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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Once more, with feeling

 Ok, so...last week I offered "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey"  free on Amazon .  The day before that momentous event, I had e-mailed Amazon regarding my Kindle version and paperback versions not being linked on the site.  About mid-way through the free day, they corrected it, and the link changed! So, some of you got it and some of you got a broken link. For those of you who may have tried and failed, I'm offering it again, free, today :)  It doesn't cost me anything to do it, Amazon offers the advertising free to me.  I wanted to make up for the change in the middle of the day for those of you who didn't get to download it.  I hope you enjoy and I would very much appreciate your "like" and a review would be welcome as well.  Paperback sales from my site have been brisk of late and I'm always happy to autograph a copy and of course, include "LifeLoveLust" for your reading pleasure.


As for "Random Encounters"  I mentioned previously it was sitting on a publishers desk for consideration.  I'm always thrilled when a complete manuscript is requested after my query and sample chapters.  To date, I've not received any offers past that, only rejections, so I was both saddened by another rejection, but pleased there was a complete manuscript requested. I shall persevere! Meantime, it is available at Amazon in Kindle or paperback, or order from my website and get my ramblings as a bonus. Enjoy!


On a rare far too serious note...

Two weeks ago, on a cold dark North Idaho wintry night an unarmed wanted fugitive was shot dead after eluding police on a chase that involved an Idaho state patrol officer, two local city officers, and a county sheriff's deputy. One man in a car cornered on a cul-de-sac who was blocked in by all of these law enforcement vehicles. I won't take space here to go into all of the particulars, but the end of the story leaves me with too many unanswered questions. Four law enforcement officers with batons, tazers, and their vehicles were blocking the fugitive from leaving the scene.  Seems a no brainer that some commands and if necessary the use of tazers would have him being taken into custody without the ultimate result of death.  Four law enforcement officers who should have been trained well enough that death would have been the absolute last resort, but what did they do? As soon as the fugitive was cornered, they opened fire. I'm not even sure if to date anyone knows which bullets or all, killed the cornered fugitive.  This appears to be a case of fueled adrenaline by four men who probably had never seen this type of incident in their training. They were angry the fugitive took them on such a long chase and that they were not able to stop him before now, and he had several outstanding warrants and was a known drug user, so in their snap judgment in the heat of the moment they decided for him, that his life wasn't worth living anymore.

With that picture, my question is...where is the outrage? He was a white man killed by white officers in a situation that handled by cool heads and not by macho men who believe they are the only ones who are always right and just, might have lived.  Battered by the attempts of physical assault while being taken into custody, but alive and worth at least attempting to help him with his drug addiction.

Another scene much publicized this week, a black man was killed under questionable circumstances in Florida and the entire country is outraged and has decided in the heat of the moment, that it must be a hate crime. The race card is immediately played and there are riots and protests everywhere in support of the dead black man.  I don't know who was in the right or wrong, but my point is it was immediately turned into a race issue.

There are no protests or outrage in North Idaho for a white man killed under questionable circumstances.  Where is the outrage?  Who is being racist in this comparison? Because he was a white man killed by white officers, everyone just walks away and says, well...that's how it is.  That doesn't happen in black communities.  Why is that? That's what I'd like answers to today.  

My heart goes out to the families of both of these victims.  In each case, it appears that cool, clear heads with not so trigger happy fingers would have ended much differently and less violent. 


It's a nice sunny spring-like day in North Idaho and I'm determined to do something productive and will get outdoors to invigorate and clear the darkness of winter from my foggy brain. There will be hugs all around, so hug everybody today!  Things aren't always as they seem and when you meet up with someone, you don't know the struggles they face. They could be in need of compassion and hugs, so don't be stingy! 

Affectionately yours,

~ K


  1. Hi Kathi,
    Very thoughtful post, asking a good question about two very different situations with a sadly similar outcome. I'll include prayers for the shooters and their families as well. In this time of job losses, foreclosures and heightened alert, too many are too willing to protect what they still have at any cost. It's as though we are back to the vigilante days of the old west.

  2. Hi, Terry! Thank you so much for stopping by. I agree with you, there is an air of vigilante-ism in many areas now, even here where we've had such a low crime rate, so when something this horrific happens, it stuns us. Prayers and good thoughts are much appreciated. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday and are having some fun! I intend to :-D *big hugs*~ K