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Sunday, August 19, 2012

What's the buzz?

An irritating situation plaguing for a few days now.  There’s a fly in the bathroom.  I’ve left the door open so it could escape to freedom, to no avail.  I’ve tried trapping it in between the lid and the bowl and pushing the flusher at precisely the right moment to suck it down into the gravity force of the flush.  It’s a small bathroom, just big enough for one, although I don’t know why some go to such ostentatious means for a loo. I don’t care much for a potty fest, I’d prefer to take care of nature’s business on my own.  Ah-hem…back to the problem.  It’s too small a room to be flailing about with a swatter.  Aside from a can of bug bomb, I can’t think of any other way to get rid of the buzzing pest.  It swirls about my head while in the shower, my arms waving through the spritzes of water .  It’s become a personal battle for me.  I feel a strange kinship to Carl Spackler.  Let’s move on. 

Help wanted:
Must love dogs, possess excellent barkeeping skills,  be proficient at Word/Works, tolerate insanity at all hours, be flexible with bouts of mania/depression depending on which drugs are being used the moment, and have the ability to look the other way regarding…everything.  Need to be a whip cracker as someone needs to sit my butt in the chair and with the authority of a drill sergeant or commandant depending on your heritage, mandate I write until all pertinent words have come forth.  Apply within. 

Current events: 
Let’s get caught up on office goings on.  My paying job is going to pick up exponentially in the near future. The boss got his license back to sell insurance again.    He’ll have everybody, up to and including our astute mayor, even (post efforts by a rag-tag left wing political agenda to de-throne her of late) coming in to transfer insurance from whatever ne’er-do-well insurance company with now to one of our lovely, never offensive firms.  Because, of course, we would never do business with any insurance company who would offend their clients by insulting them with the likes of invoices and such.  That’s for me to do. 

Our town:
Small town life can be so entertaining in the online version of our local pulp fiction.  It’s a challenge to try to identify those making snarky remarks and much  fun watching the virtual fur fly. I think most folks know who each of the others are.  They amuse themselves and readers, by going back and forth over local politics and the idiocy of the criminals.  Not that some of the them are not criminals, but once revealed, publicly flogged and then recovered from their ominous sins, they are welcomed back into the fray without prejudice.  Just go to www.cdapress.com and you’ll see what I mean.  Let the sheep dip fly.

On the road again:
Well, it’s that time of year when I forgo work, household duties, pet care, and the otherwise daily grinds for a road trip to see my family.  The Lhasa is not pleased as it’s been triple digits in OK of late. I absolutely refuse to perspire, it’s so abhorrent and uncivilized. Those west nile virus mosquitoes are scaring the bajeebers right out of me, nonetheless…trek I must.  In the Jeep with two dogs who are not fond of taking care of their doggie business at the end of a leash.  Contrary to what they anticipate, there will be no free roaming of the rest areas in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, nor Oklahoma.  I’m privy to what lurks behind in the shade trees surrounding the porta-potties there and I can tell you, it’s not suitable for a dog.  Shady people are another guess.  Ah, yes…this will be a relaxing vacation indeed! 

In closing, I’d like to give credit for inspiration of this blog to an author I found through Linked In, James A. Ward.  His whimsical, tongue in cheek storytelling made me smile and even chuckle a little, whereby giving credence that he is in fact an entertaining read.   He is loathe of those who do not correctly know how to use the word ‘whereby’.  How did I do, James?  Take a look at his blog .  Bet it’ll make you smile, too.  Enjoy!

I’ll be back to report how the Lhasa fared in the heat of Oklahoma and regale you of tales from the road trip. I envision much calamity along the way.  Virtual hugs until I return! Share them…they’re free  :)

*Hugs* ~ K


  1. Be safe and well, Kath, even if that is dull.
    Catch you on the return~

  2. Thank you, Terry! I will try to take in the beauty of nature along the way. We truly live in a glorious country and I always enjoy seeing each unique part of it. The vultures in the sky over Montana, the elegant antelope of Wyoming and the lush green of Colorado. Kansas...flat is not my favorite place, but the people are very gracious. I'll have much to report upon return, I'm sure! My mom is having a surgery while I'm there and that's part of the reason for going. The conversation we'll have while she's under the influence of recovery drugs will be a few giggles! :) *hugs* ~ K