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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Reasons to love living up north in winter

My 4X4 truck
White Christmas is almost guaranteed
We can keep the beverages on the back deck and make more room in the fridge for the holiday food
Uggs go with just about everything
Static electricity hair (What? It's funny!)

It's a beautiful white Christmas in North Idaho!  I hope everyone got your wish lists filled this Christmas.  My house is bustling with activity, lots of Christmas paper crunching under the dogs feet, the smells of yummy holiday cooking coming from the kitchen and a cup of egg nog with a little extra nog *wink* . My new best friend and pound puppy Stanley has settled into a spoiled, comfy existence that makes me envy his life as a dog!

I had a lengthy Christmas day blog prepared filled with cheer and love and festivities of the season.  But...it's been a conflicting week.  The excitement of the holiday season has been tempered by news of yet another beautiful soul that is now a fallen Peacemaker.  A kind, caring, gentle, generous loving mom who we in the RCPM fan world knew as a lovely person.  My sadness for her passing and her grieving family left behind leaves me feeling almost guilty for having so much goodness in my life and things to be happy for.  It also reminds me to cherish every moment and take nothing for granted.  A perspective of life's problems that puts everything in proper order.  Love family, be thankful for loyal friendships as those are rare, and I'm blessed with a job that tolerates my physical shortcomings.  I'm thankful for it all and am trying to let go of transgressions I should forgive others, and myself, for.  It's hard, wounds don't heal easily, but I'll keep working on it. 

One thing I know Lucinda loved and spent many happy times with is Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers music as that's how we became acquainted.  I reviewed several videos to find one that would honor such a lovely woman and pay respects to her for a peaceful resting place and came up with this one.  I pray for your peace and painless hereafter, Lucinda.  

This is a beautiful song that talks of not compromising our principles and staying true to our roots.  Sometimes we need little reminders to be a little better grounded.

I hope you are all overwhelmed with hugs today! Hug back.  It'll warm the cockles of your heart.  (yes...I said cockles!)

Christmas cheerily yours,

~ K

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