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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Catching up!

Let’s see…where did we leave off?  I don’t recall, but try to push myself further in every aspect remembering a few cliché’ sayings:  In order to win, you have to play. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  No reward without sacrifice.  In essence, to finish what I start.  You have lots of unfinished projects around the house? Yeah, me too.

Bragging rights:
One of my favorite times of the year is approaching.  March madness is upon us.  My golden boys the Gonzaga Bulldogs are #1! It’s going to be an interesting tournament.  I’ll spend hours pondering my bracket and hope I don’t get busted in the first round…again! Let’s move on.

Hell hath frozen over in Mexico! 
Rather, it will come June. My favorite musicians in the whole world are reuniting.  Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers have their summer party every year south of the border in Rocky Point.  This year, former band mate from The Refreshments Brian Blush will join them which gives a three out of four for a Refreshments reunion.  It’s been said in certain circles that hell would freeze over before even this would come to pass, much less the original four band members ever playing together again.  The fourth, bassist Art Edwards (“Buddy”) is a novelist now and has projects of his own to see to.  I’m sure it will still be an exciting time in Mexico! I would go, but, ya’ know…I have this water phobia thing goin’ on.  I shall rely on my Peacemaker friends to keep me apprised of all the shenanigans! Get all the scoop at www.azpeacemakers.com

More music news:
Favorite local boys “Buffalo Jones” will again be opening for “Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers” in Spokane March 31 at Center of Spokane.  It’s a great combination!  Be sure to find me in the crowd for hugs.  It’s gonna be a great time! But, no Easter egg blue, please. That color scares me. Find information at www.facebook.com/buffaljones

A mere image of my former self:
So…I’m on a high protein diet.  I’ve gotten past the first week of the carb letdown.  You know how when you purge the sugar and flour and all that bad stuff out, and about the third day you make a plan to  hijack a Franz bread truck? Yeah, me too.  But, I stayed strong and made it through and I’m starting to see a difference.  One more week on the restricted part of it and then I can move on and hope the weight still comes off.  The meds I take work against me in that area, so if I don’t make progress after next week, I’ll have to find another plan.  My rickety arthritic bones keep me from being able to move enough to work out, so I’ll have to try something else. 

Tidbits on the book front…
Lupus slowed me down to less than a crawl, and has had me nearly stationary for the winter but I’m starting to emerge out of the darkness it put me in, and I’m seeing light! It could be that it’s the sunshine outside my window this morning, but whatever it is that is energizing me and feeling better, I’ll take it! Don’t you just get so tired of being so tired? Yeah, me too.  I’m constantly searching for ways to outsmart the lupus gene, but sadly, most of time I find it is smarter than I am.  I digress…”Back Track” is now back to the printer for the FINAL final copy and should be available in paperback by next week.  The usual trumpeting gregarious announcement shall indeed appear when that happens!

Things we like: 
The active sounds of kids outside playing in the warm weather…Daylight savings time…March madness (of course)…Broiled, crispy cauliflower with hot pepper flakes sprinkled on (it’s not quite French fries, but it’s a substitute)…Four out of the top ten books selling on Amazon have food as subject…Former Zags standout Dan Dickau being inducted into the WCC hall of honor.  What’s making you smile today?

The Lhasa has not been well.  His back is achy and it makes him even snarlier than usual.  He snapped yesterday when the big dog, Boonie, got a little too close passing him in the hallway.  Stanley gnashed his teeth and growled like a grizzly, sending poor Boonie whining to his room and feeling punished.  Conversely, my co-worker's two small children were over this week and he couldn’t get enough of attention from them without any snarling at all.  Go figure. 

Give random hugs!  They will be appreciated and reciprocated :D

*Hugs* ~ K