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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Going to extremes ~ 9/11

"More Than Words" ~ Extreme
"I Go To Extremes" ~ Billy Joel
"Extreme Ways" ~ Moby

Some examples of music that contain or are about going to extremes.  Music is so instrumental to my creativity; it inspires much of my own writing as does the written word.  Sometimes I get an idea for prose or short story from something I've read by another author whether it be novel, poetry, blog...whatever someone else has written that sparked my devious pea brain to expand on.  It's that way with many artists I've talked to, others who've created something by inspiration from another's art in some form.  Singing or writing about extremes can take many forms, as these songs demonstrate. Their content is all very different by very different artists. Being extreme in any behavior is almost in any case, a negative action.  Too much or too little of something, anything, can many times be an effort in futility.  No progress is made because not enough was done to further the goal, or too much was given and it dissipates due to overkill.  Even extreme kindness can go the wrong way and smother someone to the point of annoyance.  A good reason not to go to extremes, but find balance.

I struggled with what to write about today.  Not that I don't think it's important to honor those who died in the horrific terrorist attack on our country, I do, but I didn't want to be cliche' about it.  To make light of it by not writing in completeness to show the whole picture would not do justice for those whose lives were tragically changed, or in the extreme case, ended that day.  To go overboard and give too much attention to the barbarians who perpetrated their extreme act of destruction, would do exactly what they want, which is to glorify their actions.  That is the last thing I want to do! Nothing done that day should be glorified except those left behind in the wreckage and ruins who worked tirelessly to help save anyone still breathing.  Paying tribute to those who lost their lives and those lives forever changed by extremists (who consider Americans enemies and want us brutally murdered because we don't believe in their god) in a simple yet meaningful way, is more my style.  I'm a person who believes every little bit helps.  If we all do our part in small ways, it adds up to a collective difference. 

I've read all week first account experiences from people who witnessed the destruction. Most of us probably remember where we were at that exact time, watching or listening in disbelief.  It was like a nightmare come to life on the television screen.  Nothing I can write from that position could come close to what people experienced. Trying to find some way to write about it would be an injustice to those who lived it.  My part is to hopefully, plant a seed of kindness and caring that will grow into others to be more tolerant.  We all have our opinions and those opinions cause disagreements, but it's nothing so serious as to hurt and maim others over. That's a mindset I'll never be able to understand. 

"Live and Let Live" ~ Jefferson Starship
"Imagine" ~ John Lennon
"Leave an Open Door" ~ Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers

All good examples of letting go of hurt, anger, transgressions done to us and live in peace and harmony in spite of differences.  Why is this such a difficult concept for some to grasp? It's very simple to me.  I leave you alone to do as you believe, you leave me alone to do as I believe and we all live in peace, agreeing to disagree.  Instead, there are those who believe anyone who is not with them is against them, is their enemy and must suffer and die.  Not only die, but suffer and die which is a concept I will never be able to understand.  My creator put us here to love each other and take care of each other, not destroy each other.  Sometimes, just letting the music from someone else's soul, absorb into our own will guide us on a path of understanding and tolerance.  That's why music has such a profound effect on my life. Writing comes from the heart and I admire artists who are bold enough to put their souls out there for the rest of us to see in their music, and in some ways judge.  It's enlightening and somewhat redeeming to see honesty and sincerity so freely expressed.

The extremists who persevere to destroy America will not prevail, because hatred only breeds more hatred and will ultimately self destruct in its own blood and vile.  Today I give thanks for living in a country that allows me to speak my mind in such a way, to express my ideas in print without fear of persecution, well...except by those who may comment their own ideas whether in agreement or not, which is most welcome.  I give thanks for people who so selflessly give themselves to defend and protect us, and yes...even for our government which right now is pretty messed up and has our country knotted up in debt and disagreement.  It beats any alternative I can find in any other part of this world.  And, a simple but heartfelt thank you to those who are still living the nightmare of 9/11/2001 for the sacrifices they and/or their families have made.  It's humbling to me and makes me feel very small in the big picture.  I'm just a writer with my own thoughts and ideas, blessed to have a platform to express them.

God bless America!

Somebody you know needs a hug today! Share one with them and rejoice in loving life. 

Peacefully yours,

~ K


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