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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Reasons to love living up north in winter

My 4X4 truck
White Christmas is almost guaranteed
We can keep the beverages on the back deck and make more room in the fridge for the holiday food
Uggs go with just about everything
Static electricity hair (What? It's funny!)

It's a beautiful white Christmas in North Idaho!  I hope everyone got your wish lists filled this Christmas.  My house is bustling with activity, lots of Christmas paper crunching under the dogs feet, the smells of yummy holiday cooking coming from the kitchen and a cup of egg nog with a little extra nog *wink* . My new best friend and pound puppy Stanley has settled into a spoiled, comfy existence that makes me envy his life as a dog!

I had a lengthy Christmas day blog prepared filled with cheer and love and festivities of the season.  But...it's been a conflicting week.  The excitement of the holiday season has been tempered by news of yet another beautiful soul that is now a fallen Peacemaker.  A kind, caring, gentle, generous loving mom who we in the RCPM fan world knew as a lovely person.  My sadness for her passing and her grieving family left behind leaves me feeling almost guilty for having so much goodness in my life and things to be happy for.  It also reminds me to cherish every moment and take nothing for granted.  A perspective of life's problems that puts everything in proper order.  Love family, be thankful for loyal friendships as those are rare, and I'm blessed with a job that tolerates my physical shortcomings.  I'm thankful for it all and am trying to let go of transgressions I should forgive others, and myself, for.  It's hard, wounds don't heal easily, but I'll keep working on it. 

One thing I know Lucinda loved and spent many happy times with is Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers music as that's how we became acquainted.  I reviewed several videos to find one that would honor such a lovely woman and pay respects to her for a peaceful resting place and came up with this one.  I pray for your peace and painless hereafter, Lucinda.  

This is a beautiful song that talks of not compromising our principles and staying true to our roots.  Sometimes we need little reminders to be a little better grounded.

I hope you are all overwhelmed with hugs today! Hug back.  It'll warm the cockles of your heart.  (yes...I said cockles!)

Christmas cheerily yours,

~ K

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday shopping etiquette

Where is it written that when the frenzy of the holiday season is underway, that it's OK to be rude, pushy, and generally undesirable in a shopping environment?  It's supposed to be a time of year for coming together.  You know...peace on earth, good will toward men and all that jazz.  Where is the peace and good will? It has been scarce in my neck of the woods, that's for sure.  Out shopping yesterday, I encountered people blocking store isles without any regard for the backed up traffic behind them.  This is a normal occurrence in a shopping situation; however at this time of year with so many people out and about at the same time, it becomes even more frustrating.  Then there were those grabbing for the same items at the same time and being, well...just grabby!  It was rude and discouraging to encounter such inconsideration.  I remarked to the cashier that they need store police to keep people moving and give out citations for habitual offenders.  Like, the ones who drive their cart on the left side.  This isn't Europe, we drive to the right and all traffic whether it be by vehicle, on foot, or store cart, is always to the right! I don't understand why people don't get that concept.  When they drive their car to the store they drove on the right, of this I’m certain or there would have been many accidents on the streets along the way of people driving on the wrong side.  But when they get in the store...there are some poor unfortunate souls with some brain cells that just don't kick in when it comes to store cart navigation.  Please be kind.  Not just at Christmas, but all year.  It doesn't take any more effort.  It's simply a matter of attitude adjustment toward other people.  How would you want to be treated? That's how I try to see things and live accordingly. 

That ends my holiday frenzy rant.  Against my better judgment, I do have some more shopping to do.  I'm a last minute kind of person (I can't live without the aggravation) so I'm going to venture out again today to finish up my holiday shopping. I will be courteous and smiling through it all, I hope you will too.  Peace on earth, good will toward all.  


Some Christmas trivia for you:

Alabama was the first state to recognize Christmas as an official holiday in 1836.  The last state to declare Christmas as an official holiday was Oklahoma in 1907.

Animal Crackers are not really crackers, but cookies that were imported to the United States from England in the late 1800s. Barnum's circus-like boxes were designed with a string handle so that they could be hung on a Christmas tree.

Christmas trees are edible. Many parts of pines, spruces, and firs can be eaten. The needles are a good source of vitamin C. Pine nuts, or pine cones, are also a good source of nutrition.

Hug somebody today! My sweet grandson will be here this evening to spend the holiday week with me and he will get lots of gramma hugs!  

Peacefully yours,
~ K

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Isn't that a cool word?  I'm always on the lookout for cool words.  It's part of the can't-breathe-without-words thing I got goin' on.  The Encarta definition:

"to place two or more things together, especially in order to suggest a link between them or emphasize the contrast between them"

I'm also always on the lookout for cool music news.  This week there was juxtaposition in the music world.  This article got passed around on f/b.  It's more than disappointing to see what the popular music preferences are.  At the same time, I received a tweet that Guns n' Roses has been selected for consideration inducting them into the rock n' roll hall of fame.  Could there be any more juxtaposition? The comparisons are extreme in the contrast between them.  Katy Perry** holds the same number of number one singles from one album as Michael Jackson?  Really?  People can say what they will about Michael, he did live a very unconventional life, but then what musical genius has not?  And, I'm really not one to compare "normal".  Normal is relative.  What is normal for my life, may be bizarre to someone else.  It's common with creative people who are eccentric in their lifestyle. A dear friend who is a musical genius told me: "Genius is part madness, crazy is just the fun part!" I'm so grateful for artistic friends who understand.  The obsession to write can be a lonely existence and it's nice to know there are others who understand, but that's a whole 'nother blog I could (and will) write about again eventually. 

My tastes vary widely when it comes to music.  I like most any rock and classic rock, unless it's Jethro Tull or Joe Cocker.  You know how when you have the compulsion to stand in the middle of the room, cup your hands over your ears, let go a blood curdling screech that would crack the china and shatter crystal?  Yeah, me too.  That's what either of those two artists do to me.  It's involuntary.  If a song by one of them comes on the classic rock station, which they do all too frequently I might add, I go into my wretched contortion expressing that I've gone over the edge.  Otherwise, I'm pretty easy going about music.  I don't consider myself a music snob, although I do have my favorites that are fixtures in the rotation.  Everything Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, The Refreshments, The Toluenes, John Fogerty, yes...Michael Jackson, Pink, Tom Petty, Eagles, Goo Goo Dolls, Chris Isaac, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Pink Floyd, Cindy Lauper, Beastie Boys, Motley Crue, Guns n' Roses.  The list could go on indefinitely, the point being my music tastes are diverse and what I listen to depends on what moves me at the moment or when my mood needs changed.  Music will often bring me out of a funk when nothing else will do. It frequently saves me from myself.  "Pink" ~ "Don't Let Me Get Me" (trust me, it's a great song).

The main point is, our music history defines us as a generational culture. I have an overwhelming fear that at the time of my passing, one of the symbols of the time will be that a Katy Perry-esque whoever the new sham of the month is, had a song at the top of the billboard charts! Could there be anything more embarrassing to denote our music culture at that time? Ugh...I can only hope someone will be astute enough to look at my music library either online or in my cd cabinet and make some sort of reference to the fact that I did have good taste in music. Just one of the little things we are defined by and judged for, so it matters.  If I were being buried, I would demand that my favorite CD's be buried right along with me for everlasting comfort, however, I've left specific instructions that I be burned and ashes dumped in an urn, stoically placed on a mantel so I can spy on everyone in death and give them the bajeebers from my ashes haunting their presence whenever they glance my way.  No need to make any changes from this world to the netherworld.  The engraving on the silver plate on the front of the urn to state simply: "She lived vicariously through music."

What do you want to be defined by in your lifetime? What do you want known about you when you die? Is wondering what people will think when you've passed on to the music gods in the sky something that bothers you?  Yeah, me too. If you are being buried, what do you want written on your headstone?  I think about these things.  It's later than we think. 


If you'll turn your attention to the top right ---> , you'll see I've added two new categories for Kindle purchases.  For KDP Select members, "Random Encounters" and "Bright Lights" are free!  You can't beat that, not even with a set of drum sticks.  Click on the book covers and it'll take you where to download to your personal Kindle.  This program doesn't allow Kindle sharing and you can only get each book you "borrow" one time, but it's a great opportunity to read great stories for free and pass the word on.  Just my little gift at the holidays.  A personal request when borrowing the free books available for any author, please go to the Amazon listing of the book and write a short review.  For independent authors, that is very important to us! We want to know what readers honestly think about our stories. It doesn't need to be a novel, just a short statement telling what you like about the story. I've written a few myself and I can tell you, the gratitude I get from authors is very satisfying.

Because the freebie at KDP Select requires they have sole rights to electronic format, "RE" and "Bright Lights" are only available there now in e-reader form.  You can still get paperback copies (my favorite way to read) at my website .

Hug somebody today! I'm still refraining, which means I feel really bad for whoever ends up being in the hugging position when the urge strikes me again.  Lookout!  :-D 

Musically yours,

~ K

**I hope I didn't offend anyone with my opinion of Katy Perry's, oh hell...I'm not even gonna call it music! Don't get your knickers in a knot.  I don't care for it, frankly I don't care for anyone who simply has no talent and should be making an honest living doing something more suitable, like inside a plastic clown wearing a headset, asking "do you want fries with that?"  I won't judge you if she's your taste in...ahem...music, but this is my blog.  I can speak openly about what I do and do not like, so get over it  *wink* :-D 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Name's Joe, I'm The CEO

The sound quality is good, but it's really loud so turn your speakers way down! This is awesome! I love Tom Petty's insight into corruption in the music business.  I admire his bold criticism of  sleazy side of the industry and this song is about that.  This song is a rant about creating music idols strictly to generate revenue for the record companies and those who haunt artists and make money off of them.  I saw him live (one of the best rock shows I've ever seen!) and he was proud to announce that show was brought to us by us, his show was being funded by ticket sales and he had no corporate sponsorship whatsoever, and he refused to give in to those who want to ride on his coattails and make money off him.

I'll be back on Sunday with a full blog about more music news, so stay tuned! Happy Thursday, ya'll...the work week is almost done and we'll be freewheelin' the weekend soon!

*Hugs* ~ K

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Edin Road Radio

Happy Tuesday, ya'll!  Please join me today at 3:30 PST,  Edin Road Radio for an interview and reading excerpt of "Random Encounters".  There's also a  guest blog  as a preview. We're gonna have a steamy good time!

*Hugs* ~ K 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Can't Breathe Without You

Words are a necessary component of my life.  We writers are a strange breed.  The one thing all writers I know have in common, we write.  Day.  Night.  At work. At play. In the middle of playing with our kids, socializing with friends and family, during dinner, during sex, while we sleep...every minute of every day, our dizzy brains are saturated with words and the obsession of putting them together in a story or prose of some sort.  We carry scraps of paper; frantically tap in little snippets of story lines or poetry into our Smartphone's or tablets that are ever within reach.  People who don't have an obsession with words, do not understand this.  Even artists of other genre's don't really get it, unless they are songwriters, then I think they do somewhat.  Writers could no more stop writing incessantly than stop breathing, it is an essential part our living beings.  Is it a blessing or a curse?  I think a little bit of both.  I have people become annoyed with me because I'm constantly writing, thinking about writing, spending far too much time right here in this spot, glued to my keyboard and fixed on my monitor.  There is an unnatural fear that if the words do not get physically on the paper or the screen that they will dissipate.  Gone forever, never to be in that particular order, making that so essential statement, telling the can't be lived without story or poem.  It's a bit of OCD, words meeting order.  There's a satisfaction and necessity in it that is like nothing else I can compare it to. 

So, say I'm flaky.  Get annoyed with me when I'm tapping into my phone while you're in the middle of telling me an oh so important event of your day, and it may very well be important, but the words in my head that need to be recorded in some fashion at that moment are like, well...like the need for a junkie to get a fix.  I honestly think I might implode if the words don't get in some order for me to work with them in solitude later.  I've written entire novels from just a line in a song ( "Bright Lights"  ) or from people watching sitting in a sidewalk bar in the airport in Phoenix ( "Random Encounters" ) or numerous pieces of prose and/or poetry from simple things, like a highway billboard featuring a picture of a dove that inspired "Broken Wings", which is featured in the anthology "LifeLoveLust"  . 

A dear F/B friend, Duncan Long who is a mega talented artist with many inspiring pieces to his credit, made a statement last week that inspired me to write about this subject.  With his permission:

"Explaining the creative mind and emotions that accompany it to someone who is not creative is like explaining colors to one of those unfortunate souls who has been blind from birth."

Check him out:  Facebook  and please visit his  website  and marvel at the awesome examples of his beautiful artistry.  There's also a poignant reflection of an artists psyche here at his blog .

Duncan pens it very well, and with few words I might add.  I admire that as I'm inordinately wordy.  Thank you, Duncan, for lending some insight to our wacky world. 


I keep reading that being a writer is a business.  It must be treated as a business in order to become successful.  Certain business aspects need be applied when it comes to the selling part of publishing or self publishing, whichever your avenue, but to me, the most important part is being able to get the right words, in the right order, giving the right message and telling a good story or there isn't any business end to it.  If the writing isn't good, who will buy? Oh...people might be suckered in by a slick ad campaign, but won't stay there long when word gets around that the book is crap, or at very least over-hyped.  I enjoy writing.  Promoting...not so much.  Speaking of which,  I'll be back early in the week with details of my radio interview this week.  Streaming live.  Oy!

Do you have an obsession with getting the words to come together in a certain fashion?  Yeah, me too.  Take a break from feverishly jotting things out, and hug somebody today!  Due to my recent declaration of isolation, I have not, and I probably won't but nothing says you can't or shouldn't.  I'm going to partake in my other creative obsession and bake some cookies. 

Solitarily yours,

~ K

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just nod if you can hear me...

Still recovering from the post turkey coma, eh?  Yeah, me too.  It's difficult to be creative when all your brain wants to do is sleep off the tryptophan overdose.  Yet...I've managed.  I've continued working on two new projects to get into print.  I'm currently designing a clever cover for "If I Weren't So...".  There have been rumors in the past that title might change, but I'm very fond of it and I think I'll keep it.  I'm also putting together a collection of my short stories, and I'm working on the cover to go with that one which will be quite clever as well.

So...how's your Thanksgiving weekend?    Have you eaten leftovers to your hearts content and shall not long for turkey and trimmings again for a while?  Yeah, me too.  Annoying relatives gone home?  It's nice when family comes, but it's even nicer when they go.  I'm a solitary kind of person and I really value my isolation.  It keeps me off the streets and out of the bars and, I'm a lot more productive here at my keyboard on my own.  It's easier to keep life simple under those terms.  Not a lot a keyboard can do to offend me, well...except batteries go dead and I gotta stop everything to replace them, but that's a pretty easy fix. 

I find it's a delicate balance with relatives.  Some I purposely stay far away in distance so I don't have to deal with so much drama, others are close by and I don't want to be any further away from them than I am.  Remember the family get togethers growing up? Yeah, me too. Both my mother and father had large extended families and we spent many holidays jockeying back and forth between hers and his.  Mostly hers, cause you know...mom always wins.  I think it's partially because women by nature tend to be more clingy with family, and partially because married men who manage to stay married know that if mom isn't happy, nobody is!  Anyway...having so many relatives was somewhat crowded for me.  Even as a small child I remember feeling like I was lost in the crowd and sometimes couldn't see my way through the crowd of wall to wall people.  Oh, there were fun times.  There was much laughter and reminiscing about when those grown ups were growing up, uncles who would sneak out behind the garage to share the flask, my grandmother didn't allow any booze in the house as she was a faithful fundamentalist Christian, which probably explains part of my adjustment issues of this day, but I digress...and there was always the fanny patting and pinching of various in-laws who thought nobody saw them flirting, but I know I'm not the only one who noticed, which I'm sure caused some violent scolding and hair pulling on the way home for some tipsy uncles.  Ah, yes...those are my childhood holiday memories.  What are yours?  Any hair raising stories of growing up that you go out of your way to avoid repeating now as an adult?  Yeah, me too.

Hey, did ya'll know you don't have to own a kindle to be able to read on a kindle?  I can hear ya'll shout in disbelief, "K, how can that be?"  I'll tell you, if you haven't already done so, just download kindle for PC.  You can read on your desktop, laptop, tablet, what have you...it's the coolest thing since organic bacon!  Shhh...I haven't announced it anywhere else yet, so ya'll are the first to know that I've finally caved and made "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey" available on kindle for the absolutely insane, unheard of price of .99 for a very limited short time, so get there soon or you'll miss out!  Just a little thank you from me for everyone who has requested it (bugged me incessantly) and have patiently waited.  Good things do come to those who wait :-D 

As always, paperbacks of all my books are available at my my website .  I just got "Random Encounters" re-printed with the cool reviews on the back cover, so if you haven't ordered one yet, now is the time.  And don't forget, there will only be 100 of the limited edition paperback version of "Bright Lights" with the silhouette on the front, so order soon so you don't miss out on that.  Shux...I'll even autograph 'em for ya', and as always you get "LifeLoveLust" as a bonus for some extra chuckles at my ramblings. 

Have ya'll recovered from all the holiday overload of hugging and ready to start all over again? Yeah, me too.  Hug somebody today!

Solitarily yours,

~ K

Thursday, November 24, 2011

It is a Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a few shorts to let ya'll know, the generous Lizzie Beth @ Simplistik Halloz Books gave "Random Encounters" five stars and a gracious review!  My thanks to Lizzie Beth for her kind words.  You can see the review along with my profile (which will be updated soon, I just haven't had a chance) @ Simplistic Halloz Books

Also, I was thrilled to see that a reader gave "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey" five stars and a really nice review at Amazon

My sweet grandson is sleeping across the hall from me now, he'll be here for the long weekend.  All of my kids will be together for the holiday dinner later today, which is rare as someone most always ends up working on the holiday, the nagging bronchitis is on its way out and I'm feeling human again, a nice bottle of Cabernet is chilling on the porch for sipping on later as I finish dinner preparations, so I have so much to be thankful for. My cup runneth over. 

They'll all get hugs from me today, like it or not! Hug yours, too.  You'll be glad you did :-)

Gratefully yours,

~ K

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday frenzy

     Tradition says we are to pause and count our blessings this time of year.  I see so much around me that clearly is not a blessing, on the surface.  Unemployment, sickness, suicide (this has become far too prevalent near me lately), hard times for many who have never faced hard times before.  It's difficult to be thankful when we have so much less to be thankful for these days.
     A specific hardship for a family, a very sad occasion near me this past week.  A man who at appearance had everything, a loving wife, children who have all excelled academically and athletically, a successful business that they'd just added a third location to, was in the middle of building a nice new (bigger) home for his family, went into his bathroom and shot himself in the head.  No one was home at the time, the wife was still working at one of their stores, the children were all out doing their usual Friday night activities and no one had a clue he was so desolate in his thoughts with himself that he could do something so tragic.  I've been hurt, I've had upsetting times in my life, I  live with sickness and pain that some days is almost impossible to deal with, but even in my darkest most hopeless moments I have never believed that giving it up and pulling the trigger on myself was the answer.  The first thing I always think about is how my actions will affect the people I love most.  How would they deal with what I was so selfish to have done? I could never do it, and even though I'm working really hard at trying to not be judgmental about someone else's choice, I can't help but think how incredibly selfish that was of him to do!  I feel so sad for the family who will probably forever wonder why their love, affection, and being who they are were not good enough for that man to want to live any longer. 
     I will be thinking of that family tomorrow when in the midst of the gorging, laughter, practical jokes my kids are famous for, all 5 dogs chasing each other through the house and being underfoot waiting for crumbs to drop, and any last minute disasters of dinner I might have to deal with, it will all be welcome because we are all still here to share it. 
     Many blessings and peace to your household this Thanksgiving.  May whatever God you believe in abundantly bless you and give you all the happiness and joy you can stand!
     I was going to have some prestigious announcements about "Random Encounters"  and "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey" but it doesn't seem appropriate at the moment.  I'll be back another time to blog about terrific things happening for me and my books. 

Hug everybody today!  Every blasted one of them, whether they deserve it or not.  They may not be here next year for the hugging.  

Affectionately yours,

~ K

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The art of being crazy in an insane world...hey Mom, what's for dinner?

"You gotta go a little loco to stay sane" ~ Roger Clyne

I write frequently about the daily grind, about how difficult it can be to get everything done that I need to in one day.  While working a full time day job, I also need dedicated time to write.  Truth be told, like most author friends I have, I'd prefer to be sitting here at the keyboard writing 24/7.  But...the realities of life being what they are, there are bills to pay and one needs a paying job to keep the wheels of a household turning.  To most people who know me, they scratch their heads and wonder how I make it all work, it seems an insane lifestyle. It is!  I won't even try to convince anyone it isn't.  I'm the first to admit my life is pure chaos most of the time.  I have these little snippets of quiet time in the wee morning hours when everyone else in the household is still either sleeping or is working and that gives me some time to organize my thoughts, plan my day and fit in everything I need to accomplish. Most everything. 

"We're a crooked little bloom full of moon perfume, ambrosia in a cup of clay" ~ Roger Clyne

And, like most other authors I know, writing inspiration can strike at any moment from any source.  I might be listening to music in the truck while driving, or working on a project in my office at my day job, or having conversation with someone when a little spark is ignited for an idea to write about.  I carry a pad and pen close at hand at all times and write down those little snippets so I don't forget them.  Likewise, next to the bed there is paper and pen for those middle of the night visions of grandeur.  I've actually written award winning poetry when woke from a dead sleep in the night. I figure our psyche is so relaxed at that time while our bodies and brains are at rest, the creative juices leak out when we least expect it. I've learned to always be prepared for that.  I also have dedicated time here at my keyboard to get more than just a few snippets written.  Many times going into the latest of the night when I've got momentum going to finish a short story, chapter, or the whole book.  The idea is, somehow we all make it work.  I see young moms with small children and wonder how they juggle it all.  I firmly believe God gave us kids when we're young for a reason.  I sure wouldn’t have the stamina to keep up with them now at my age!  Our bodies and minds are designed for such things.  As we age, we morph into doing things and thinking in ways that are streamlined and hopefully, a little simpler.  I'm not sure if it's acquired wisdom or if we just get so tired that we don't mess around with things anymore! I mean, I didn't have the discipline to write a complete story or novel when I was younger.  That didn't happen until I was much older and more settled. 

"Sometimes I slumber on a bed of roses, sometimes I crash in the weeds" ~ Roger Clyne

Giving thanks at this time of year is traditional.  Sometimes when life gives us lemons, it's hard to find something to be thankful for if we're hurting or down, or just received the umpteenth rejection letter.  I'm working diligently to be thankful for people who appreciate me, love me in spite of myself, and accept me with my faults.  I'm my own worst critic, so it's nice to know that there are those who don't see me as evil as I see myself because I'm not flawlessly perfect.  Perfection is ok to strive for, but being able to be content with less has always been my downfall.  If the turkey isn't exactly browned to perfection all over, if the pies get a crack in the crust, or if the yams could have used a little more cinnamon, I'll still smile and be thankful I have people in my life who help me get through each day.  Well...that and the wine that's gonna get me through a whole day of cooking and baking!

"If Ima poor poor devil, Ima lucky, lucky dog...If Ima low low life I'm livin' high on the hog" ~ Guess who? 

So get out the best china, polish up the silver, sparkle the crystal stemware and when you're in the midst of your holiday celebration of thanks, if you get stabbed on the back of your hand while reaching for that last turkey slice, think of me with my dysfunctional family (they all are) with all five of our dogs running through the house, my 17 year old grandson who is stowing his snowboard and coming down off of Lookout long enough to stay with Gramma for the holiday weekend, picture me with my favorite stemware and the red kool-aid *wink* that's keeping me sane through it all.  

"I was cryin' for a vision, I got static instead...boy, oh boy, I got a noisy head" ~ RC 

This blog has been brought to you in the company of all Roger songs, all day today.  It gives me great comfort and helps fuel my creative vehicle.  Check out Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers . It's a fun group of fans and the band always appreciates support. 

If you haven't already gotten your download of The Toluenes "Hola Santa", what the hell are you waiting for? It's free gift from the band for the holiday season.  I love those guys! Check out their music at the website. 

I still have copies of the limited edition of "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey" along with "Random Encounters".  I've stocked up on "LifeLoveLust" to throw in with each or both when you order.  My website , or just click on one of the book cover images to the right and it'll get ya' there. 

Hug *lots* of people today!  We could all use some comfort. 

Redeemingly yours,

~ K

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hola! qué está sucediendo

Happy Friday, ya'll! Please check out my interview at Chastity Bush's website, it was a lot of fun to do!

Chastity's Romance News

Also, please show my good friends The Toluenes some love and download their free early Christmas gift "Hola Santa".   It's a fun song I think you'll enjoy!

I'm recovering from a battle with bronchitis and will be back in the blogging saddle again shortly.  With so many projects going on at once and being a little under the weather, I haven't been able to blog lately, but that will change!  With my crappy crippled immune system, something so simple could turn into something really serious so I have to slow down and take care of myself.  Thanks everybody for the kind well wishes.  It's comforting to know so many of you care *hugs*.  

Gobble gobble! It's almost time to smoke the bird  :-)

Virtually yours,

~ K

Saturday, November 12, 2011

People, places and things ~ Events!

It's a busy month for K! Here's where you'll find me:

11/15 ~   Showcased author Our Journey Through Pages and Time

11/16 ~ Showcased author Mystical Events

11/18 ~ Featured interview of author/reviewer Chastity Bush at her site:

12/6 ~ Radio interview with the beautiful and talented Jesse Coffey @ Edin Road Radio.  It is streamed live! I'll be reading excerpts from "Random Encounters" and answering questions, so if you have any you'd like answered on air, please message me or comment here.  This will be a LOT of fun! I'm looking forward to it :-)

Virtual hugs, 

~ K

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

“Where Do Dreams Go To Die?”

Where do dreams go to die?
Is it somewhere far?
Way beyond the sky
Do they feel as sad as we?
That our hopes have vanished
How can this be?
We’ve lived so long
With our dreams intact
They’ve evaporated…too quickly gone
But now… how do we revel?
Dreams that were destined
To take us to the next level
They’ve died a sudden death
After years of anticipation
We collectively held our breath
Waiting for them to materialize
To get a life of their own
To take wings and fly
Where do dreams go to die?
I want to go where they go
A serene place to never again cry

Copyright (c) 2009 Kathleen Walker

Monday, October 31, 2011

Fan Mail

Ok, so...I've been procrastinating answering the very obvious questions related to "Random Encounters".  Primarily...how does a semi-normal (stop laughing!) middle-aged grandmother like me come up with such a far fetched story of a sexual nature?  My usual response is..."I'll never tell!"

But, seriously...I have been asked many times, and it's not that I get tired of people asking, because that means they're interested.  Interest means people will read my book which is why I put it out there.  I want people to enjoy it.

 A long time ago, a fellow author much more astutely accomplished than I who I have read and admire told me: "Sex sells".  It wasn't my plan at the time to even put "Random Encounters" into print.  It was a fun story I wrote from the depths of my sordid, twisted imagination and frankly, kept it hidden away for several years before even considering getting it into print.  What prompted me to do so, you may ask? Well...I really love the story.  Veronica Walters is an attractive, well bred, well educated woman who is just a little mixed up when it comes to her own sexuality.  Is she perverted? No, I don’t think so.  I created her to have a strong sense of self, a positive self image, be independent of her own needs and desires, but also somewhat insecure emotionally.  There are two very important aspects (there are more that just these two, but these are pretty high up on the list) that go together for a successful relationship: A healthy sexual attraction and an emotional investment.  Veronica found that she hadn't had any luck combining those two things.  So, she acted out sexually to satisfy a physical control issue and completely sidestepped the emotional involvement.  It's easy to stuff our emotions and put up concrete walls to protect ourselves from the pain that comes from emotional relationships.  It's easier to have a physical relationship and be able to walk away without any entanglements.  And that's what she wanted, namely...no familiarity whatsoever. Clean and neat and no lingering involvement.

So...how did she do it? Ah, no! I'm not giving that part away here.  That's what makes the story all the more interesting.   For the rest of this week, I'm practically giving it away in e-reader format on Smashwords for the insanely next to nothing price of $1.96, 51% off the regular price. Enter coupon code PK69A.  Further proof that I am completely batty! Think of it as a post Halloween haunting of my brain. 

If you're like me and relish the paper and ink and fondling the spine of a book in your hands while you devour it, order at my website  and I'll throw in LifeLoveLust as a bonus.  More for the molesting of the aforementioned paper and ink and spine for your pleasure.

After you read, please do let me know what you think of how Veronica gets men to submit to her unusual sexual urge.

Hug somebody today! You won't regret kindness and I'm fairly certain it will be appreciated and reciprocated. 

Randomly yours,

~ K

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A voice, a brand, and a song

What do all of the above have in common? They are used to describe an author.  Authors develop their own voice over time.  I could pick up a Lee Child novel without seeing the authors name or characters name and know it is his writing.  He has his own unique style, known as the authors voice.  A brand for a writer is much the same as a brand name product, like A-1, Amazon, Orville Redenbacher.  Just with those names alone we know what the product is.  It's the same for authors.  We develop our brand name individually by how we market our art.  Think of:  Walt, Stephen, Ernest, Edgar. Those are all names of writers immediately recognizable by branding themselves in the business. Personality lends to the branding, and for me a song is my own individual signature. Music is a major part of my personality.  A song for me has to go along with everything. Music is so inspirational to me.  My twisted, manic brain relates better to music than almost any other medium, including the written word.  I get more out of listening to the song being played than reading the words to the song without any instruments along with it.  There's a connection between my brain and music that clicks and is compatible like nothing else.  Want to steal my heart? Give me music! I like books a lot, too, but music is the quickest way to melt my normally crusty, curmudgeon exterior. 

Although I feel I have the necessary elements above, I sometimes feel I haven't paid my author dues.  I haven't even one suicide attempt, my self esteem is higher than the national debt, and don't have any flaky friends in need of artistic support because they, too, are starving artists.  I'm fairly normal by the publishing world's standards.  I have considered all of the above may have played a role in the piles of rejection letters I've amassed.  Although, I do feel some sort of validation that I at least received a rejection.  Far more queries have been submitted for consideration that simply went straight to the rubbish bin without any response whatsoever.  Which, I originally thought incredibly rude. Then, I got deeper within the writing world to find that more rejections are done anonymously than are acknowledged with a bonafide rejection letter.  I almost feel privileged now to get that rejection form letter.  Doesn't have the title of my manuscript or my name addressed in the greeting, it's just a form letter in an e-mail that says my project just doesn't fit their agency/publishing house at this time, blah, blah, blah...all offered with the enthusiasm of a middle of dinner telemarketing call.  As aforementioned, I am stubborn, obstinate and willful.  I shall persevere!  But, I won't be so rushed to do it anymore. 

More useless information:

"Weird" Al Yankovic received a Bachelor's degree in Architecture in 1981.  He also served as valedictorian of his high school at age 16.

The oldest business in the United States of America is the cymbal company Zildjian which was founded in Constantinople in 1623.

Marijuana was not illegal in the United States until October 1, 1937, when Congress passed the "Marijuana Tax Act".  Total debate time on the House of Representatives floor concerning this issue: 90 seconds.  This act did not actually ban the substance - it simply said that one could not sell marijuana without a license.  Of course, Congress refused to issue any licenses.  Congress finally banned marijuana outright in 1970. 

Hug somebody today!

Virtually yours, 

~ K 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Balancing act

I find myself going in so many directions, sometimes it's more difficult than others to balance it all out.  I purposely have several projects going at once, mostly because I can't live without the aggravation, but also because, well...we never know when we'll run out of time.  I'm afraid I won't get everything done that I want to.  Or more importantly, that I won't get to see all of the people I want to see.  I try to fit a 32 hour day into 24 hours, which means that something, or worse...someone, always suffers a lack of my attention.  I'm so obstinate and stubborn, I still try to find ways to fit it all in and not shortchange anything or anyone.  Usually, I'm the one who ends up with not enough time for myself, and as I get older and hopefully a little wiser, I realize that I need to be more attentive to myself.  Certain factors of my health situation require that I be more vigilant about taking care of myself, but aside from that I really don’t spend much time on just me.  I have few precious times just to myself, even when I'm here at this keyboard writing down my thoughts or working on a fiction project, there are people all around me in the house going about their daily or sometimes nightly routines.  My daughter's work schedule is erratic in the retail world, her boyfriend who lives here, also in retail, normally works nights, and I frequently dog sit for my other daughter who is a teacher and also coaches the high school dance team.  If she has long days for parent teacher conferences, or the dance team is performing at a football game, she'll bring her little shih tzu doggie to have some company during her long workday.  I work a full time job daily, working in my dr. appointments, regular lab visits and various tests into that work day.  I'm so blessed to have a flexible job and people who understand my illness and that it requires so much of my time.  In between all of that, I manage to blog at least a couple of times a week now, pay attention to the social networks to keep up with friends all over the world, and I've somehow managed to finish three self published books with two more on the way early next year.  Oh, yeah...I'm working on getting bands out on the road for some winter shows.  I have no clue how the housework, grocery shopping, laundry, and usual daily chores even get done! My life is a whirlwind for sure, so please pardon my air headedness at times.  I have to look at a calendar to know what day it is, sometimes more than once a day.  I depend on my computer and phone to remind me of the time to try to be punctual for appointments and work times. 

How chaotic is your life? Are you afraid if you stop running yourself ragged that you might have some idle time? What is idle time, anyway? Anybody know?  Here are some things I think of whenever my mind has a second to think of slowing myself down:

“Life is short, eat dessert first” ~ I don’t know who said it first, but I agree
“Dream as if you'll live forever.  Live as if you'll die today” ~James Dean
“As you grow older, you'll find the only things you regret are the things you didn't do” ~Zachary Scott
To change one's life:  Start immediately.  Do it flamboyantly.  No exceptions” ~William James (this one is my favorite!)

“Hug somebody today! You may never get the chance again” ~ Me :-) 

Hurriedly yours, 

~ K 

Monday, October 24, 2011


Does your life ever feel like a Seinfeld episode? You know, the official "Show About Nothing" that was so popular in the '90's.  Neurosis ran rampant among four friends in New York with daily antics that were seldom normal by any standards.  Some of my days seem like a "Seinfeld" episode.  A whole lot of neurosis that ends up being about nothing.  By the time the clouds start clearing and cobwebs are batted away, and I get a handle on what's going on around me, and it's not that I'm hung-over so I can't even use that as an excuse, I'm left staring into space wondering what the hell it was all about!  Right now, I'm working on making the longest sentences about nothing that I conjure up in the annals of my job fatigued imagination that more often than not works overtime anyway, but on a day like today it's compounded and nothing is making sense.  Day jobs suck the life right out of me to the point that words are coming fast and furious but they are not melding together in sync to create something more than just words strung together, just like this probably doesn’t make any sense to you, either.  I wonder how "Seinfeld" made it work for so long. Talking about nothing is difficult!


What's your tagline? You know...the superlative to your name that people call you by.  Like, Billy "White Shoes" Johnson, or "Hollywood" Joe Namath, or even the shortened version of a couple can become their tagline.  Just about everybody breathing knows who "Brangelina" is referring to.  It's a title with your name that is unique enough to you that people immediately associate it with your name.  Apparently, it helps keep one's name more prominent in the public arena and ensures you won't be forgotten. However, here's the tricky part: we are not to give ourselves our own tagline.  We are to depend on media or our peer groups to do that in whatever atmosphere we've attained enough recognition among to be awarded a tagline.  I don't have one, and I don't want one.  I shudder to think of what other people would insert in that tagline spot if it were up to someone else to add that moniker to my identity.  If Kathleen is too formal for some folks to address me, "Just K" will do fine. 

I found an awesome Facebook friend named Gene Burnett, who I have threatened repeatedly to stalk, jokingly of course.  Check out his blog . He's quite succinct at summing up how I feel about success and self promotion.  If success happens...cool.  If it doesn't...cool.  I do what I do from my heart and that itself is a great reward. 

More self-promotion.  I'm thrilled to be featured at  Highlighted Author . Check out all of the authors featured there and see if there's a book that gets your attention.


Today's tidbits: 

Bazooms, ta-ta's, boobies, breasts, hooters, tits or titties, headlights, I personally refer to them simply as "the twins"...whatever nickname you have for that part of anatomy that suckles babies and sometimes older folks alike *snicker*...it is breast cancer awareness month.  Breast cancer has touched almost everyone's family and/or loved ones, sadly.  Please encourage every woman and man to do self exams monthly and if women have not had a baseline mammogram, for goodness sake get one! Breast cancer knows no discrimination or age group.  We care about our twins!  If you need help with personal inspection, I know a few men who are willing to sacrifice some time to help you girls with that *wink*

And, from the never too old to be sexy department: I can't believe Jeff Goldblum *flutter* is 59 (happy birthday Oct. 22nd, Jeff!). What a hunky-hunk! *heart*

Completely useless information you probably didn't need to know: Most toilets flush in e-flat.  I knew that sound was familiar from somewhere, probably heard it in a song or two.

"Random Encounters" and "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey" are available at my website as always, and order one or both you get "LifeLoveLust" for free! Such a deal.

Hug somebody today! I did and now I'm all warm and fuzzy all over once again. 

Vacantly yours,

~ K

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I remember a long time ago on an episode of the comedy "Roseanne".  Her son on the show asked her if he was an 'accident'.  The sisters on the show had been teasing him, telling him mom and dad didn't want him.  They didn't plan the pregnancy and birth of him, so he was an 'accident'.  He was distraught, which of course is what the sisters wanted, so he ran to his mom Roseanne and asked her.  She replied, he was a surprise.  He then asked, what's the difference?  She told him an accident is something you didn't expect to happen.  A surprise was something you didn't know you wanted until you got it, thus convincing him her oopsie pregnancy was not a mistake, but merely an unplanned happy event. 

Most of us like surprises, the happy kind, not the: "Oh my God! It's a 6.9 earthquake!" kind. I like giving surprises, it's fun to experience the joy brought to another person with a small gift or token of affection.  Getting surprises can be tricky, cause sometimes people mean well, but it may not be what the recipient would want. In that case, we smile and give abundant thank you's, and be as gracious as possible to the giver so as to not insult them or hurt their feelings.

I lead a pretty uneventful life, most days are like all the others, nothing out of the ordinary happens and I don't get many surprises, unless somebody pisses me off at the 4-way stop and I have to extend a three finger wave.  I'm pretty laid back and easygoing, unless...you cut me off at the 4-way!  If that happens, I turn into somebody even *I* don’t' like.  So, I mostly take the back roads and avoid the 4-way altogether, that's the sane thing to do and it helps keep my blood pressure down. And, keeps me out of jail.  The point to all of this is, I got surprises today!  It was nice surprises, yet...I'm ambivalent.  All in one day, I scored blog interviews, a reply from a query for the first three chapters of "Random Encounters", and scheduled a half hour radio interview that will be streamed live! Holy bajeebers, batman! I'm more nervous than a virgin on her wedding night! I've not thus far in my very short writing aspirations given a live reading of my book.  Now, it's not that I have jitters from speaking live; I'm actually quite entertaining as long as I have a script to follow.  I just have never read PORN out loud for people to hear! Will I get bleeped out with the seven dirty words? Some are in there, you know.  I always envisioned readers of "Random Encounters" would be curled up in their bed with a hot cup of something, hanging on every word to find out how Veronica manages to get men she doesn't know to silently have sex with her. Doesn't sound difficult, does it?  Aaah...it takes skill, lemme tell ya'...I digress...I saw the reader silently relishing the escapades of this poor confused young woman who simply has some unconventional sexual needs. Not reading it out loud to untold numbers of readers listening to it live! Yikes! 

I'll be back when it gets close to the dates in question, the blog reviews and interviews will be online and the radio interview will stream on Dec. 6 @ 3:30 PM PST.  I'll be reading porn out loud in the middle of the afternoon!  Sounds heathenly, yes?

Hug somebody today! I'm going to this afternoon and it'll be divine.

Surprisingly yours,

~ K

Monday, October 17, 2011

Literary snobs, use your illusions, and creating our own success

I seldom like to write about or even get on the subject of negativity, because typically negativity just breeds more of the same, but… (you had to know there was one coming!)

I’ve been reading this morning in author’s groups I subscribe to, a thread at LinkedIn, authors being repulsed by the shameless self promotion some authors are engaging in, i.e., Facebook promotions, Twitter feeds, online reviews by “questionable” reviewers, etc.  I laugh at the high mightiness of some very educated writers who look down their noses at those of us who are more self made.  Having a college degree does not a genius make.  Writers like me who write from the heart, have taken some creative writing courses along with some literature and grammar, have spent our own money attending writer’s conferences to learn from professionals who could give us tips and help us through the maze of literature in the 21st century world of electronics, have stories to tell.  It doesn’t take a college degree to be able to weave an interesting tale to hold the readers attention, rather it takes a love for the written word, telling a story that flows well, and spell check helps a lot! But seriously,  I personally work really hard at being literate, articulate, creating a point and doing so while taking the reader on a journey that tells a story that is interesting and engaging without being trite, cliché, while bringing some element of personalization to it.  I’m passionate about the written word.  There is not a minute of the day that I’m not thinking about writing in some form.  My day job consists of much correspondence with both customers and the companies my agency represents, when I’m not working at that I’m *thinking* about writing, typing on the keyboard a story or prose in some form, talking about it with colleagues and/or editors and publishers, querying/being rejected…everything in my life connects with writing and music (my second passion). 

That said, I have no illusions about my writing projects.  Do I expect to be on the NY Times best seller list some day? No.  My author colleagues say you must aspire to this, for not aspiring to greatness such as the NY Times best seller list, lessons my ambition and therefore my level of success.  I say, success is relevant and I’m a realist.  I know I have a very simple style of writing that may not appeal to those college educated geniuses who are looking down through their glasses perched on the end of their ivy league noses, but I hope to appeal to the average reader lending a short escape in a story that is told with lots of heart and passion, for others to enjoy. 

I hesitate to exacerbate hot topics like this because I don’t like to feed into the negativity, but sometimes individual opinions are relevant, and sometimes getting a personal glimpse at flaky people like me lends more of a human element and helps people understand my perspective a little bit more.  I’m known for big hugs, for smiling rather than frowning, being the proverbial flower child spreading joy, laughter and acceptance everywhere I go, and I’d like to be taken seriously as an author, which is the biggest challenge I’ve ever had in life.  It’s not insurmountable, though.  I’m confident in who I am, what I do and want to accomplish, and naysayers have a choice.  I’d simply prefer they go on their merry way to criticize and belittle someone else, or even better…look in the mirror.  That’s the person we all have to be true to and where there’s room for improvement, it starts with self before criticizing others. 

Peace, love and all that other hippie crap on a MONDAY, for goodness sake!

Revolutionarily yours,

~ K

Sunday, October 16, 2011

"A Spy At Home" ~ Joseph M. Rinaldo

First, I would like to say "A Spy at Home" is a very good, engaging read.  Joseph Rinaldo has managed to intertwine likable, believable characters with a far-fetched plot and make it all work. It's the author's dream of starting with an empty box, filling it with lots of goodies anybody would be thrilled to get as a gift, and then tied up nice and neat with a beautiful ribbon and ending up with a story that I couldn't put down! There is heartfelt love and a connection with family from Garrison (the lead character) and his wife Louisa along with their adopted child Noah who has Down syndrome,  an almost otherworldly type of intrigue with Garrison being employed by the CIA, laughter and tears at the pitfalls and triumphs of everyday life, and a little sarcasm and wit.  I'm pleased to be able to bring you a close encounter with the author and get first hand from him how his story came to life. 

K: Do you prefer Joseph, or do you go by Joe? I'm a Kathleen and I prefer it, but sometimes people assume it's OK to call me Kathy and I don't object, but I don't prefer it.  That's why I ask. 
JR: I use Joseph on my book covers, but I  go by Joe, and that's most comfortable for me.

K: I have novels I started as long as five years ago I'm still completing and/or editing. It's a long process and I wondered,  how long did it take you to write "A Spy at Home"?  
JR: About a year. It took a long time to revise, edit, and get it to the stage (formatted and all) where it was ready to upload to Amazon. It was the first ebook I published on Amazon's KDP program, and formatting it was a nightmare! I love the way it looks now, though, and I'm very proud of the hard work that went into it.

K: I hear you! That was the most difficult part of getting my first book done for Amazon. The e-reader format is so different than paperback.  I almost gave up, but I agree with you, it's worth all the work. 

K: The protagonist is multifaceted what with being a trained spy, husband, becoming an adopted father, and he manages to juggle it all admirably, weaving himself from wearing one hat to another effortlessly.  I admire an author who can give such versatility with a character they've created.  I think we as the creator of the characters must interject a little bit of ourselves into each one we create. I always leave a little piece of me in all of my creations.  How much of him is you?

JR: I think that his determination is all me. The long absences from his family wouldn't work for me; I enjoy spending time with mine, and no matter what, I make time for them. The character of the adopted son, Noah, who has Down syndrome, is very relevant to my situation. I married a woman who had an adult daughter with Down, and when I became her stepfather, I threw myself heart and soul into being her DAD. My nature (and my career as a credit manager) demand efficiency and dependability, but I am also flexible and spontaneous. My family is the most important thing in the world to me, but I also understand that without devotion to the work I do, I could not be the best father and husband to them.

K: Tell the story behind the story.  How did you come up with such an intricately woven tale, intermingling international security and conspiracy, a family trying to be ordinary and simple, yet due to the spy status turns complicated, and put it all together to make sense in one story?

JR:  It's always difficult to pinpoint where a story idea comes from; I read a lot of spy novels on the order of Clancy and Higgins, but I also wanted to put a human face on the spy business. The character of Noah was always in my mind, and I guess the fears my wife and I have about what might happen to our daughter if we died before she did inspired that part of the story.

K: I've been so intrigued by the spy aspect, that's obvious from the title, but it really is detailed about an agent for our government, and some for other governments we don't really want to know about.  How did you come by all this information? Is it first hand? That's the big question!

JR:I could tell you about how I came by the information about the spy business, but then I'd have to kill you. National security, you know. Seriously, that's what creating fiction is all about. Reading a lot, and then letting the voices in your head guide you on your journey to your own story.

K: The twist in the story I won't give away, but I have to say it takes a pretty diverse mind to come up with something like that! Definitely the signature of a studious author throwing in complete surprise that takes the story on a whole 'nother plane.  What else have you written, anything already published, and what is coming in the near future?
JR: I have nine novels completed; A Spy At Home was my first to be published, and the second, Hazardous Choices, has just been released on Amazon, also as an ebook. Hazardous Choices is the story of a young Chicago gangbanger who tries to escape the thug lifestyle by accepting a football scholarship to a small rural Kentucky college. The question is: will he be able to leave his deadly past behind, or will it follow him?

Another book, Mountain Meadows Aftermath, is in the revision/editing stages right now and hopefully will be released next year. It is the story of a young man seeking revenge on Mormon zealots for the long-ago massacre of his ancestors and the more recent abuse of his mother during her first marriage to a Mormon. 

 A Spy At Home can be purchased on Amazon at: Amazon also my website and on Goodreads
Look up A Spy At Home on  Facebook

Readers who are interested in purchasing my newest ebook, Hazardous Choices, can find it on Amazon

Thank you, Joe!  It was a pleasure reading your novel and I wish you much success!  I'll be checking into "Hazardous Choices", and I encourage my readers to as well. I think most everyone will enjoy Joseph's style of writing and the intriguing tales he tells.  
I hope ya'll enjoyed learning a little more about the author and the story.  I like to know what makes people tick, especially other authors who come up with storylines that hold a readers attention.  

What's next for me, you ask? I knew you were on pins and needles!  I've got so much going on right now, I think I'll probably start blogging more than once a week to get it all in, so be on the lookout for that.  The easiest way to keep up, is join here as a follower and you'll get automatic e-mail updates letting you know when something new is posted.   I'm working on more interviews, I'm working on getting bands out on the road for some shows in YOUR town soon! And, as always I'm writing, working on short stories or poetry or blogging or whatever is in the webs of my musty brain function.  It could be an early sign of  psychosis, but the test results aren't back yet on that.  

Hug somebody today!  I'm going to this afternoon, and I may never let go again!

Conspiratorily yours, 

~ K

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Today would have been the 71st birthday for John Lennon.  A prolific man, who wrote from the heart and was highly criticized for it.  I admire his ability to put himself out there for everyone to see, and many judged him harshly.  He was a man ahead of his time politically, and really only wanted a peaceful existence. His music is timeless and it makes me wonder what further greatness he would have achieved had he not been taken from this world too soon.  I like to imagine him as front man for a  band of musicians in the 'nother world beyond, marching to a joyful tune and encouraging everyone to come together in peace and harmony.  It's icons like him who inspire me to be creative, fearless of judgment and criticism. I try each week to write about things that inspire me, things that are close to my heart.  A combination of aging and having been through personal crisis for a few years now, has me quite pensive much of the time.  I'm still trying to figure it all out.  The cliche why I am here, what my purpose is, how do I best serve both myself and others.  I don't like to sound selfish, but one thing I have learned definitively, is one cannot be fulfilled and happy with anyone else unless they are fulfilled and happy with themselves first.  For someone like me who has spent my entire adult life being the mom who gives everything to everyone (and did so freely and willingly) and leaving myself always for last, shaking the guilt that goes along with trying to turn that around and put myself first is a real challenge.  Old habits and all that jazz.  I'll keep working on it though, as long as I'm breathing I'll be a work in progress.   


I don't pay a lot of attention to celebrity gossip or news, but one thing this week caught my attention.  It was an interview with Ellen DeGeneres talking about what is important in her life.  She's made it to the top both in the comedy world as one of the best in stand up, and then she became popular in daytime television.  She confessed what I believe to be true of anyone, that personal happiness is utmost important.  She was generous enough to reveal a statement her partner Portia de Rossi said to her in their wedding vows: "It is important to be loved, it is profound to be understood".  This really hit home with me!  I've been trying to verbalize that emotion to anyone who will listen to me, that it is so important to be understood.  To be accepted and loved and not judged for who and what we are, is complete validation.  I meet many people who lack validation in their own lives and their unhappiness is painfully apparent.  I go out of my way to try to be more understanding of those people.  Being a child who grew up during the flower power era of peace and love, it is starting to absorb into my psyche now what that truly means.  Complete acceptance and understanding without judgment.  If we could all be a little more tolerant, think how much better relationships are, or even simply day to day relating to others.  Smiles help a lot, too :-) 


How 'bout that Occupy Wall Street movement?  On second thought...nah...I'll leave all the political discussions for Facebook and for message boards.  It's not that I don't have political views, or that I don't believe our country is in dire straights and needs a serious wake up call to reorganize and re prioritize, or anything like that.  Or, that our politicians and government have far too much power and authority in our lives, or that they take way too much of our slaved for money and dole it out to other countries when we've got serious problems here we need that money for, or that we've stuck our noses in other countries business and spent too much money and lives on fighting someone elses wars...no, none of that stuff.  I'll leave that to the pros to debate and argue about. *wink*


Fall is in full swing here in the Pacific Northwest.  My favorite time of year! The warm cider hits the spot.  The leaves are turning and the beautiful colors are inspiring.  I wake in the morning to turn the heat on to take the chill off, still can leave for work in my flip flops, sometimes have to switch to a/c in the afternoon, then come home in the evening and put the piggy slippers on to warm my chilled toes.  It's perfect!  It's also the perfect time to get your cool weather reading in order.  As I previously announced (ok...shouted!), "Random Encounters" was favorably reviewed and highly recommended by Ms. Nora Chipley Barteau . It is the first completely unbiased professional review I received and it is very rewarding to have a professional and complete stranger give validation for what my friends and reader guinea pigs already told me...it's a great read!  So, grab your fleece throw, and hot cup of something or your favorite liqueur or shots to stoke the inner fire (Mexican Moonshine is highly recommended) and snuggle up with some great reading this winter.  Both "Random Encounters" and "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey" are available at my website.  You can get either of my books or buy them both and get "LifeLoveLust" as a bonus.  Makes for some great light reading, with a little laughter mixed in to give you some giggles.

I'm still at LifeLoveLust this week, I'm working on the new site, it's a bit of a challenge for a thick head like mine, but I hope to have it out of the construction phase and ready for viewing by next week.  Or, if you prefer you can get it from Amazon Random Encounters or for Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey

Except for this weekly creation, I'll be taking a short break from writing to work at my fun job, getting some bands and solo artists out on the road, so I'll be announcing that in the near future.  I love working with independent artists, it's a lot of fun!  Speaking of independent artists, I finally finished a great story!  I'll be showcasing "A Spy at Home" by Joseph Rinaldo next week.  It's an engaging story and I’m intrigued by it, so I'll delve deep into the mind of the author to get the plaguing questions answered.

Hug somebody today!

Randomly yours,

~ K