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Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Random Encounters" for "Nada"

Thanks to RCPM fan boarderb for this great song. The video is a little shaky, but the audio is perfecto! My daily connection to the music and the moral of the story is: You can't beat free! Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Zero pesos to download "Random Encounters" today at Amazon .  Download it to your e-reader, tablet, desktop...whatever you have to read on, it's free today! Enjoy :)

Please don't forget to click the "like" button if you haven't already. As mentioned before, the goal is to move up in the Amazon  rankings and every click whether it be on the "like" button and/or by downloading the e-book, helps move me up in the rankings. Mostly, I hope you enjoy the story.  Just a reminder...this is erotic romance. It starts out from the first page with a sizzling encounter and evolves into a tender love story about a women who, when the story begins is a little confused, then finds her way in the maze of emotions in life.  Let's move on...


Once again, there is much conversation this past week on the internets :) about self-publishing.  We are still clearly greatly divided in our positions and there doesn't seem to be a middle ground. I've yet to encounter either authors or other professionals in the business (agents, editors, publishers) who don't have a staunch opinion either way.  People are either for, or against, and the bickering that goes back and forth is almost childish. It looks to me like the professionals are nervous.  They continue to disparage those of us who have taken the step to self publish instead of waiting for a publisher to pick us up and take a chance on our books.  The talk ranges from being impetuous and impatient, to writing rubbish that wouldn't have a chance with a publisher anyway.  The criticism citing poorly written to offensive content.  Content opinions aside (i.e., one person's trash is another person's treasure) I don't believe a poorly written book would make it anywhere!  People are not about to hype the story if they weren't able to understand it due to poor grammar, spelling, or point of view inconsistencies. There are many self published authors with success at Amazon . A good example: "A Howl In The Night" by JK Brandon. A self-published novel that is #10 in the Amazon rankings. It gives the rest of us hope that we might just appear on that first page of best rankings, which is definitely something to work diligently at achieving.  Poor grammar, spelling, or other negatives in a book won't make it past the first round, so I'm not worried about not making the cut for those reasons.  I write stories with engaging plot, likeable characters, and almost always have a happily-ever-after.  Some short stories are dark, but those will only be seen in my upcoming short story anthology which is currently taking a back seat to "Back Track".  Some poetry is dark and is available in "LifeLoveLust". As for "Back Track", I'm almost finished editing and then I'll be searching for a cover.


It's a beautiful sunny day in the Pacific Northwest! I perfect time to get out with your e-reader and soak up some sun while taking in a great story and don't forget to give random hugs today! I met up with an old acquaintance yesterday while out and about and the hugs were warm and wonderful!  The Lhasa is out on the back deck taking in the morning sunshine with a dog nap. I may join him later with something soothing from the Keurig and a good book :)

Confidently yours, 

 *Hugs* ~ K

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