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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The art of being crazy in an insane world...hey Mom, what's for dinner?

"You gotta go a little loco to stay sane" ~ Roger Clyne

I write frequently about the daily grind, about how difficult it can be to get everything done that I need to in one day.  While working a full time day job, I also need dedicated time to write.  Truth be told, like most author friends I have, I'd prefer to be sitting here at the keyboard writing 24/7.  But...the realities of life being what they are, there are bills to pay and one needs a paying job to keep the wheels of a household turning.  To most people who know me, they scratch their heads and wonder how I make it all work, it seems an insane lifestyle. It is!  I won't even try to convince anyone it isn't.  I'm the first to admit my life is pure chaos most of the time.  I have these little snippets of quiet time in the wee morning hours when everyone else in the household is still either sleeping or is working and that gives me some time to organize my thoughts, plan my day and fit in everything I need to accomplish. Most everything. 

"We're a crooked little bloom full of moon perfume, ambrosia in a cup of clay" ~ Roger Clyne

And, like most other authors I know, writing inspiration can strike at any moment from any source.  I might be listening to music in the truck while driving, or working on a project in my office at my day job, or having conversation with someone when a little spark is ignited for an idea to write about.  I carry a pad and pen close at hand at all times and write down those little snippets so I don't forget them.  Likewise, next to the bed there is paper and pen for those middle of the night visions of grandeur.  I've actually written award winning poetry when woke from a dead sleep in the night. I figure our psyche is so relaxed at that time while our bodies and brains are at rest, the creative juices leak out when we least expect it. I've learned to always be prepared for that.  I also have dedicated time here at my keyboard to get more than just a few snippets written.  Many times going into the latest of the night when I've got momentum going to finish a short story, chapter, or the whole book.  The idea is, somehow we all make it work.  I see young moms with small children and wonder how they juggle it all.  I firmly believe God gave us kids when we're young for a reason.  I sure wouldn’t have the stamina to keep up with them now at my age!  Our bodies and minds are designed for such things.  As we age, we morph into doing things and thinking in ways that are streamlined and hopefully, a little simpler.  I'm not sure if it's acquired wisdom or if we just get so tired that we don't mess around with things anymore! I mean, I didn't have the discipline to write a complete story or novel when I was younger.  That didn't happen until I was much older and more settled. 

"Sometimes I slumber on a bed of roses, sometimes I crash in the weeds" ~ Roger Clyne

Giving thanks at this time of year is traditional.  Sometimes when life gives us lemons, it's hard to find something to be thankful for if we're hurting or down, or just received the umpteenth rejection letter.  I'm working diligently to be thankful for people who appreciate me, love me in spite of myself, and accept me with my faults.  I'm my own worst critic, so it's nice to know that there are those who don't see me as evil as I see myself because I'm not flawlessly perfect.  Perfection is ok to strive for, but being able to be content with less has always been my downfall.  If the turkey isn't exactly browned to perfection all over, if the pies get a crack in the crust, or if the yams could have used a little more cinnamon, I'll still smile and be thankful I have people in my life who help me get through each day.  Well...that and the wine that's gonna get me through a whole day of cooking and baking!

"If Ima poor poor devil, Ima lucky, lucky dog...If Ima low low life I'm livin' high on the hog" ~ Guess who? 

So get out the best china, polish up the silver, sparkle the crystal stemware and when you're in the midst of your holiday celebration of thanks, if you get stabbed on the back of your hand while reaching for that last turkey slice, think of me with my dysfunctional family (they all are) with all five of our dogs running through the house, my 17 year old grandson who is stowing his snowboard and coming down off of Lookout long enough to stay with Gramma for the holiday weekend, picture me with my favorite stemware and the red kool-aid *wink* that's keeping me sane through it all.  

"I was cryin' for a vision, I got static instead...boy, oh boy, I got a noisy head" ~ RC 

This blog has been brought to you in the company of all Roger songs, all day today.  It gives me great comfort and helps fuel my creative vehicle.  Check out Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers . It's a fun group of fans and the band always appreciates support. 

If you haven't already gotten your download of The Toluenes "Hola Santa", what the hell are you waiting for? It's free gift from the band for the holiday season.  I love those guys! Check out their music at the website. 

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Hug *lots* of people today!  We could all use some comfort. 

Redeemingly yours,

~ K

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