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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Reality Check

Do you ever wonder if some people live in a state of denial? Or have blinders on? Or just plain don't care enough to rock the boat and do the right thing? I try to *not* be a pompous blow hard and get all preachy about life, but some things seem very simple to me.  When you witness, or even have an inclination...a weird feeling...intuition, call it whatever makes sense to you, if you suspect there is wrong being done, you make an effort to right it...right? Or find someone who can. Like, the police. Your superior if the evil doings are happening in the workplace. Especially if the wrongs are being done to children who cannot protect themselves and speak up.  Because they are frightened beyond belief.  If adults are abusing each other and doing nothing about it, I don't make a big deal about getting involved.  I figure adults should be with it enough to take care of themselves, but...when it comes to children my blood bubbles in the heat of anger and disbelief that there are monsters in our world who do evil, unspeakable things.  It sometimes makes me wonder what kind of a creator would subject his blessed children to such horrible acts.

Of course, my comments are aimed at the tragedy that unfolded at one of the most respected and dignified universities in our country.  People knew.  Plain and simple.  People knew, and they did nothing to stop a poor excuse for a human being from subjecting children to horrible acts that have nothing to do with love and affection.  They have to do with a sick mind that couldn't satisfy his urges any other way than to abuse young boys, who couldn't stop him out of fear.  IMO, in this case, there is no justice. The abuser will live out his life in civility of a prison that is required to provide him with three squares and a bed of some sort, and an hour of recreation daily, and not to mention the free medical care. There are people in third world countries who don't eat that good or have shelter or any medical care. He's got it pretty easy, I think.  The people left behind on the outside, who remained silent and/or turned a blind eye whichever the case is, they need to pay a price, too.  Conscience? Even if they do have a guilty conscience it's not as much suffering as those poor molested children went through. Even though there is a guilty verdict and the abuser was swiftly taken into custody to be locked up, there really isn't any justice for the boys whose lives were forever damaged.  There are no winners.

"I got the pistol, so I'll keep the pesos...yeah, that seems fair" ~ "The Refreshments ~ Banditos"

Which segues into my next controversial topic...immigration and the executive privilege utilized by our president this past week to grant immunity to countless illegal aliens.  My point: Laws.  We have laws in this country to assure liberty and the freedoms our constitution guarantees us. If even one of us is allowed to violate those laws, then where does that leave the rest of us because we do what we are supposed to do and follow the law?  It ensures peaceful existence. Or, as close to it as we'll get.  Any way you look at it, our country's privileges are better than just about any other I can think of.  All the more reason to demand that those from other countries who want to enjoy the liberties we are guaranteed,  follow the rules.  This isn't new.  Illegal immigration has been plaguing our country for decades.  If it's worth having, the freedom and liberty our country gives us, it's worth doing right and following the laws to become a part of.  Those who don't follow the laws, we don't need here.  We already have more than our share of those who don't follow laws and are locked up in overcrowded jails.  Other countries can keep those and our immigration demands are meant to keep those people out. 

Last word on that controversial subject:  I understand the desire to escape a country of largely corrupt politicians and supposed law enforcement who are just as corrupt, but if you want to be here, do it by the rules.  I am not unsympathetic to those who want a better life, but a better life includes doing things right.  If you are always looking over your shoulder, what kind of life are you going to have?

"No, I don't need a miracle but I could use a push in the right direction" ~ "The Refreshments ~ Interstate"

Closing the door on griping and moving on. 

Let's see...M's are hit and miss with possibility of a successful season...I'm achin' real bad for a RCPM show which I won't get until late fall sometime as far as I know...I've been busier at work than a one legged man in an ass kickin' contest (Tracy Nichols, that is an old Okie saying, not an Idaho-ism)...oh, there must be something happy to write about!

How 'bout...I am s-l-o-w-l-y plugging along at editing "Back Track".  The habit I get into is...re-writing as I go, which is a huge mistake, but sometimes I just can't help it.  I know a word here is better, that phrase doesn't belong, that one is too cliche'...*sigh* I'll keep working on it and it will be done when it gets done, that's all I can say. 

Summer is in full swing here with temps climbing daily.  There is no pleasing us here in this area.  We whine and moan that our winters are too long and cold, then when it warms up, we whine and moan about the heat.  Oy...


"What is this terrible thing brings us towerin' to our knees...maybe we should fall in love" ~ RC

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Hugs to all, and don't forget to give some away! They're free :)

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  1. I like to read your blog ... you often voice what so many may be pondering, unsure enough of their own stand on the issues of today. Immigration is a tough one ... we all came here somehow, either through our own transport or genetically years ago by our grandparents or their grandparents ... Ellis Island screened them for eligibility based on health and ability to support oneself ... before Ellis Island people just came, and learned to fit in. After Ellis Island we had ... what? Where are people screened before entry? A cargo container suspected of holding stowaways was to be opened in New Jersey after the ship was fully unloaded ... and the story never returned to the 6 o'clock news ... what happened? Who were they? Did they need the dozen ambulances standing nearby?

    Is there another country dealing with immigration differently? Is there another country that people want to immigrate into? Anywhere? Is it only the USA that attracts immigrants?

    Do wildflowers grow more in my yard than in neighbors' yards because I don't deter them?

  2. Hi, Terry! Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoy reading. I know my opinions aren't always popular, and I don't have all the answers. I just put my thoughts out there and hopefully, collectively, we can find some answers or at least make sense of it all. Politics is very confusing to me as I'm a pretty simple person. I don't understand why it's so difficult and expensive for people who want to live here, to live here. Like you said, our ancestors came through Ellis Island. People knew they had to go through that entry, then they could have a free, hopefully peaceful and abundant life here. Now, there's so much more to it and the cost is prohibitive for most folks so they just don't bother, but that's no answer either. We end up spending far too much money to patrol the borders mostly to keep out the wrong people (drug trafficking) that the peaceful ones who just want a better life, are kept out as well. I guess I really am a leftover hippie! Life should be simpler. Take care and be well *hugs* ~ K