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Sunday, September 25, 2011


With the paperback version of "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey" ready to unveil, I planned the much anticipated release and began to get my completed manuscript ready for e-distribution.  This is enough to make a writer go stark raving mad! All of the different e-versions to format...there's EPUB, Sony is LRF, Kindle uses .mobi, Palmdoc is PDB, there's the standard PDF, RTF, and plain text versions.  AND...AND...all of the online publications use A DIFFERENT ONE!!!  There is a point to my madness here, folks, so stay with me. 

I logged into my Smashwords account to upload a new file, a very short story I really like and decided to give away in e-format for free.  How can you do that, Kathleen, you ask?!?! Believe me, it’s a *very* short story and it's just one of those things that brings a smile to my little round face.  I enjoy writing so much and seriously would give it all away if I could, but there's overhead and paper and printing costs, and such... 

Anyway, I continue to digress, I went into my Smashwords account and brought up my dashboard and accidentally clicked on "Random Encounters" to do a review after I uploaded the short story.  I was massively horrified to find that unknown to me, as no one ever said anything about it, I had uploaded an incorrect version of "Random Encounters" and didn't even know it! Holy embarrassment, Batman!  So, if you are one who purchased a download from Smashwords, my humble apologies for you getting an incorrect version.  It has now been corrected to the right format, however I know that doesn't help anyone who has already paid for it.  Please e-mail me and I'll see that you get a paperback copy of the book to make up for having downloaded an incorrect format. 

In the middle of my cursing, yelling at dead air and causing my goofy black lab to run to his bed and bury his head in his paws, I realized part of my lunacy problem.  It was eerily quiet in my home office.  It suddenly occurred to me there was no music playing.  Anywhere.  This is an odd situation for me.  There is always music playing near me, even if it's with my ear buds so only I can hear.  I do have some consideration for my housemates who abhor my music blasting at all hours.  I knew the lack of music was the reason my disposition was irritating not only the poor innocent dog, but me as well. I opened up Spotify and clicked on "Motley Crue" and soon I was chair wiggling to Vince encouraging me to take a ride on the "Wild Side" and all was right with my warped little world again *happy dance*.

So that brings me to one of the points of today's blog.  A free download of a short, short story titled "Til Death" will be available at Smashwords. I will provide the link as soon as I receive it. I hoped it would be ready for today, but apparently Smashwords is a little behind on the "pending approval" status of uploads and it's not ready yet. By next week I'm sure I'll have it and I can bring it to you. I hoped you might enjoy reading some of what goes through my twisted little (and I do mean little) mind at times.  I think it's a fun story and is at least enough of a distraction to take your mind off of anything clouding your thoughts today.  I will from time to time add to the free short stories until I run out, which means... NEVER!  My tweaked brain never runs out of something to ramble about in print.  Verbally...not so much. 

Lastly, due to having too many projects going at once and not near enough time to give them all their full due, I'm going to release "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey" in a limited edition paperback.  There will be 100 copies available for purchase in paperback as you see it on this blog screen with the picture on the front. It will eventually be available in e-reader versions, but the paperback will come out first.  Sheesh...it's gonna take me a while to get all those different e-reader versions done! I'm just one woman, not a machine *snicker*.  As soon as I receive the absolute final proof copy from Amazon this week, I'll release it for sale and I'll announce officially here when that happens.  I do, of course, have to proof the proof copy (isn't that what one does with a proof?) and make extra sure this time all is formatted correctly! Yikes!

My next book, the longest actual novel I have written thus far (not a novella) is going to take me until the first of the year to complete for release in paperback.  I still don't have a cover, which needs to consist of a cowboy image, horses, a beautiful woman who bears a striking resemblance to Gwyneth Paltrow, a ranch with some cattle on the range and that sort of thing, and also the title is coming into question.  More on that when I get closer to a release date.  I originally started "If I Weren't So..." in 2006, and have edited, revisited, re-edited, revised, reformatted...etc.,  and it's one of those that I could keep making subtle changes to forever, but I really want it to be read so will have to find a way to call it good soon and be satisfied with my finished product.  Maybe I'll have a 'name that novel' contest.  Yes! That would splendid! *Happy face*.  I could post a synopsis and let readers give ideas for a proper name.  I'm pretty fond of "If I Weren't So..." but I could be bought (had).  The sequel is titled "Still Wanted" and that will come later in 2012, probably late fall, or perhaps closer to the holidays. 

Hug somebody today! I did and it was divine.  The highlight of my day!   

Fictionally yours,

~ K

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