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Friday, September 14, 2012

The End Of The Innocence

Well friends, once again we find ourselves at the end of summer.  A beautiful mild weathered, mostly sunny summer for us here in the Pacific NW. I love this area, as I’ve often said . Living here is just about as perfect as could be.  I fear a torrid winter coming on, though.  I like snow, unless it gets so deep that I can’t leave my front door!  “We shall persevere” is my winter motto :)

So…what did you do on your summer vacation? My family lives in a faraway place called Oklahoma where it’s hot, dry dusty, windy, and most of all unattractive to me…flat! I drove the long distance miles to get there.  Across Montana, down through Wyoming and Colorado, cut across to Kansas, then taking a sharp right at Salina, finally made my way down to OKC.  It’s a beautiful drive, I really don’t mind it. Driving that far for so long ( two days ) gives me time to clear my head of the proverbial cobwebs that gather when we get into a rut and life becomes mundane and, well…boring.  It’s nice to get away and get a clearer perspective of life and what goals have and have not yet been met.  My day job continues to suck the life right out of me, so I must find ways to regenerate myself constantly, and find the time to feed my creativity.

On the writing front:  I’m back to editing “Back Track” after taking not only a vacation break, but a brain break from the project.  It’s the classic case of the artist being too close to the canvas that had me dreading the next chapter, or sometimes even the next paragraph.  My book writing has always been a labor of love and when I found myself being forced by my alter ego to be creative, I knew it was time for a serious break! I’m refreshed and ready to get back to it. I’ll have it ready for the masses very soon.  With the coolness of fall days here now, I will have more time indoors to edit.  Our summers are so short up here, I didn’t want to miss a single event, so sitting indoors at a keyboard wasn’t at the top of my list.  In fact, when I was away I purposely did not spend much time on a computer except occasionally to check e-mail on my phone for anything urgent.  Work called me several times a day and I’m not sure if it was truly because they needed my help, or just wanted me to know they couldn’t get along without me :)

Things we like:  Leisurely summer drives enjoying the beauty of this great country we live in…ice cream dripping down the side of a sugar cone…kisses from my doggies and their adoring eyes…reading a great short story ( I’m really into short stories these days)…my Keurig continues to delight me everyday…it’s almost playoff time!

Things we dislike:  Digging into the writings of David Foster Wallace after hearing much hype about his greatness, and finding it terribly boring and self absorbed…The Seahawks not being able to complete a pass in the final minutes of the 4th quarter for a win (it was pathetic!)…missing my family so soon after getting back from a long distance visit…disabling back pain.  Extremists.

The Lhasa is recovering from meeting so many new people and a road trip that had him bored, unless we were exploring the pet section of the rest areas in every state we traveled.  He’s tired now.  Several of my relatives tried to hide him from me (to keep him!) when it was time to leave.  He only snarled once the whole time we were there.

What’s on your list today? Give me a shout and let me know whazzup with you! I love to hear from friends and fans and anybody who loves to ramble! Ramblers unite! 

Give random hugs today.  I have :)

*Hugs* ~ K

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