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Sunday, July 10, 2011

What's Love Got To Do With It?

     Love has to do with everything!  The beautiful and talented Tina Turner sang those words way back in 1984, however the song has become timeless over the years.  Just about everyone, everywhere has heard the lyrics or seen the sultry, sexy video.  It also titled the biographical movie of Tina Turner's life.  This reference simply because I love music and find it influences nearly every facet of my life.
     Love has to do with everything we do and make decisions about.  Going to buy a new car? You've got to be in love with it to spend so much money for it and so much time in it.  I know...'cause I have a vehicle I am hopelessly in love with.  Buy a new house? You've got to be in love with it knowing you'll spend many years living in it, not to mention paying it off! Even simple things like clothing, music, right down to the color of nail polish...we have to absolutely love it, or we wouldn't pay good, hard earned money for it.
     Then of course, there is the actual act of love.  To love someone. We couldn't anticipate spending the rest of our lives with a person we are not in love with.  Sometimes we take unconventional paths to get to a blissful place in life that shows us we either are, or aren’t, in love with the life we've made for ourselves.  My character in "Random Encounters" Veronica Walters took a very unconventional path to get to a serene place in her life and the missteps she takes along the way make for an entertaining tale bringing her to a conclusion she hadn't envisioned.
      Books, and or eBooks...reading material.  If you preview a book whether in paper form (my favorite way to engross in a story) or download it online, or get it on one of those snazzy new e-readers, you really want to love it.  It would be a let down to pay money for something and have it be so-so, or mediocre, or not live up to the hype.  I'm not big on hype, because the literal definition of that word means greatly exaggerated publicity intended to incite public interest.  Nothing about "Random Encounters" is hype, or exaggerated.  The cover is simple, the interior pages are plain and simple and the story is told in unadorned language that is easily understood, and hopefully engrosses the reader. I want people to love it, but it doesn't cost a lot to do so because simple pleasures in life shouldn't cost a lot. I'm excited to report I followed the instructions to e-formatting for dummies and I now have "Random Encounters" available for either pdf download or your e-reader at smashwords.com for the disgustingly low price of $3.99.  That's a fargin' bargain!  If you're like me and want to touch the paper pages and savor the scent of black ink print, you can order from amazon.com or my website www.lifelovelust.webs.com.  I look forward to reading reviews.  So long as they're favorable.  *wink*

Hug somebody today!

Randomly yours,

~ K

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