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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades

Ever have a period of time in your life when things seem askew? I love that word, askew.  It's an accurate description of things that ties in with last week.  Certain things out of my control, and the frustration that goes along with that.  I had about two weeks where things just weren't right.  I blamed it on Mercury being retrograde, and according to my astrologer, it was on the horizon.  Mercury in reverse motion messes with everything that has to do with communications, whether it be written form, electronic form, or even face to face conversation (how primitive!).  It causes our words and expressions to be misinterpreted, and I had that happen with a close friend.  The words came out of my mouth intended one way, but went into his ears in another that was not in a positive way.  I was dismayed, to say the least.  When that sort of thing happens and it is called to our attention, it then appears that since we obviously offended the other party we backtrack and try to take it back, or hurriedly explain that's not what we meant.  In the meantime, the damage has been done and it's still a sore spot.  At that point, an apology is in order, but it's hard to take it genuinely by the offended person.  We always do the best we can.
About that bright future...Mercury will be turning direct August 26, we can relax and get back on good terms with any offended parties (hopefully).  Our computers will be working properly again. In the case of my office, our postage meter will work again.  Maybe my dumbphone will behave itself and stop causing me so much aggravation.  I have many projects in the works and am only sorry for the fact that I cannot bring any of them to you today.  I have interviews with several self-published authors lined up, I just need to read the material to conduct the interviews, and unfortunately I'm still waiting for Mssr.'s Scott and Blush to get back with me on their interview questions.  That will get in here in the near future, I promise.  Rock stars march to their own tune, pun intended...ok that was 2/3 of a pun...P.U.! In any event, I have about half of what I need to get it up here and will continue to stalk them to get it.  I am proficient at stalking!
Another bright spot...I'll have a brand new website soon, a little flashier and more up to date than my webs.com site and it will include my blog, so this place will be moved as well.  I'm correlating all of that with the release of my third self published novel, "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey!". It's a story I originally wrote back in 2006 and just now feel the time is right to reveal it to rest of the world.  I have a few more glitches to work out with it, then everything will get tied together nice and neat, like a beautiful gift package.  Next, my winter project will be to get "If I Weren't So..." which is the longest novel I've written thus far, in print and will follow it up with its sequel "Still Wanted", which isn't quite finished.  Somehow, in between working on my own writing I will find the time to assist in coordinating a project for the History channel titled "The Cult Code of Nostradamus and Leonardo Da Vinci ~ Exposed".  It's an intriguing documentary about the cult Grandmaster, a painter who ensconced the code into a series of paintings that linked the cult to the Catholic Church back in the 16th century.  It's an honor to be invited to work on it.  Target on air date is January, 2012, so I'm thinkin' I need to hunker down and get workin' on that script! Talk about a bright future!   
What are the bright spots in your future? I would love feedback, comments, anything you want to say here even if it's anonymous.  I know people are reading my blog weekly, I see it in the stats.  I was surprised to find I have readers from all over the world in places I didn't even know had internet! Ok, not many places don't have some kind of internet even if it's s-l-o-w dial up.  C'mon, Germany, Malaysia, Norway, Canada! I know you're all reading every week, so let me hear from you.  And the rest of you right here in the good ol' US of A, too.  All I know about you is you are avid readers, but no voices.  Sound off!
My favorite quote of the week:
"Be kind whenever possible.  It is always possible" ~ The Dalai Lama.
Like the busy little squirrels I see scurrying around storing up food for the winter, now is a good time to start stockpiling your winter reading material.  I still have a few gratis copies of "LifeLoveLust" and will throw one in when you order "Random Encounters" at my website. http://www.lifelovelust.webs.com/, for e-readers, http://www.lulu.com/, or http://www.blogger.com/goog_1073747889

Hug somebody today! Share the love the universe shares with you.

Kindly yours,

~ K

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