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Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Here's yer suckerpunch"

Much rumblings afoot in the e-reader world this past week.  Seems the justice dept. is suing Apple and five of the BBNY publishers over price fixing of e-books.  Simply put, the article states: "Antitrust rules forbid price-fixing agreements designed to shut out competitors or drive up what consumers pay".  I don't understand what they are grumbling about.  .99 for an electronic version seems a fair price to me, which both of my selections  "Random Encounters" and "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey" exclusively at Amazon are currently priced at.  Free is even better!  So, in honor of this little drama with the justice dept. and the BBNY publishers getting in a simmer over e-reader prices, I'm offering "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz,Honey"  for free.  For one day, anyway.  Next Sunday 3/19, it will be free at Amazon.  How's that for price fixing? Happy reading! :)

Everyone I know is getting into the e-reader world.  Paper books really are slowly becoming a thing of the past.  My kids have even gotten hooked on reading that way. The teacher got herself a Kindle Fire and reads on it in between unruly high school kids in class and coaching the primpy dance team.  Ok, ok...she plays angry birds a lot, too, but...it's mainly for reading.  My son the electronic geek does it on his computer like I do, and my youngest the vet-tech-to-be (hasn't finished college yet) has a Sony reader that gets quite the workout.  I was shocked this week when she brought me a hard cover paper book and demanded I read it! "The Hunger Games" is sitting here beside me waiting for me to open it and start reading.  That's a project for another time as once I open a book, it rarely closes until I'm finished and this one is going to have to wait until I finish my next project for self-publication.  Formerly known as "If I Weren't So..." I've settled on the title "Back Track" and it is going to be epic! I know, I know...that word is over-used these days, but I truly love the story and the characters and I'm getting all just right to get into print and on e-reader.

"It's been a good year for bad days, or a bad year for good days"  

It's that time of year when we haven't quite escaped winter, but spring isn't here yet.  We had a high temp of 63 on Friday here in North Idaho (we will secede eventually!) and it was sublime! I walked around outside in shirt sleeves. Oh happy day! It's an odd feeling because there are still some winter blahs hanging around, seems the darkness isn't completely gone but the bright sunshine we crave and desperately need to regain sanity won't wholly appear.  The 63 and sunny was a teaser. I think our maker knew we needed a little something to keep us going until that blinding sun makes a grand entrance for good through the summer. It's drizzling rain here this morning and the Lhasa isn't even up out of bed yet. He hates going outside in the rain. Must have an iron clad bladder. 

The other definitive sign of spring, baseball has started in some form. Chicago televised a pre-season game Saturday and that was a welcome smile :) 

"The best that we can hope for is to be laughin' when we finally hit the ground"

Many of you who know me know I've really struggled with my health this winter. Been sick with that awful crud since before Thanksgiving, had several rounds of antibiotics and my crappy crippled immune system, which is non-existent, just won't kick it.  I appreciate all of your well wishes and am optimistic I'm on the upside, so my sassy self should be back in action real soon! When I get that depleted, I have to concentrate on the things I must do (like work for a living) and everything else gets kicked aside until I have the energy to tackle it. When our physical being suffers, it's really hard to concentrate and be creative so working on my next project has been really slow, but I'm confident I'll make my deadline.  I'll keep you in the loop on that and I’m so grateful so many of you care. It truly warms my heart *hugs*

"So just how far down do you wanna go?"

This blog titles has been brought to you courtesy of "The Refreshments".  The band existed 16 years ago and released two albums together.  Even though they went their separate ways after the second release, there's a whole fan base who still lives by that music.  We've been lamenting the anniversary of their first and award winning release "Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big & Buzzy".  Hard to believe that band together for such a short time still has so much success on the music they made so long ago.  If you haven't checked them out, you can here.  Roger Clyne and PH Naffah went on to form "Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers", Art Edwards is a successful self-published author with his first book being made into film now, Brian Blush is still playing that mean guitar that we all got soooo hooked on with a band called "The Toluenes".  Check them all out, I know you'll be glad you did.  I'm grateful to all of them for the music they made that helped shape a generation and gives so much insight into human nature and how normal we all really are in our abnormal state. There was something magical about those four guys together at that time. That kind of musical simpatico can't be duplicated.

Give random hugs today! I did and it brought smiles :-D 

Now playing: "Birds Sing" ~ "The Refreshments" ~ "The Bottle & Fresh Horses"

Nostalgically yours,

*Hugs* ~ K

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