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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shama-lama-ding dong…odd song lyrics

Do you ponder what inspired song lyrics? Yeah, me too.  Sometimes I hear words or phrases put together in song and it makes me stop and think.  Which, is a good thing.  If all song lyrics were boring, everyday words and there wasn’t any unique-ness to them, we wouldn’t be interested, would we? Songs would all sound the same.  This one, shama-lama-ding-dong really got my attention, so I looked it up. Googling, if you will.  I am proficient at Google, as most folks are these days.  So…I found it was written by Mark Davis and performed by fictional band “Otis Day & The Knights” in the popular cult classic “Animal House”.  Seems apropos…that movie was very unique, so a unique song with unique song lyrics blends well.  For more unique-ness…let’s move on. 


Are you always on the lookout for new reading? Yeah, me too.  There’s quite a few new, interesting choices for reading out there.  I’m grateful for Facebook friend authors I wouldn’t have found if not for social media, enlightening me to what’s new.  Seeing as how my most recent ‘what’s new’ aka “Back Track” is still in the works, thanks to some very s-l-o-w editing and second guessing myself, it’s cool to read something completely different and give myself a brain break.  It helps me keep perspective on my own writing. 

I’m having lots of fun with (what else?) band fiction and music memoir by Henry Martinez and “Funky Butts”, a well penned first person fictional account of band life back in the late 80’s.  The heyday of the beginnings of bands like Van Halen, Duran Duran, The Cure, Def Leppard…many more that I still listen to frequently. I grew to love and really appreciate music then.  I say really because before, I simply listened to music.  It was in the late 80’s when I started to appreciate and feel the music.  Thus, starting my fascination with the arts in general.  It was an awakening, if you will.  Anywhoooo….back to Mr. Martinez…”Funky Butts” is witty, progressive, and just plain fun! It is one of my summer must read recommendations.  Even if you’re not particularly fond of band fiction, I think you will enjoy the detailed account of life in a rock band.  This has all the pertinent links to  Mr. Martinez , or friend him on Facebook .  Get a copy and enjoy!


Whatcha reading, or writing? Shoot me a tweet, or a text, or a message somewhere and let me know.  You never know...you just might see yourself here in my blog.  I seldom advertise for author profiles here anymore, I get bombarded with requests to be featured and although I understand the need for promotion anywhere and everywhere, I'm just a girl who can't say no and I can't stand to disappoint people, so I make no more promises, sadly.  If I had the time I would feature every request I get, but there simply isn't enough time or energy.  I love you all dearly and wish you much success and will do my small part to help out along the way. Meantime...my books can be found with the links to the right.  The only way to get "LifeLoveLust" free is to order one or both of my books from my website .

The Lhasa is a little more surly than usual.  He got poked in the eye yesterday at the doggie groomers and he's milking it!  I can only give so much sympathy...and, it's time to find a new groomer. 

This blog has been powered by Keurig and cinnamon sticks.  Get some, you’ll like it.  What are you reading today? It’s a hot summer day and those are in short supply in my neck of the woods so we try to enjoy them to the max while they’re here.  Soon enough, we’ll be getting our snow boots and winter gear on and putting the Jeep in four wheel drive, which uses a lot more gas.  Hugs all around and don’t forget to share them! It’ll warm you all over, much like that sunshine does :-D 

*Hugs* ~ K


  1. One of my favorites: Doo wah diddy diddy dum diddy doo... holdin' my hand just as natural as can be, singing...

    It just makes me smile, and remember myself at fifteen, "walking down the street" from school, no doubt humming and boppin' while walkin' home after basketball practice, two miles or more on a country road with no sidewalks, my first year out of the city, out of parochial all girl schools, and in the real world. Still my world today. <3

    1. ah...doesn't music help remember some wonderful times in our lives? Like you, I have many memories of growing up with my parents music, my father LOVED piano solo's, and my mother a big fan of rock n' roll. Elvis was the rock n' roll of the day back then and I remember it fondly. Brings back good times! *Hugs* ~ K