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Sunday, August 7, 2011

What...me worry?

Alfred E. Neuman was famous for those words back in the 70's.  As "Mad" magazines resident image, his face was described as someone who didn't have a care in the world. He made us laugh at our uptight society, and at ourselves.
Which brings me to the subject of worry.  Stress.  Unrealistic expectations. Or, even realistic expectations, and how disappointment rules our psyche.  We get so wound up and bound by worldly expectations.  It's part of our human design.  How do we combat that and live stress and worry free?  Good question.  My previous blog on "Goodology" is a fine example of people finding positive ways to make a difference.  How does that apply, you say?  Seems I've jumped from one subject to another, but I really haven't.  One thing I find helps me cope with what I see as daily issues that bog me down, is to give.  Give of myself to people, to causes, to animals.  It takes my mind off of any stresses I'm feeling and helps me see that it's not always all about me.  Other people have their own stresses and you never know who you'll meet up with everyday that has big problems of their own to deal with, maybe bigger than your own.  Like, a client of mine who comes in regularly to pay her bill and catch up on her insurance policy coverage just to be sure something hasn't been missed.  She looks fairly together.  She speaks eloquently.  She drives herself to my office, so she's obviously transportation worthy.  However, I found in talking with her that she suffered a stroke a couple of years ago and although she appears to be in good health, her memory was affected.  So, every time she gets her bill, every renewal that comes up, she comes back into my office and I repeat the same information to her that we discussed the last time.  I don’t' mind, it's my job and it reminds me that helping others who are in need is good for my own soul. 
I've worried this past week over things I have little or no control over.  My dear mother has been very ill, she's far away and there isn't anything I can do to help her except offer comforting words.  Some of my writing projects have been delayed, or changed completely to the point that I just need to sit, revise, re-work and review.  Again.  It's a little frustrating, especially when I thought I was near completion.  My insurance company is screwing around with approval of my very necessary meds that keeps me able to walk.  Again, nothing I can do until they go through their internal process and my dr. has convinced them I truly do need the very expensive medication. Our country is in dire financial straits, the well being of a lucrative 401k hangs in the balance, waiting to see what happens with our economy if our government can get it's butt in gear and solve our economic worries.   All things that I have very little or no control over, so stressing and worrying is of no productive means whatsoever.
So, today I will give.  I will clean up a spare room I've been trying to organize for some time and purge myself of items I no long have use for and haven't even seen in a few years.  I'll give them to the local homeless shelter or donate them to a church charity that I know will pass them on to less fortunate people who will use and appreciate them. It's not a huge difference, but it will feed my soul the necessary nourishment I need to stop stressing about things that will eventually resolve, instead of giving me heart failure for worrying so much!
What...me worry? Not a chance! And, remember...somebody you meet today will need a hug.  Share one and let the love of the universe flow through YOU!

p.s.  The interview with Jamon Scott and Brian Blush was delayed for this week (I'm not worrying...) and I'll work diligently to get it here for you next week.

Peacefully yours,

~  K

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