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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Maybe next year…

The time has come…all hope is lost.  I have given up on my beloved Mariners knowing there will not be a winning season this year.  Until now, I still had hope.  There was still enough wiggle room that if they won all of their remaining games and if opposing teams ahead of them in the standings lost all of their remaining games…playoffs, here we come! Alas, that dream has dissipated this year, as it did the year before. So, faithful fan that I am, I say…maybe next year.  Let’s move on.


Last week, I previewed one of the covers I’ve been considering for “Back Track”.  I think I’ve discarded that one in favor of this:

Now...you have to picture that this wraps the entire book cover. The setup of it on the book, the spine goes straight down the middle, with the title and author name (ME!) just under the stirrup.  It's a short title, so that part works. What do you think? I value comments as I have a pretty near-sighted view of my choices.  While one of me likes the pink sunset with horses in the foreground (featured last week), one of me likes the boots and spurs, and there is yet another me lurking somewhere deep in my psychotic psyche that has something different in mind.  I have one more I’ll feature next week here, then make a firm decision. 

At this point, I’m releasing “Back Track” simply for the pure joy of it.  I could write volumes on how saturated the publishing world is right now and how difficult it is just to be noticed at all. It’s not that I don’t want to be on a best sellers list, it’s just...the daunting task of promoting and all of the work that goes into getting on to even Amazon’s top sellers radar, well…let’s just say it’s tiring and I try to conserve my energy these days to do more of what I want to do, not what I have to do.  I must admit, though, that this is my best work ever. It's a longer story than either of my first two at almost 50,000 words, has more character development and deeper plot story.  I'm quite proud of it and pleased to offer it for reading pleasure!

Life’s too short

For a bad cup of coffee.  Or a bad slice of pizza.  Or a bad brownie (yes, they do exist!). But, you get the idea.  When you have a whole pot of coffee and the first cup is bitter, you don’t want the rest of the pot, do you? Same with pizza.  You don’t want to eat more of the pie if the first one just didn’t hit your taste buds square.  And, yes, I have had a bad brownie! They can get overcooked and crumble…not a good thing.  The cure? My Keurig saves me on the coffee front. Pizza by the slice would be ideal. That newfangled brownie cooker that has them already single serve is the bomb! New inventions come along every day to make life a little bit better, don’t you think? It’s the little things that give us pleasure everyday. What’s newfangled in your world that you didn’t know you couldn’t live without until you got it? Gimme a shout here, or a tweet @speshlk0510, or friend me on Facebook.  I love to hear what’s new with ya’ll. 

This blog has been brought to you by  “Fulton‘s Harvest  Pumpkin Pie” cream liqueur.  Serve chilled on the rocks or  pour a little in your coffee…yum!  Warms from the inside out.  The fall days are getting cooler up here, so a little warmth from the inside out,  is welcome.

What’s keeping you warm today? Hugs? Try them! They’re awesome :)

*Hugs* ~ K

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