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Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's all about promotion!

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Happy Sunday, ya'll!  It's a glorious day here in North Idaho. We got a nice blanket of snow last week that the sun glistens off of creating an incredible brightness. It's a sight to behold!  I almost feel sorry for people who don't live here.  Unfortunately, we've shut the gate and no newcomers allowed, so if you're not already here...you've missed out.  You can come visit, though.  May through Labor Day downtown Coeur d'Alene there are lots of great things going on to fill up a vacation space.  Down side to that is, when you visit...you'll want to stay.  That's what happened to me and lots of other folks I know who picked up stakes and moved here.  Let's move on...


There are glorious goings in the artistic world today as well.  I would like to mention, if you don't have a Kindle and want to be able to read on your computer or pad or phone, whichever, download Kindle for your device.  You don't have to have one of those little newfangled reader gadgets to be able to access Kindle.  I am having so much fun reading free (you heard me!) books from Amazon!  I would hate to know that anyone missed out on some really great reading because they thought they needed a Kindle to get the books.  Now, if you want to buy a Kindle all the better.  You've got mobile reading wherever you are and it's a really handy device.  Personally, I like it on my computer because my arthritis riddled hands get cramped up and tired of holding a book for even short period of time. It's annoying, cause the book is always so good I don't want to put it down, but I have to in order to rest my hands, so having it right here on my computer works well for me as all I have to do is one click to turn the page or use my keyboard commands.  Last week, I got six new free books from Kindle that I'm enjoying so much! When it comes to reading, I'm a hopper.  I'll have several books available to read and will switch from one to the other sometimes depending on my mood.  I'll be reading a how-to book from authors who've pioneered before me to give me a kick in the behind when I'm having a lull in writing.  Right now it's "Write That Book Already! The Tough Love You Need To Get Published Now" by Sam Barry. Other times, I want to escape with great fiction, something like "Thunderstruck Hero" by Eric Seiden, or "Implicated" by Peter Micheal Rosenburg.  I got free information about my rheumatic disease from wonderful Dr. Othniel Seiden.  Dr. Seiden is a multi-published author who is kind and gracious enough to give away a lot of his knowledge to us who yearn for it and it helps us understand our illnesses much better.  So get yourself some Kindle!  Both of my books are available in e-reader form exclusively at Amazon. December was a huge month of e-downloads of my books! I'm thrilled so many readers have taken the time to read my writing. I'm humbled.  If you prefer to buy a paperback, please go to my website .  I'm still giving away "LifeLoveLust" with either or both paperback purchases.


For my fellow authors out there, if you're not a member of a group on F/B called "Talking Fiction", you're missing out.  It's one of the best online writers groups I've been privileged to be a part of.  I don't have a lot of time to participate, but I do get really good information there.  There's great writers like Darlene Quinn, Rob Grindstaff, Jeffrey Penn May, and many others who are veterans of this wacky business and give us the benefit of their experiences.  I'm grateful to those who share as I'm one who believes we can never stop learning and the value of others experiences is immeasurable.


Last item I want to give a shout out about.  The ever so talented Art Edwards, former extraordinary bassist of "The Refreshments" and author of two novels already in print with a third one on the way, along with Nico Holthaus is making Art's first novel "Stuck Outside Of Phoenix" into a motion picture.  Yes, a talkie! It's, of course, an independent film project and that means they are in need of funding.  Please go to Art's blog and give anything you can.  Even just a couple bucks that is padding your wallet a little too fat can make a difference. Removing just a few dollars from your wallet will have you sitting more comfortably anyway.  The better to be a couch potato with.  It all collectively adds up and it will be put to a great artistic venture.  Here's the link for Art's blog where he made the announcement and how to give.   There are great giveaways for each level of giving, so it's a great incentive. If you're not already a fan of Art's blog , you will be after getting hooked on his writing style.  A little known secret about Art, cause he's a great straight man when it comes to personality, but when I met him in August of 2008 for "The Refreshments" tribute show, I found out what a hysterically funny person he is! Don't let that very proper demeanor fool you at all :-D

Oh, did I mention Art's blog


I got some heartbreaking news about a very dear lady who has the same autoimmune disease as I, who had a stroke last week.  Sad events as that make it so real how fragile life really is.  We never know when these might be our last moments with someone.  Cherish them. Hug everybody today! 

That's about all the news for today.  I'm going to get some writing done, I'll read a little in between to take a little break, then I'll write some more and brew a cup of something hot on my Keurig.  I might even get a few chores done around the place :-) 

Promotingly yours,

~ K

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