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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Current events

Let’s review what’s transpired lately in K world.  Putting final touches on “Back Track” and should be ready for a proof copy this week .  I know, I know…I’ve been saying that for weeks now.  It’s just that…it’s such a great story, I want to be sure no details are left out, or blurred, or leave the reader scratching their head wondering what they missed when the story doesn’t track.  It’s got some twists and turns that take some real finesse to keep it flowing.  I can tell ya’, I’ve got finesse! Ha! And, I've made a definitive cover choice  :)  Let’s move on.

Real current events

Ah…the political world of happenings.  Are you sick of it yet? Much as I covet our great nation and all of the freedoms and liberties we are privileged to enjoy, the long drawn out political process of the presidential elections every four years has me weary.  I know absolutely no one who is one of those undecided voters the pundits refer to.  Everyone I’ve spoken with about it is 100%  for one or the other candidate.  I respect that. I like swift decision making.  I put it out there on FB to get comments from friends, because you know since it’s FB we only have direct access to friends, there are no foes, anywho…I asked people to tell me one definitive reason they favor the incumbent or the challenger.  I guess my FB friends are all of those undecided voters we hear tell about, because not one person came forward with anything to convince me of their vote.  Get off the fence, people! Election day is upon us and will be here before we know it.  In fact, 16 days to be exact. I wonder what they’ll do with all that TV time now that there’s no political ads to run? Do you s’pose the candidates will run thank you ads after the fact? Hmmmm?

And yet, more current events

As mentioned in a previous blog, we had an unfortunate event with the groomer and the Lhasa was quite unhappy with her, as was I.  Through a delightful client of mine, we got lucky and got a referral to a new groomer that we went to this week and he looks like a Lhasa again instead of a miniature shaggy dog, and all without any fuss, pokes in the eye with scissors or other mysterious injuries.  It was like a female Dr. Doolittle took over! We went into the groomer’s, Stan nosed around a little bit and took in all of the unfamiliar people smells and doggie smells while I chatted briefly about my preferences for him to be clipped, and without warning she leaned down, scooped him up, and he cuddled right in her arms! No squirming or trying to get free, no snarling or gnashing of his teeth, he felt comfortable and safe.  I left there knowing he was in good hands and that made such a chore a lot easier.  I encourage everyone to get a personal referral to a groomer.  They aren’t simply bathing, clipping and otherwise wrestling with your beloved four legged precious, they are someone entrusted with the care of them while doing the necessary. Stanley and I are both sleeping a lot better now knowing he is not being mistreated while in her care. If anyone local needs such a referral, get in touch.  She doesn’t take large dogs anymore, but she has room for the little ones. Isn't he just darling?

In closing, thank you all ever so much for your kind words and well wishes.  It’s funny how I think no one notices when I haven’t been up to par. Lupus is an evil and unpredictable disease that strikes again just when we’re thinking we’re like normal people, off guard, it commands…”No! You shall not feel like a normal person. I’m taking control of your body and mind and you’ll do as I say!” putting me in a nearly non-functional state for the last few weeks.  I’ve been fatigued and my thought process just didn’t, well…process.  I’m hoping this improvement in my energy level is indicative of increase in productivity.

Have you been hugged today? If not, perhaps it’s because you haven’t given any.  Do it! They’re contagious, and you get what you give.   


~ K

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