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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday!

I have many birthday wishes on F/B and in e-mails and I'm a little overwhelmed by how many kind, caring people I have in my life, in whatever form it is.  To me, to take even a few seconds to type a message is very touching to me and I'm so appreciative of all of your thoughts. I'm humbled so many care :)

On that note...as I age each year (and you can all keep guessing, no one but my dear Mother knows my exact age and sometime she forgets!) I hope that a little bit of that aging wisdom somehow creeps in and I learn from the past.  Learning from mistakes and all that jazz.  To wit, there is a fierce battle going on locally over a recall of mayor and some city council members that has turned into one of the ugliest name calling, mud slinging, power grabbing sparring that I've ever witnessed.  People staunchly fighting for their belief that their ideal of our local government is the one, true correct way.  I'm thankful I don't live within the city and have to make a choice. I can sit on the sidelines and watch as they bicker and insult each other.  It gives me pause to think of how we treat each other as human beings.  We all have emotions, tender feelings that get hurt when our belief system is questioned and judged by others.  In the heat of battle, it's difficult to remember that we are all significant to others. We are someone's daughter, son, mom, dad, brother, sister, best friend, domestic partner, etc., we all deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.  Differ in opinions, that can't be avoided, but do so with respect for the other person's opinions.  It pains me to see people making enemies of those who long after the current rift is settled, will still have to live and work in the same community.

This is my birthday wish: Can't we all just get along?  If you disagree, do so but do it in a respectful manner and exercise your right to further your cause, but don't drag others through the mud to make your point. One thing my illnesses have taught me: You never truly know what it is like to walk in another's shoes.  When you meet up with someone, don't assume how they are by physical appearances.  You never know what struggles they are going through, what hurts they are trying to heal, or what hurdles they are trying to jump. Kindness.  That's what I'd like today.  Practice it and hug somebody! I'm giving birthday hugs to everybody today, so if you cross my path today...lookout! Happy Birthday to me! :)

Reflectively yours,

~ K

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