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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Like the corners of my mind...misty water colored memories...

You just know you're gonna have that song stuck in your head now, don't you?  There are worst things than a visual of a young Robert Redford!  Ah...those were the days.  Which is a whole 'nother song and you don't want the pic of what goes with that song in your dreams, now do you? :)

Memories...you know how when you come across stuff that you haven't seen for a long time? And you wonder, what is that stuff? What's under the magazines or folded up old blankets or tablecloths or whatever is situated on top of the box and you find treasures that you haven't seen in years? Yeah...I knew that you did.  My question is, what do you do with all that stuff? I mean, at this point it really isn't important stuff anymore.  Cause, if it was it wouldn't have been packed away out of sight for so long.

More than what to do with it, what to do with all of the memories that go along with all that stuff that we collected so long ago.  If we purge ourselves of the stuff that's taking up so much space, will those memories fade or be less real to us? Inquiring minds want to know.  In any case, I see a trip to the local thrift shop to donate some of that stuff for people who might have less stuff and need it.  They can start building their own memories with it.


As I type, I'm listening to the evening news for an update of the most pressing newsworthy items of the day. Some folks I know don't ever listen to the news at all, since it's mostly bad news.  I don't see it that way. I see it as being informed of what's going on in the event there is something I can do to help.  Like, donate some of that stuff, or money, to the folks back East suffering from the storm damage.  Or those my heart bleeds for that have lost their entire lives in the wild fires in the Midwest. Perhaps some stuff donated to their local thrift shops will help them re-build what they've lost.  In a round about way, I guess what goes around comes around as I might be in a position to need a helping hand some day and would hope there are those with big hearts who could help. 

Side note on the storm front:  My favorite music happiness "Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers" had a show scheduled in Falls Church, VA long before the storm hit and did so much damage there.  They were on the road with many shows prior to that scheduled show and many after and in the spirit of the show will go on no matter what, sans power or a safe structure to have the scheduled show with, they had a parking lot acoustic show to try to help a few very lucky people forget their troubles at least for a little while, and bring some kind of relief from the disaster that struck.  They could have passed it up and gone on up the road and taken a day off from their long touring schedule.  These guys wouldn't think of it!  I'll bet that small audience got just about the best, most intimate show ever! The band gives it their all no matter the circumstances.  It's one of the reasons I adore them.  Here's some of the fun 


Lastly, I'm from a generation and a culture within our country that prides itself on, well...pride.  I've been rather embarrassed, or perhaps self conscious is a better description, of how my deteriorating physical condition causes some depression (the meds also play a part in that).  The very realization that I cannot, no matter how hard I push myself and try to force it, just cannot do the things I used to.  It makes me sad for what the future holds as far as me being able to do things for myself.  I s'pose that's why I held out getting rid of Big Red for so long.  I knew in my heart it was the first step to being able to do less and making the necessary changes to accommodate.  I think what makes me saddest is that as a result of those snippets of depression, I've been writing less and less and that's not normal! I don't care how often the dr. says this is my new normal, it's hard to accept.  I've always been fiercely independent, so I'll have to find a way to stay that way.  So, if you see that I'm absent hereabouts, just give me a good swift kick and a Gibbs "slap" with a commanding "snap-outof-it"!

Hug everybody today, and hugs and big thank you to those of you who never lose faith in me.  Sometimes, that's what keeps me going.  I shall now return to the ongoing-never-ending process of editing "Back Track".  I'm determined to get this book finished and released, no matter what it takes! 

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*Hugs* ~ K


  1. We can't lose faith in each other as writers, as we would then lose faith is ourselves. My murder mystery is still waiting with only four brief opening chapters and no one dead yet. Still moving the pawns across the line, the key players are still undeveloped.
    I've been sidelined for the past month with many repetitive visits to the skin surgeon for removal of skin cancer. The large site is melanoma. But hey, it's just skin cancer. Like my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, it's not 'the big C' and so people will continue to expect me to look good and feel better.
    I'm so tired.

  2. I know the feeling, Terry. My best to you for all you've been going through and prayers for a complete recovery. While it's good to know, at times, that I don't look as bad as I feel, it's also a negative in that people find it hard to believe that on the inside it's a completely different picture. I'm glad I don't look as bad as I feel though! Lol! That would be horrible, as I'm quite vain. I get very tired, too, so I know the feeling. The chemo shots every week really zap my energy level, but I try to keep active in spite of it. Sometimes, we just need to nap. Here's to naps! :) *Hugs* ~ K