, our country's privileges are better than just about any other I can think of.  All the more reason to demand that those from other countries who want to enjoy the liberties we are guaranteed,  follow the rules.  This isn't new.  Illegal immigration has been plaguing our country for decades.  If it's worth having, the freedom and liberty our country gives us, it's worth doing right and following the laws to become a part of.  Those who don't follow the laws, we don't need here.  We already have more than our share of those who don't follow laws and are locked up in overcrowded jails.  Other countries can keep those and our immigration demands are meant to keep those people out. 

Last word on that controversial subject:  I understand the desire to escape a country of largely corrupt politicians and supposed law enforcement who are just as corrupt, but if you want to be here, do it by the rules.  I am not unsympathetic to those who want a better life, but a better life includes doing things right.  If you are always looking over your shoulder, what kind of life are you going to have?

"No, I don't need a miracle but I could use a push in the right direction" ~ "The Refreshments ~ Interstate"

Closing the door on griping and moving on. 

Let's see...M's are hit and miss with possibility of a successful season...I'm achin' real bad for a RCPM show which I won't get until late fall sometime as far as I know...I've been busier at work than a one legged man in an ass kickin' contest (Tracy Nichols, that is an old Okie saying, not an Idaho-ism)...oh, there must be something happy to write about!

How 'bout...I am s-l-o-w-l-y plugging along at editing "Back Track".  The habit I get into is...re-writing as I go, which is a huge mistake, but sometimes I just can't help it.  I know a word here is better, that phrase doesn't belong, that one is too cliche'...*sigh* I'll keep working on it and it will be done when it gets done, that's all I can say. 

Summer is in full swing here with temps climbing daily.  There is no pleasing us here in this area.  We whine and moan that our winters are too long and cold, then when it warms up, we whine and moan about the heat.  Oy...


"What is this terrible thing brings us towerin' to our knees...maybe we should fall in love" ~ RC

Mean time, e-reader versions of "Bright Lights" and "Random Encounters" are available at Smashwords and Amazon (links for that over to the right where the book covers are).  If you order at my website  as always I will include a copy of "LifeLoveLust" for your rambling pleasure."Random Encounters" has become one of those stories that people publicly shun for fear of being labeled as one who reads 'smut'.  I'm the first to admit that "RE" is porn with a plot, but the scuttlebutt is getting around that it truly is a good story.  The kind you curl up with in a big comfy chair, or with your favorite beverage and a big fluffy pillow in your bed late at night.  It's the perfect companion.  So, what are you waiting for? I won't tell anyone.  Really.

The Lhasa has settled into his home here and there's not so much snarling these days, well...unless I try to brush the whiskers away from his face.  He's napping close by right now in the middle of MY pillows and doesn't even care I didn't make the bed today.  The perfect male for me to have around   :) 

Hugs to all, and don't forget to give some away! They're free :)

*Hugs* ~ K

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back to basics, and beyond…

On occasion, we must revert to something we've previously known, and hopefully learned from, to transcend into something new.  Of late, I've been struggling with editing "Back Track" mostly due to stubborn physical limitations not behaving. It's those times I take advantage of to review, to re-learn if you will, things of past which at the time were of hope and encouragement to me. Much of that is poetry and it is well known I'm a huge fan of Poe. He's famous for his romantic sonnets of length, and for his darkness of epic forms, but he was also quite insightful into human nature.  My vintage 1975 reprint of the original copy write from 1938 of “Complete Tales & Poems of Edgar Allan Poe” serves me well when I need a Poe fix. The spine bends from overuse and  the pages are worn, yellowed, and quite fragile. It’s one of my most prized books.

In “The Masque of the Red Death”, in true eloquent Poe fashion, he flamboyantly tells the tale of the Prince Prospero, obviously a man of means and wealth.  The stately Prince was paranoid of the plague known as Red Death.  Resolute to make certain he escaped this bloody, unforgiving, instantaneous death, he built himself an ornate walled seclusion, a castle of sorts, to segregate himself.  But, being alone in his ostentatious magnificence had it‘s drawback, so he decided  to throw the grandest of balls, face masks and all.  After much lacing of fine garb, decorative masks, heavy flowing robes of fine cloth, and spirited party with his august guests, entry of a gaunt, polarizing figure brings everyone to a standstill.  Prince Prospero was at first startled amid gasps, then became angry with a fiery, red furrowed brow and demanded this intruder be revealed and disposed of, violently.  Before anyone could take such action, they were vaporized by the exact plague Prince Prospero had built his seclusion to escape the grasp of. 

It’s a short story, one of my favorite kind, but tells the moral of no matter how we try to shield ourselves from the outside world and counter influences to our detriment, we can’t always escape the evil. What to do, then? Live everyday to the fullest! I’m working on doing just that. I always wonder, if we knew today could be our last on this earth, what would we do? What is most important for us to leave as our legacy? All I’ve ever really wanted was for people to say…”she was a nice person”.  And, that I love music.  And reading.  And writing… :)

I get by with a little help from my friends…

A very special thank you to my special “Refreshments” pal Tracy Nichols.  He’s a busy man what with working “Management By Design” in Mesa, AZ.  He took the time to send me some rare “Refreshments” recordings of shows they did way back when…ah, to have known and loved them when they were playing together.  Sadly, I didn’t discover the bands music until long after the band members had parted ways.  A truly magical foursome that made some awesome music together.  That kind of magic is rare, and a true gift.  Thank you ever so much, Tracy! I’m enjoying my new CD’s of music that truly soothes my soul  :)

Hugs to everybody today, my fellow Poe admirers!  If you’re not yet a Poe admirer, I hope you will get yourself some Poe to engulf in.  It’s what I turn to when nothing else will quench my literary thirst.  If Poe isn’t your genre, you can download “Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey” today at Smashwords.  Use coupon code GL37U to get a free copy in any form suitable for your reading pleasure and I hope you enjoy.  I’ve officially said adios to exclusive rights with Amazon, although my books are still available there, I’m no longer exclusive.  “Random Encounters” is also available at Smashwords and I’m working on other outlets as well, but at the moment don’t see a need to go to the trouble.  Smashwords has every available version, so if you need Kindle, Nook, Reader, or a simple PDF to download to your computer, it’s there.  Amazon still has the Kindle for PC if that suits your fancy.  Click on the links to the right side of the page to take you there.  I also have the old fashioned book (with pages!) at my website along with a PDF version as well.  So many choices! I hope one suits your reading pleasure.

 *Hugs* ~ K

Monday, May 28, 2012


To all of our fallen military personnel for protecting our liberty and rights. I have several family members who dedicate themselves to preserving our lives from the evils that exist within our world.  The evils are many, they are vicious barbarians and would destroy us (remember 9/11) in a heartbeat.  I'm grateful to those past and present who have put their own lives in jeopardy to protect our freedoms.  May God keep you all in his care. 


Next up:  The times they are a-changin...last week I was saddened to have to give up Big Red in favor of a smaller ride more conducive to my changing physical limitations.  It took me a while to mull over the decision, but I finally emotionally let go of my heart throb Big Red and am confident she will go to a new caring home.  I've never been so emotional about an automobile.  In the past, whatever it was as long as it got me from point A to point B and beyond and back home again, I was satisfied.  It was merely a mode of transportation.  I truly fell in love with that big truck and it was hard to let her go.  But, my new little Jeep is parked out front and although it's odd to look out my upstairs window and see it there instead of Big Red, I'm getting used to it.  Went out for a couple of errands yesterday and had no trouble getting in and out of it.  My right arm, which I had to overuse to pull myself up into the big truck, has stopped aching so it's already worth the trade :)


As promised, a review of "Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers" show in Spokane Tuesday night.  Having gotten a temporary fix seeing Roger solo in Spokane back in February, I was so in need of a full band show, and they did not disappoint!  The setlist was long...filled with lots of favorites including several from the newest release "Unida Cantina" along with some old favorites as well.  A raunchy, crowd pleasing "Girly" and rousing version of "Blue Collar Suicide".  The audience didn't disappoint either, Roger even commented that he was surprised to have such an enthusiastic crowd on a Tuesday night in Spokane.  What...they expected lackluster??? We are a rabid crowd of fans!  I've seen the same fans at shows there for 8 years now, many I can greet by name and others we simply nod and acknowledge each others presence.  It's a comfortable, homecoming feeling that this band and their magical charisma has created among us.  It's one of the reasons I fell in love with them.  Roger says and it is true, RCPM fans are the best rock n' roll audience in the world! Met up with Sandy, another rabid long time RCPM fan and we spent the evening with lots of laughs and most fun, at the front of the stage (barricade) singing and swaying to the music.  We had a birds eye view of JD and Roger and their awesome guitars!  What fun! :)

Local band "Buffalo Jones" opened with their signature sound and got us ready to rock in grand style. These guys are so fun on stage!  They are one of my favorite indie bands and can't wait to hear all about their four city mini-tour opening up for RCPM on the road! It's their first time out on a road trip as a band.  I wish I could have stalked them the whole way!  I could write a book about that.  Oh, wait...I already did :D

Thanks to Chris and my friends at KPND radio, Sandpoint, for giving me the meet and greet package which not only came with some schmoozing with the band before the show, but a really cool Roger Clyne "Mexican Moonshine" flask.  It's awesome!  It was nice to get to chat with the band and give hugs to all, except for P.H. who I spotted escape on the elevator right before the band came out.  It's ok, I know P.H. is somewhat of a recluse and I respect his privacy.  RCPM are the most humble, personable band I know and I thank them for their graciousness and for the great music.  It was a memorable evening all the way around! 


On the writing front:  I have definitely decided to sever my exclusive ties with Amazon.  I will offer both of my e-reader books "Random Encounters" & "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey" for free before my current contract period is up, then they'll be for sale only (no more freebies through KDP Select)  through Amazon and lots of other e-reader outlets so if some of you have missed out because you have a Nook or Reader device, they will be available mid-June.  Meantime, I'm almost finished editing "Back Track" and will soon make the giant leap of getting a proof copy to move on to the next step.  Still need a cover, but I have a few very talented artists to choose from to do that.  

Virtual hugs all around today, but especially hugs to our military.  Thank them for putting themselves in harm's way to protect our wonderful freedoms and way of life.  Without them, I probably would be censored and not able to do this.  The Lhasa is snoozing and I have a notion I'll be getting ready for a bbq today without any help.  That's ok, I'm persnickety (ok, anal...) about preparing food so I'd rather do it myself.  

*Hugs* ~ K

Sunday, May 20, 2012


I find myself more in an observant mode these days than a participative one.  I've spent a lot of time the last few months watching, rather than doing.  I've spent the better part of my life in the middle of things, whatever those things were at the time.  I'm very social, I love to be around people, and I wanted to belong in whatever environment I've been in.  More lately, I find I don't have that need to belong anymore and I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's the aging factor, or perhaps I've evolved (as we all do) and simply no longer have the desire to be in the spotlight. 

For example, I used to compulsively make sure I logged into Facebook every day, scanned all the goings on and added my comments, yahoo's, smilies, encouragement...whatever was needed to let others know I support them in whatever their current endeavors are, up or down.  It was important to me to let friends know I'm there for them, even if only in spirit, sans physical presence.  Now days, I may get to Facebook twice a week and I'm ok with that. I don't feel the need to be present there anymore than that and it's not that I don't value all of my Facebook friends, on the contrary. I hold all of you very dear to me as there are many of you that I only keep in touch with through the social network, or wouldn't have met up with at all if not for it. So, I'm very grateful for the opportunity to know so many lovely people.  Don't we all value the "want to" relationship over the "have to" relationship? I think so.

Another...I used to feel the pressure to blog every week, as that's what all of the experts say an author needs to do in order to establish their voice and platform. At one time, that was very important to me and I followed it religiously, even blogging up to twice a week to keep in touch.  Now...I don't feel the pressure to do that and I'd rather blog when I really have something to say, not just talk to keep my name out there in the blogosphere. So, if I'm absent from here periodically it's not because I don't love you and miss you all terribly, it's that I don't have anything pertinent to say and I don't want to waste my time or yours on babbling. Don't get me wrong...I love to ramble! I'm also very good at it, but I don't want to wear out my welcome on that front.  There is rambling galore in my poetry anthology "LifeLoveLust" if you're of the persuasion to read more of that.


Another thing I've previously not done, not regularly that is, which is to use slang when writing in a proper format.  I find it rather whimsical, though, and am doing it more these days.  I guess I'm more relaxed :) 

Technological happnins' - I'm sending the old HP to the graveyard later today and hookin' up my new one. The old work horse has been limping along for a while now and its time to let it go. It's a long time coming and I'm a little anxious about the transition from 2003 Word to Works.  I think it will all transfer over with my thumb drive, but I'm keeping the old one right here for a bit, just in case...newfangled stuff scares me!

Beautiful sighting happnins' - Spring is sublime in the Pacific NW! We've got beautiful clear sunny days with highs in the 60's to low 70's, which is average for us.  Soon, though, June will be here and we'll slip right into the heat of summer and I'll be turning on the a/c to get me through those short months.  Heat is one of lupus' worst enemies, so I stay inside with the a/c during the hot months. Let me know if ya'll will be traveling to my neck of the woods this summer.  The lake is beautiful!

Stalker happnins' - My favorite musical hunks will be here on Tuesday 5/22.  Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers are back at Knitting Factory Spokane with our local guys Buffalo Jones opening up for them again.  It's a great combination!  Makes the Sugar Momma proud those boys have come so far and are strongly at the helm of their own touring.  Yes, touring! They are going on a four city tour with RCPM to open up for them on this leg of their tour ending up in Ft. Collins, CO.  Rock on!

That's about all of the rambling I have for today.  Next week, I'll give a complete review of the show, of course, and any other new updates.  I've just about made the decision to sever my exclusive ties with Amazon, so I'll give more details on that.  There will definitely be abundant free days of downloads before that contract period is up, so you'll have plenty of chances to download some free reading.  I'm progressively editing "Back Track" and will have some new news on that front. 

Have a beautiful day! Hugs all around here, except for the Lhasa.  We're on the outs as he's made a habit of digging in the planter that holds my Mother's Day roses...

Grudgingly yours,

~ K

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday!

I have many birthday wishes on F/B and in e-mails and I'm a little overwhelmed by how many kind, caring people I have in my life, in whatever form it is.  To me, to take even a few seconds to type a message is very touching to me and I'm so appreciative of all of your thoughts. I'm humbled so many care :)

On that note...as I age each year (and you can all keep guessing, no one but my dear Mother knows my exact age and sometime she forgets!) I hope that a little bit of that aging wisdom somehow creeps in and I learn from the past.  Learning from mistakes and all that jazz.  To wit, there is a fierce battle going on locally over a recall of mayor and some city council members that has turned into one of the ugliest name calling, mud slinging, power grabbing sparring that I've ever witnessed.  People staunchly fighting for their belief that their ideal of our local government is the one, true correct way.  I'm thankful I don't live within the city and have to make a choice. I can sit on the sidelines and watch as they bicker and insult each other.  It gives me pause to think of how we treat each other as human beings.  We all have emotions, tender feelings that get hurt when our belief system is questioned and judged by others.  In the heat of battle, it's difficult to remember that we are all significant to others. We are someone's daughter, son, mom, dad, brother, sister, best friend, domestic partner, etc., we all deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.  Differ in opinions, that can't be avoided, but do so with respect for the other person's opinions.  It pains me to see people making enemies of those who long after the current rift is settled, will still have to live and work in the same community.

This is my birthday wish: Can't we all just get along?  If you disagree, do so but do it in a respectful manner and exercise your right to further your cause, but don't drag others through the mud to make your point. One thing my illnesses have taught me: You never truly know what it is like to walk in another's shoes.  When you meet up with someone, don't assume how they are by physical appearances.  You never know what struggles they are going through, what hurts they are trying to heal, or what hurdles they are trying to jump. Kindness.  That's what I'd like today.  Practice it and hug somebody! I'm giving birthday hugs to everybody today, so if you cross my path today...lookout! Happy Birthday to me! :)

Reflectively yours,

~ K

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

And you'll see that like a weeble, I wobble but I don't fall down. Remember those little round bottom toys for toddlers? So cute.  They are appropriate for human comparison.  We get knocked down by life's one-two punches that are swung our way, or sometimes people try to bring us to our knees and we feel deflated.  For me, I need something brain stimulating to bring me out of a funk, which I've been about halfway in for a bit now. A very beautiful soul gently reminded me this week:  it is our choice.  We can allow the judgment and opinions of others to bring us down, or we can turn and walk the other way refusing to be affected by the world's fodder.  Smile, nod, and go on our way :-D   In that spirit, let's move on...


Baby, What A Big Surprise

As much as I covet my exclusive relationship with Amazon, I have personal experience of their imperfection.  On two separate occasions, I've received an order of books only to find...it was not my books! I got another author's shipment, and I assume they got mine.  Makes me wonder what someone else who unexpectedly received something new to read thought of it, or if it got tossed.  I kept the ones I got, thumbing through them before adding them to the bookshelf. I'm not much into origami but it has a beautiful cover, and the one about how Greek mythology relates to the stars is a happy accident that is on the future to read list. Everything happens for a reason...

Another surprise...Foolishly, I had never downloaded one of my own books from Amazon so last week when I was offering it for free, I decided to see what one gets with a download.  Boy oh boy! It's amazing to me how that proof went through me dozens of times, and two other unbiased and cold read editors and still, there were some errors.  Needless to say, I am correcting that as well.  The downside to corrections is, once uploaded to Amazon with a new manuscript, the book is not available while Amazon checks it for accuracy.  

Hello New Day

Inspiration...I find it in the simple things.  Music, of course. My dog's smile (Yes! He does!), the snow capped mountains in the breathtaking view behind where I live, a reflection of myself in the frigid water of the lake.  I do go look at the lake, I just don't go in it...for those of you familiar with my water phobia.  Maybe someday I'll try to overcome that, it's just not on the front burner at this time. I need to finish editing a book! 
What are the simple things you're doing today to enjoy and appreciate life? The Lhasa and I are going to make a dump trip today...I will definitely brew up something in the Keurig...I've got a stack of reading to catch up on, and...oh, yeah...back to editing "Back Track".  It will be done soon, I vow!  Right now, I'm gonna go put on a pot of bean and ham soup. It's overcast here in North Idaho today and some hot bean soup will help warm my rickety bones! Where's your inspiration today? Get some and report back! :) 

The first person to post artists to go with the headings which are song titles, gets a free book of their choice, autographed of course. Oddly and surprisingly, "LifeLoveLust" is selling on Amazon with next to no advertising. Perhaps there are other ramblers out there who appreciate some modern day poetry and prose.  

Hugs all around! Share them. It'll make you smile :)

Now playing: "Banditos" RCPM ~ "Live At Billy Bobs"

Musically yours, 

 *Hugs* ~ K

P.S. I have tried several times to correct fonts here, but I can only assume Blogger is having 'one of those days'.  I've noticed it before but it will correct itself after a while.  Nevermind...I give up! 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Random Encounters" for "Nada"

Thanks to RCPM fan boarderb for this great song. The video is a little shaky, but the audio is perfecto! My daily connection to the music and the moral of the story is: You can't beat free! Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Zero pesos to download "Random Encounters" today at Amazon .  Download it to your e-reader, tablet, desktop...whatever you have to read on, it's free today! Enjoy :)

Please don't forget to click the "like" button if you haven't already. As mentioned before, the goal is to move up in the Amazon  rankings and every click whether it be on the "like" button and/or by downloading the e-book, helps move me up in the rankings. Mostly, I hope you enjoy the story.  Just a reminder...this is erotic romance. It starts out from the first page with a sizzling encounter and evolves into a tender love story about a women who, when the story begins is a little confused, then finds her way in the maze of emotions in life.  Let's move on...


Once again, there is much conversation this past week on the internets :) about self-publishing.  We are still clearly greatly divided in our positions and there doesn't seem to be a middle ground. I've yet to encounter either authors or other professionals in the business (agents, editors, publishers) who don't have a staunch opinion either way.  People are either for, or against, and the bickering that goes back and forth is almost childish. It looks to me like the professionals are nervous.  They continue to disparage those of us who have taken the step to self publish instead of waiting for a publisher to pick us up and take a chance on our books.  The talk ranges from being impetuous and impatient, to writing rubbish that wouldn't have a chance with a publisher anyway.  The criticism citing poorly written to offensive content.  Content opinions aside (i.e., one person's trash is another person's treasure) I don't believe a poorly written book would make it anywhere!  People are not about to hype the story if they weren't able to understand it due to poor grammar, spelling, or point of view inconsistencies. There are many self published authors with success at Amazon . A good example: "A Howl In The Night" by JK Brandon. A self-published novel that is #10 in the Amazon rankings. It gives the rest of us hope that we might just appear on that first page of best rankings, which is definitely something to work diligently at achieving.  Poor grammar, spelling, or other negatives in a book won't make it past the first round, so I'm not worried about not making the cut for those reasons.  I write stories with engaging plot, likeable characters, and almost always have a happily-ever-after.  Some short stories are dark, but those will only be seen in my upcoming short story anthology which is currently taking a back seat to "Back Track".  Some poetry is dark and is available in "LifeLoveLust". As for "Back Track", I'm almost finished editing and then I'll be searching for a cover.


It's a beautiful sunny day in the Pacific Northwest! I perfect time to get out with your e-reader and soak up some sun while taking in a great story and don't forget to give random hugs today! I met up with an old acquaintance yesterday while out and about and the hugs were warm and wonderful!  The Lhasa is out on the back deck taking in the morning sunshine with a dog nap. I may join him later with something soothing from the Keurig and a good book :)

Confidently yours, 

 *Hugs* ~ K

Sunday, April 15, 2012

"More Than Words"

My fondness for combining music with prose is well known.  After all, music is prose. Lyrics organized with music in an expressive fashion. It's soothing and calming.  I admire those talented enough to put both words and instruments together. For now, I'll stick with just the words :)

Lines I wish I'd written:

"Once upon a midnight dreary, which I pondered, weak and weary" ~ Poe, "The Raven"

"I remember him as if it were yesterday, as he came plodding to the inn door, his sea-chest following behind him in a hand-barrow—a tall, strong, heavy, nut-brown man, his tarry pigtail falling over the shoulder of his soiled blue coat, his hands ragged and scarred, with black, broken nails, and the sabre cut across one cheek, a dirty, livid white." ~ Robert Louis Stevenson ~ "Treasure Island"  (I love long sentences!)

"The owner was a small nervous guy and he backed away into the point of the triangle and was standing with his backside against the cash drawer" ~ Lee Child, "Running Blind"

Poe is notorious for his epic prose, much of it dark just like his most notable "The Raven". Stevenson's "Treasure Island" is a staple in classic novel history.  Lee Child is a modern day rambler after my own heart. I love how he gives such eloquent description to set up the scene, yet with words that are easily used in everyday life.  No dictionary required.

"Death is life's stop sign"
"A few cops and media looking at KC like it was a hot day and she was a cold beer"
"Brackett had a hedgerow of gray hair that stood as erect as a regimen of eager recruits"

The above are just a few examples of some great writing by David Bishop in his novel, "The Beholder". David is skilled at painting a picture with words. I'm envious of those writers who can give the reader a vivid image with few words, as Poe, and also of those who write protracted, comma filled sentences that fills the mind with an unforgettable image, as in Stevenson. David Bishop does a little bit of both while conjuring up a plot that is edgy, the characters memorable, in a story which takes some macabre twists that will keep you turning the pages.  This is one of my highly recommended reads of 2012.  Get yours at Amazon and you can also visit David at his Facebook page to get to know more about a male author who so succinctly writes a female character, which I find is a most fascinating talent.  He also looks pretty normal for someone who writes such chillingly gruesome details of grisly murders.


Giving It All Away

Why do authors give away their books on Amazon? We don't make any money on those that we offer for free, that's why they're usually for a short period of time, one day or possibly a weekend.  Through Amazon's KDP Select program, authors do get paid for those books borrowed through the KDP Select program, but on the day(s) we have a free day, we don't get paid for that, so why do it? Well... each download, whether on a free day or if the book is borrowed under the KDP Select program, or purchased at the e-book price, is tallied and the more downloads the book gets, it moves it up in the Amazon best sellers rank. What that does is, moves the book up on Amazons pages and is added to the 'items other customers buy' category, which all leads to more readers and more sales.  So, in the spirit of moving up in the Amazon listings, I'm offering "Random Encounters" free next weekend on Sunday, April 22. I'll give a little reminder before then so everybody can get their copy of a steamy, sensuous yet touching, romantic story of a woman finding her place in a most unusual fashion. 

Meantime, if you could visit my Amazon pages  and click on the "like" button for both "Random Encounters" and "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey" I would be much appreciative.  It will help move the books up in the rankings.  If you are moved to download and read, that would be awesome too! :-D


The Lhasa got me up at 6:00 AM on a Sunday to go outside.  He's now comfortably snoring on his blankie and here I am wide awake.  Guess I'll be productive and get chores done early.  That'll leave me some time to get the baseball game in  (Mariners are playing .500 ball!) then later get something cozy from the Keurig and curl up with some great reading. What are you doing today? Whatever it is, hug everybody! I will and am sending virtual hugs to you all as well. 

Relaxingly yours,

~ K

Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Even the losers get lucky sometimes"

That's from the fabulous Tom Petty, of course. I didn't win the big mega lottery this week, despite buying an extra batch of tickets. Isn't it a little bit fun to buy that ticket hoping against all hope that we could win even a share of that mega millions jackpot and what we would do with the money? I'm a pretty simple gal. Probably because I've never had a lot to spend, so I'm careful with it.  Getting a large sum of money, though...I might just splurge and buy myself something nice. I know...I read all of the odds of other things it would be more likely to have happen, but still...it's fun to dream, and you never know.  Somebody is going to win, and my ticket has just as much chance as the next person.  Since I didn't win this time, I'll continue toiling away as a starving artist writing more books, submitting to more agents, publishers and meantime, self-publish to get some satisfaction for my efforts and to share with you all.  Which brings me to my next topic...


"Back Track" editing is coming along nicely. Grace Turner is a forty-something widow merely existing on a sprawling ranch in southwestern Colorado. In the two years since her beloved husband passed away from a quickly progressing form of cancer, she's let the ranch go. The depression of grieving left her lost and alone. Emerging from the dark days of grief, Grace awakens to the realization that it's time to get on with her life and start living again. Hiring someone to help with upkeep and maintenance around the ranch would be the first step to moving forward. Arranging her surroundings conducive to making a new life is a healthy beginning. The cattle needed to be driven to market. That isn't a job a woman can do on her own.  Not even a seasoned rancher like Grace. She needs a ranch hand experienced with horses and cattle drives. 

Juan-Carlos Martinez is a nomad ranch hand running from a gang lifestyle former past. That lifestyle took his best friend in a bloody gunfire, and he realized it wasn't a life he wanted to be a part of anymore. He wanders into Grace's neck of the woods in search of refuge as a ranch hand so he can camouflage himself from his past, and the people who were a part of it. He's been running...hoping to stay ahead of that past and the people he knows are tracking him. Grace hires him to help around the ranch and get the cattle driven to market. Working together to bring the ranch back to a respectable status, Grace and Juan-Carlos grow closer, and he knows he must deal with his past in order to hope for a future with Grace. Together, they travel back to Juan-Carlos' gangland territory just outside of Tucson to confront the kingpin and end the running so they can have a peaceful life. That's when the bullets fly - literally! They meet up with Juan-Carlos' old buddies and walk right into the middle of what appears to be a gangland ambush. The twists and turns their lives take from there is just the beginning of outrunning the past Juan-Carlos is so determined to escape. An edgy escape dotted with gunfire, helicopter surveillance and an illusion that proves things aren't always as they seem.

That's a little teaser of what "Back Track" is about. Originally written in 2006, I've been pondering self-publishing it for a while now.  I've had some setbacks health wise and haven't been able to sit here at this computer as much as I've wanted to the last couple of weeks, so it's not quite ready to print a proof copy as was my original goal.  I am, however, optimistic it will be very soon, hopefully in the next two weeks if arthur will give my hands a break and a little more free movement.  I've had folks ask me, why don't I just get someone else to type it on the keyboard for me? Well...I suppose that would be an option if I absolutely could not type anymore, but my writing brain doesn't work that way. If you've met me, you know I'm not so verbal. I'm much more chatty in writing. My verbal communication isn't nearly as articulate as my written form.  It's just the way my twisted brain works with sending the words to my hands, not my mouth. Anyone else out there with that eccentricity?


Mean time, I'm still including a bonus of "LifeLoveLust"  at my website when you buy "Random Encounters" or "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey" , or both.  I repeat this regularly as sales from Amazon for "LifeLoveLust" have been brisk of late and I want to be sure everybody knows it's free, when you buy one or both of my other books from my website. E-reader versions are available at Amazon, just use the links with the book covers to the left of the page here and it'll take you right to them. At .99 each, it's a pretty good bargain to give you an escape for a little while.  If you're a KDP Select member, they are free.  Enjoy! :)


"This ain't no joke, you gotta know how to bend if you don't wanna get broke, to keep your piece in the big bad game, you know you gotta go a little loco...to stay sane" ~ Roger Clyne

Happy April Fool's Day! I'm not one for practical jokes, but I do get a kick out of hearing others experiences with them.  Give me a holler here and tell me about yours. I could use a chuckle or two. 

In true peace and love hippie-esque fashion...big hugs to everybody! I hope your first day of April brings promise of a spring filled with sunshine, love, and much peace in your world, wherever it be. 

Determinedly yours, 

 *Hugs* ~ K