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Sunday, January 29, 2012

With a little help from our friends

It's good to have friends helping friends.  I like to support fellow artists. We're all in this together, you know.  As talked  about last week, Art Edwards is earnestly working to get his book made into film.  Call it 'fan aid' if you will as I'm offering any of my books in exchange for a contribution to Art Edwards & Nico Holthaus' movie project based on Art's novel "Stuck Outside Of Phoenix".  Just go here and make a contribution to the kickstarter campaign of $10.00 or more and I will send you one of my books.  I'll even let you choose.  I'll even throw in "LifeLoveLust" as usual. Shoot...I'm even gonna pay the postage to get it to you. I'll even autograph 'em for ya'. If you give more than $20.00...you get all three of my silly little books.  Such a deal!  You get to say you were in on the ground floor of what is going to be an amazing independent film and you get some free reading as well. You can't beat that, not even with a rock star drummer's drumstick!   So, give already.  It will be greatly appreciated.  The smile on Art's face will be well worth it! :-D 


This is the odd time of year, don't you think? We're not quite through winter, yet there are days when we can see the end of the snow blanket and the beginning of warm, Spring days on the horizon. The sunshine we had last week with a fresh snowfall has disappeared and the overcast gray looms. College bowl games are over, the super bowl isn't quite here.  I'm not a big fan of basketball, although I do support the Zags whenever I have time. I find myself staring out the window and daydreaming.  It's difficult to stay on task.  There are so many things to be done that must wait for warmer weather, not to mention it's just plain hard to get in a productive mood when the days are gray.  I'll go get a cup of something yummy and hot from the Keurig and see if that helps inspiration :-D

From the 'they just don't make things like they used to' department...the seven year old cordless keyboard died a sudden death.  Took her last breath, and just gave up.  Thing is, I was right in the middle of something brilliant when it happened!  Are you a believer in all things happen for a reason?  The timing of that old gal giving up when I was feverishly typing the next breakthrough novel, seemed cruel.  I lost momentum.  Had to stop everything and get the old corded (gasp! how primitive) keyboard and by the time I moved everything on the desk and got the old work horse hooked up, the moment had passed.  I don't think I typed another single thing yesterday except a few short e-mails.  Didn't work on any novels.

Speaking of novels, "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey" and "Random Encounters" continue to do well at Amazon.  I'm humbled by how many of you have been reading my stories.  It helps me feel like it was all worthwhile, the years of working on them and trying to perfect them.  Although, if you read the rejections I continue to get from editors, agents and publishers, I should continue perfecting.  Sometimes I think you just can't please others, so I will please myself and not worry about the critiques.  Click on the book covers to the right over there and that will get you to the download for Kindle or my website to get a paperback. Autographed. "LifeLoveLust" included, as always.


What's your story today? Are you working on the next break through novel? You should. Get motivated.  Get writing.  Get the stories out of your head and onto the paper, or screen as it were.  Then print them on paper.  You'll get a sense of satisfaction and it'll help you get through the gray cloudy days of the end of winter.  Unless you're living in the tropics or something, then...never mind. Just go surfing.

Hug everybody you see today!  You'll get a cheap thrill out of the shock from strangers!

Pensively yours,

~ K

Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's all about promotion!

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Happy Sunday, ya'll!  It's a glorious day here in North Idaho. We got a nice blanket of snow last week that the sun glistens off of creating an incredible brightness. It's a sight to behold!  I almost feel sorry for people who don't live here.  Unfortunately, we've shut the gate and no newcomers allowed, so if you're not already here...you've missed out.  You can come visit, though.  May through Labor Day downtown Coeur d'Alene there are lots of great things going on to fill up a vacation space.  Down side to that is, when you visit...you'll want to stay.  That's what happened to me and lots of other folks I know who picked up stakes and moved here.  Let's move on...


There are glorious goings in the artistic world today as well.  I would like to mention, if you don't have a Kindle and want to be able to read on your computer or pad or phone, whichever, download Kindle for your device.  You don't have to have one of those little newfangled reader gadgets to be able to access Kindle.  I am having so much fun reading free (you heard me!) books from Amazon!  I would hate to know that anyone missed out on some really great reading because they thought they needed a Kindle to get the books.  Now, if you want to buy a Kindle all the better.  You've got mobile reading wherever you are and it's a really handy device.  Personally, I like it on my computer because my arthritis riddled hands get cramped up and tired of holding a book for even short period of time. It's annoying, cause the book is always so good I don't want to put it down, but I have to in order to rest my hands, so having it right here on my computer works well for me as all I have to do is one click to turn the page or use my keyboard commands.  Last week, I got six new free books from Kindle that I'm enjoying so much! When it comes to reading, I'm a hopper.  I'll have several books available to read and will switch from one to the other sometimes depending on my mood.  I'll be reading a how-to book from authors who've pioneered before me to give me a kick in the behind when I'm having a lull in writing.  Right now it's "Write That Book Already! The Tough Love You Need To Get Published Now" by Sam Barry. Other times, I want to escape with great fiction, something like "Thunderstruck Hero" by Eric Seiden, or "Implicated" by Peter Micheal Rosenburg.  I got free information about my rheumatic disease from wonderful Dr. Othniel Seiden.  Dr. Seiden is a multi-published author who is kind and gracious enough to give away a lot of his knowledge to us who yearn for it and it helps us understand our illnesses much better.  So get yourself some Kindle!  Both of my books are available in e-reader form exclusively at Amazon. December was a huge month of e-downloads of my books! I'm thrilled so many readers have taken the time to read my writing. I'm humbled.  If you prefer to buy a paperback, please go to my website .  I'm still giving away "LifeLoveLust" with either or both paperback purchases.


For my fellow authors out there, if you're not a member of a group on F/B called "Talking Fiction", you're missing out.  It's one of the best online writers groups I've been privileged to be a part of.  I don't have a lot of time to participate, but I do get really good information there.  There's great writers like Darlene Quinn, Rob Grindstaff, Jeffrey Penn May, and many others who are veterans of this wacky business and give us the benefit of their experiences.  I'm grateful to those who share as I'm one who believes we can never stop learning and the value of others experiences is immeasurable.


Last item I want to give a shout out about.  The ever so talented Art Edwards, former extraordinary bassist of "The Refreshments" and author of two novels already in print with a third one on the way, along with Nico Holthaus is making Art's first novel "Stuck Outside Of Phoenix" into a motion picture.  Yes, a talkie! It's, of course, an independent film project and that means they are in need of funding.  Please go to Art's blog and give anything you can.  Even just a couple bucks that is padding your wallet a little too fat can make a difference. Removing just a few dollars from your wallet will have you sitting more comfortably anyway.  The better to be a couch potato with.  It all collectively adds up and it will be put to a great artistic venture.  Here's the link for Art's blog where he made the announcement and how to give.   There are great giveaways for each level of giving, so it's a great incentive. If you're not already a fan of Art's blog , you will be after getting hooked on his writing style.  A little known secret about Art, cause he's a great straight man when it comes to personality, but when I met him in August of 2008 for "The Refreshments" tribute show, I found out what a hysterically funny person he is! Don't let that very proper demeanor fool you at all :-D

Oh, did I mention Art's blog


I got some heartbreaking news about a very dear lady who has the same autoimmune disease as I, who had a stroke last week.  Sad events as that make it so real how fragile life really is.  We never know when these might be our last moments with someone.  Cherish them. Hug everybody today! 

That's about all the news for today.  I'm going to get some writing done, I'll read a little in between to take a little break, then I'll write some more and brew a cup of something hot on my Keurig.  I might even get a few chores done around the place :-) 

Promotingly yours,

~ K

Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Skippin' over the ocean, like a stone" ~ Harry Nilsson

I think Harry was a much under appreciated artist in his time.  I'll always have fond memories of his song "Everybody's Talkin' At Me" that I first heard in the movie "Midnight Cowboy".  It's a classic from 1969 and I've seen it countless times.  If you haven't had the pleasure yet, rent it or download on your Netflix or Blockbuster, get a big bowl of butter infused popcorn, some Junior Mints since they always go so well with the popcorn, and settle in for a great movie.  And, a great song.  

There's an old saying:  people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.  Here's a little tip: we all live in glass houses.  No one is without sin, however I am loathe pointing out others shortcomings.  It will inevitably come back to bite me in my munificent ass.  So, the bottom line is:  just don't throw any stones.  But...here I go. We're all a little guilty of something, right?  Specifically, in the writing world I would like to address the bazillion (and that's a lot!) of blogs I subscribe to, get weekly or more often updates on, newsletters, sales pitches, etc., from everyone in the author world from editors to fellow writers to services that want me to subscribe to track my e-book sales (I can do that for free at Amazon, but thank you for the thoughtful offer).  There is a reason I'd like to address these kind folks who have such noble intent of making my writing the most perfect evah, with the use of whichever services they are so considerately offering me (to pay for). My beef is:  If you're going to pitch your services to me that you will make me a better writer, point out my shortcomings so as to make my story better, give me advice on such things as set-up, structure, form, grammar, spelling, etc., your pitch might carry a lot more weight if your own writing were policed.  Why would I want to pay someone who claims they can make my novel the breakthrough novel of the year (decade, century...whatever) when I read through your blog/pitch and find your own errors? Hhmmm?  I'm not casting stones.  I make my share of errors. Probably :-)  I do double, triple, and quadruple check, reading over all of my work, whatever it may be.  Book, short story, blog, e-mail to my mom...whatever I'm writing I work really hard at doing my own policing, but sometimes I'm (gasp!) human and I miss stuff, too.  But, mostly everything I write that is going to get out there for the general public to read, I carefully go through several times to avoid looking like an uneducated oaf.  I'm really (pardon the expression) anal about correct spelling and grammar.  These days, sometimes grammar can be subjective and even depends on the subject matter.  Like above...I wrote 'evah' to be a little sarcastic in my remark and lend some slang to it.  I know it's not proper English, but I was being dramatic.  Sometimes a little drama gets the point across well.  But, I did spell it correctly so that makes it OK.  Personally, I have some trouble with the apostrophe thing. I've read "Eats Shoots and Leaves" a couple of times. I think my right and left side brain just doesn't absorb it.  I've also been told I tend to use too many commas, so if you find that in any of my writing, please do point it out so I can make corrections, maybe, or not :-D

I see it this way: an editor or publisher wouldn't hesitate to send my manuscript straight to the shredder if I had spelling and/or grammar errors.  Why would I expect someone inspecting my work to go to any less effort? Besides, I can't trust someone who has chronic spelling or grammar errors.  It's a matter of pride and self respect.  Much like making sure one's physical appearance is presentable, not going out in public wearing plaid pajama bottoms and slipper clogs.  Ugh...don't even get me started...

I won't beat a dead horse; suffice to say if you're one who is putting yourself out there pitching your services to starving artists who would depend on your expertise to help them move up in their field, you should make sure you're putting forth your best work as an example. 


Quick update on the Amazon exclusivity project:  it's going swimmingly!  I'm thrilled to report that e-downloads at Amazon are doing much better than I expected.  I've not any regrets about giving Amazon exclusive rights for Kindle.  They are great partners for self published authors like me.  If you haven't borrowed either "Random Encounters" or "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey" on your KDP Select membership, please do and report back.  If you're not yet a KDP Select member, you can still download either for a paltry sum. I heard a rumor recently that none other than Mr. Jamon Scott has finished "Random Encounters" and is going to give a public review. I'm a little scared! *wink*


Is everyone making plans to get to Spokane for the February 19th show of Roger Clyne? I'm super excited! I've seen countless Peacemakers shows, but never been privileged to see a Roger solo show.  It's at Knitting Factory which makes it even better.  It's just so much nicer a venue than the last one, which I will not publicly malign.  Give a shout out if you're going to be making the trek there.  I always love to meet people and you never know...I may just bring books to give away.  In fact, you can bet on it.  I give away more paperbacks than I sell :-) 

Hug an author today! We need love, too.  I'm gonna go make myself another CafĂ© Mocha on my Keurig.  I'm in love with an appliance!

Critically yours,

~ K

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Well, duh...

As mentioned last week, I've been toiling aimlessly when it comes to writing.  I'm a firm believer in everything is as it should be, even if the as it should be is difficult to accept sometimes.  I'm a realist and I try to live in the now, but sometimes it's hard to be content with what is, even when we know that's just the way it's supposed to be, whatever the situation is.  So...my next step in the thought process is, of course, to figure out why I'm having so much trouble. I'm naturally a why kind of person anyway, so getting to the heart of the matter was the natural next step for me.  You know how when you rack your brain, to the point of hitting yourself upside the head, asking the same question over and over as if that will finally bring an acceptable answer? Yeah, I knew that ya' did.  In an epiphany, and I really don't like that word so for me to even use it is meaningful, I realized the reason is because I'm meant to be doing something that's already here, right in front of me.  Something who's time has come.  Something that I've left sitting on the back burner and haven't really paid much attention to, treating it like it doesn't really matter.  If it could have, it would have hit me upside the head itself! 

I've not worked at promoting "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey" for a few relevant reasons.  First, I was far too busy promoting "Random Encounters" and could only be focused on one project at a time.  Once I got momentum promoting the 'porn with a plot', I didn't want to stop.  It was a lot of fun doing interviews, talking about it, answering the questions I knew would be forthcoming...i.e., how does an average, seemingly sane (they don’t know me too well, do they?), mild mannered middle aged grandma write such smut?  Hee-hee...it's been a fun ride and I've enjoyed every minute of it.  Second, the subject matter of "Bright Lights" is considered 'fan fiction' in the literary world.  It's not highly regarded and not taken seriously.  Those ivy-league art history and literature majors look down their pointy turned up noses at those of us authors who write such insignificant...trash.  The story was actually written long before "Random Encounters" was even thought of.  And, the storyline came from exactly one line in a song written by Roger Clyne, so it's not like I took his whole song and built a story around it.  I had a lot of fun creating "Bright Lights" but even I didn't see it as serious fiction, but merely a fun creative project.  My bad.  It's a great story of a musician with an affectionate relationship with his guitar who finds himself depending on that inanimate object to get him through a rough time after his girlfriend leaves him for a Hollywood job on a TV series. Jack Hamilton takes a journey from bar band nobody to respected musician drawing arena crowds, who has the courage and fortitude to stand on his own, proud and determined.

So, what all this means is I'm shifting my focus to actively promote "Bright Lights", which won't be much hard work.  Amazon Kindle still has exclusive rights to electronic version of both "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey" & "Random Encounters".  If you are a KDP Select member, you can borrow them for free.  Electronic versions of both are doing very well, so I have no regrets about making them available exclusively at Amazon. They're a great business partner for self-pubbed authors like me. 

If you're of the persuasion who wants to fondle the paper pages of the book (like me), please visit my website or just click on the book cover to the right and it'll take you there.  It's the best way to order either or both because you get "LifeLoveLust" for free.  My way of furthering the ramblings and passing it along for posterity.  And, it's the only way to get an autographed copy unless you accost me at a local Peacemakers show, which is coming up Feb. 19 in Spokane :-D I hope to see many of you there! It's gonna be a rockin' good time. 

Currently reading on my Kindle: "Thunderstruck Hero" by Eric Seiden and "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen.  It's good to re-read the classics now and then to brush up on my own writing skills.  I learn a lot from those who've successfully paved the author path before me.

Hug a paperback book today! I do every time I pick one up, it's quite satisfying.

Inspiringly yours,

~ K

Sunday, January 1, 2012

But it's a dry heat

I guess I should just flat out admit it. I've been trying to hide it cause, let's face it...it's not an easy thing to admit.  I've got a pretty good poker face to hide what's inside. I'm experienced at painting on a smile, everything's a-OK.  But...I've been struggling lately.  Writing isn't coming to me as easily as it did during the summer months.  I don't know if it's the change in weather, the fact that I've been so danged sick for so long, the frenzy of the holidays and all the kids birthdays, or what.  I just know I have to sit and really think (it's painful!) to even get a blog to come together.  Forget working on a manuscript.  Poetry? Short stories? Puhleeze...that desert is so dry and barren, I should change my name to Sahara.  

So...I've decided to write about something really exciting! My new Keurig! Oh my gosh! How have I lived for so long without this modern marvel?  I didn't think I would ever enjoy a coffeemaker that makes one cup at a time, but it is so awesome! I can have whatever flavor I want, and if I only want one cup of coffee, I don't have to grind beans and dirty a whole big pot.  Just pop one little pod into the magic machine, push the button and viola! Coffee, spiced chai, hot cocoa, hot cider...the possibilities are endless.  I have barely made a dent in the many flavors available.  So, in the afternoon when I'm in the mood for a hot fresh cup of spiced chai, I've got it at the touch of a button.  It's practically maintenance free, and there's no way to screw it up. It's awesome, no...it's better than awesome.  It's groovy, man! 

I know, I know...I'm really dating myself with that, but hey...no one else will date me, so I have to...buh-dddump.  Bad jokes are the only way I know how, so give me a little break, ok? I could really use one :-p

What's your favorite contraption? Newest thing that you never knew you couldn't live without?  I'm a pretty simple person, I don't need a lot of modern conveniences to get along, and I've always thought I didn't really need a lot of stuff.  But, maybe I've been doing it wrong.  Maybe I do need more stuff to be happy.  I've been looking for love in all the wrong places (among people). I need to hang out in the isles at Macy's, or Kohls, or even Target, although I'm not sure about the quality of stuff I'd find there. Caressing the smooth stainless steel finish of a new toaster oven,  fondling the grooves of a non-stick waffle maker, or cuddling up to one of those dandy three dish warmers so I could serve lots of hot food at the same time! Would come in handy for football game day.  I see a gadget shopping trip in my future. And a cold shower :-D

Oh, yeah...happy new year.  I don't put any meaning into the coming in of a new year; it's not any different in my world today than it was yesterday.  Call me anti-festive if you will, but all that happens is I put the wrong year on all my paperwork for a couple of months til I get used to the new one.  Bah-humbug.  Don't even get me started on those who feel the need to dunk their nearly naked bodies into the frigid waters of the lake as their new year's ritual...ugh...
Hug your favorite appliances today! They work hard to make you happy *heart*

Caffeinatedly yours,

~ K