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Monday, October 31, 2011

Fan Mail

Ok, so...I've been procrastinating answering the very obvious questions related to "Random Encounters".  Primarily...how does a semi-normal (stop laughing!) middle-aged grandmother like me come up with such a far fetched story of a sexual nature?  My usual response is..."I'll never tell!"

But, seriously...I have been asked many times, and it's not that I get tired of people asking, because that means they're interested.  Interest means people will read my book which is why I put it out there.  I want people to enjoy it.

 A long time ago, a fellow author much more astutely accomplished than I who I have read and admire told me: "Sex sells".  It wasn't my plan at the time to even put "Random Encounters" into print.  It was a fun story I wrote from the depths of my sordid, twisted imagination and frankly, kept it hidden away for several years before even considering getting it into print.  What prompted me to do so, you may ask? Well...I really love the story.  Veronica Walters is an attractive, well bred, well educated woman who is just a little mixed up when it comes to her own sexuality.  Is she perverted? No, I don’t think so.  I created her to have a strong sense of self, a positive self image, be independent of her own needs and desires, but also somewhat insecure emotionally.  There are two very important aspects (there are more that just these two, but these are pretty high up on the list) that go together for a successful relationship: A healthy sexual attraction and an emotional investment.  Veronica found that she hadn't had any luck combining those two things.  So, she acted out sexually to satisfy a physical control issue and completely sidestepped the emotional involvement.  It's easy to stuff our emotions and put up concrete walls to protect ourselves from the pain that comes from emotional relationships.  It's easier to have a physical relationship and be able to walk away without any entanglements.  And that's what she wanted, namely...no familiarity whatsoever. Clean and neat and no lingering involvement.

So...how did she do it? Ah, no! I'm not giving that part away here.  That's what makes the story all the more interesting.   For the rest of this week, I'm practically giving it away in e-reader format on Smashwords for the insanely next to nothing price of $1.96, 51% off the regular price. Enter coupon code PK69A.  Further proof that I am completely batty! Think of it as a post Halloween haunting of my brain. 

If you're like me and relish the paper and ink and fondling the spine of a book in your hands while you devour it, order at my website  and I'll throw in LifeLoveLust as a bonus.  More for the molesting of the aforementioned paper and ink and spine for your pleasure.

After you read, please do let me know what you think of how Veronica gets men to submit to her unusual sexual urge.

Hug somebody today! You won't regret kindness and I'm fairly certain it will be appreciated and reciprocated. 

Randomly yours,

~ K

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