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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Oops! I did it again

Slept with the slider open all night again.  Thank the powers that be I live in a quiet, uneventful neighborhood.  Since our disparaging looks at them across the way,  and our disapproving calls to the sheriff’s dept. to report disturbing events across the street at what my kids unaffectionately named “the crack house”, those good-for-nothings moved out, and it’s been much more pleasant living around here.  Some new neighbors moved in and with the exception of a little yippy dog, there’ve been no more 911 calling incidents.  Let’s move on.

Tiny moments, big impact

Have you ever had those moments when something really small, seemingly everyday things that you usually dismiss or just go on about your business, catch your eye or make you stop and think and it resonates as something truly terrific? Yeah, me too.  Yesterday morning I got up to let the dogs out about six a.m. and square off the back deck right above Canfield mountain, the sun glowed a blazing red.  I’m not sure if it was due to all of the smoke in our area from the fires raging around us, or if it was a planned event.  Either way, I stood there mesmerized by it’s glow and felt the impact of such a powerful planet moving me emotionally. Or could be, I’m just getting so old that I’m easily fascinated by anything, too  :)

Stand by me

It’s basefoot time again.  Yesterday I spent my early evening switching from a baseball game to keep up with my Mariners, hoping they’ll end their season at least with their heads held high, and college football which was greatly disappointing.  My Oklahoma Sooners fell flat and reminded of the Sooners of olden days when fumbles and/or interceptions cursed them.  I’m not one of the blessed with picture in picture on my ancient 42” plasma.  I bought it when they first came out, too many years ago for me to even remember. As little viewing time as that old relic gets though, it will last me well into my old age so I see no need to invest in one with newer features. As I exercised my thumb to move between channels, I daydreamed the advantages of the coveted pic in pic feature, when I realized this is the first time I’ve turned it on since the end of last college football season! Not once did I watch it during the summer months. I think it got turned on a few times just so I could make sure it still worked. 

Current events

Have you seen all of the political ads? On occasion, when I do turn on the little TV next to my desk to get news or watch my beloved NCIS, I’m overwhelmed with all of the politics.  I know it’s almost election time, but talk about beating a dead horse…it’s so bad, at this point I don’t even want to tune in to see anything  just so I don’t have to put up with the rhetoric!  Suffice to say, I have zero confidence in candidates, but I will vote.  I wouldn’t give up that right for anything, so will have to make a choice of  the lesser of the two evils.  Politics has become such big business, I have hard time believing that any candidate is really interested in what’s best for the people they govern. Call me jaded, if you will, but I haven’t yet seen one political ad that is believable.  A case of too good to be true, me thinks. I could akin it all to something you'd normally find out in a field of grazing horses that steams and smells repulsive, but I won't go that far here :-D

More pressing current events…I’m just about cover ready for “Back Track”.  Took a little down time last week after I finished editing to just breathe a little bit and get some perspective on what I want for a cover. What do we think of this?

I rather like it. It's just one of several backgrounds I'm considering, though.

I haven't been promoting much, but books are still selling much to my pleasant surprise.  Who says an indie author can't get the word out without corporate backing?  All books or e-books are available at Amazon, and Smashwords, where you can also get a free e-short story. If you're into freebies, order either "Random Encounters" or "Bright Lights" at my website and I'll send along "LifeLoveLust" for free.  I'm just benevolent that way.

It's officially an all hugs day! Give them, and I'm fairly certain you'll get some back. 

*Hugs* ~ K

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