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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

And you'll see that like a weeble, I wobble but I don't fall down. Remember those little round bottom toys for toddlers? So cute.  They are appropriate for human comparison.  We get knocked down by life's one-two punches that are swung our way, or sometimes people try to bring us to our knees and we feel deflated.  For me, I need something brain stimulating to bring me out of a funk, which I've been about halfway in for a bit now. A very beautiful soul gently reminded me this week:  it is our choice.  We can allow the judgment and opinions of others to bring us down, or we can turn and walk the other way refusing to be affected by the world's fodder.  Smile, nod, and go on our way :-D   In that spirit, let's move on...


Baby, What A Big Surprise

As much as I covet my exclusive relationship with Amazon, I have personal experience of their imperfection.  On two separate occasions, I've received an order of books only to find...it was not my books! I got another author's shipment, and I assume they got mine.  Makes me wonder what someone else who unexpectedly received something new to read thought of it, or if it got tossed.  I kept the ones I got, thumbing through them before adding them to the bookshelf. I'm not much into origami but it has a beautiful cover, and the one about how Greek mythology relates to the stars is a happy accident that is on the future to read list. Everything happens for a reason...

Another surprise...Foolishly, I had never downloaded one of my own books from Amazon so last week when I was offering it for free, I decided to see what one gets with a download.  Boy oh boy! It's amazing to me how that proof went through me dozens of times, and two other unbiased and cold read editors and still, there were some errors.  Needless to say, I am correcting that as well.  The downside to corrections is, once uploaded to Amazon with a new manuscript, the book is not available while Amazon checks it for accuracy.  

Hello New Day

Inspiration...I find it in the simple things.  Music, of course. My dog's smile (Yes! He does!), the snow capped mountains in the breathtaking view behind where I live, a reflection of myself in the frigid water of the lake.  I do go look at the lake, I just don't go in it...for those of you familiar with my water phobia.  Maybe someday I'll try to overcome that, it's just not on the front burner at this time. I need to finish editing a book! 
What are the simple things you're doing today to enjoy and appreciate life? The Lhasa and I are going to make a dump trip today...I will definitely brew up something in the Keurig...I've got a stack of reading to catch up on, and...oh, yeah...back to editing "Back Track".  It will be done soon, I vow!  Right now, I'm gonna go put on a pot of bean and ham soup. It's overcast here in North Idaho today and some hot bean soup will help warm my rickety bones! Where's your inspiration today? Get some and report back! :) 

The first person to post artists to go with the headings which are song titles, gets a free book of their choice, autographed of course. Oddly and surprisingly, "LifeLoveLust" is selling on Amazon with next to no advertising. Perhaps there are other ramblers out there who appreciate some modern day poetry and prose.  

Hugs all around! Share them. It'll make you smile :)

Now playing: "Banditos" RCPM ~ "Live At Billy Bobs"

Musically yours, 

 *Hugs* ~ K

P.S. I have tried several times to correct fonts here, but I can only assume Blogger is having 'one of those days'.  I've noticed it before but it will correct itself after a while.  Nevermind...I give up! 

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