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Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Entitlement" ~ A rare rant, and miscellaneous random ramblings

That word is tossed around far too often for my liking.  What is entitlement?  Encarta dictionary definition: "to give somebody the right to have or to do something".

We are born with some rights.  Basic human rights and the rights conferred on us by our constitution. Entitlement? Some people seem to think that the mere act of being born entitles them to certain comforts.  I get short tempered with people who sit around and moan and complain that life has dealt them a crappy hand because they don't have it as good as the next guy.  Wah!  I realize there are some who from the get go are disadvantaged, but the people I know and are specifically speaking of, have no disadvantages except they are lazy and unmotivated.  So...life didn't turn out with a story book ending? Join the club.  I can't think of any that do.  Even privileged people have problems that I don't envy.  Heartache, death, addiction, unemployment, catastrophic loss, any number of life's curves thrown our way that knows no economic status, or discrimination.  Daily difficulties in life affect all of us, how we deal with them separates us.   Sometimes recognizing how others deal with daily life helps me to take a step back and examine my own actions and reactions.

What turned my normally sweet disposition sour, you ask.  Well...it's been a crappy week. I find that when things aren't going so smoothly, I tend to get more irritable.  I found I was doing my share of whining myself, and that bothered me.  It's too easy to get sucked into the poor pitiful me party, so I decided I'd get it out of my system and maybe I'd feel better.


I was reading comments at one of the writer's websites I frequent.  I get so weary of authors who think their manuscript is the most fascinating writing to come about since "The Great Gatsby" (or, insert any classic novel here) whining about not being able to find a publisher/agent, whichever the case may be.  Their attitude is, since they wrote it, and it's finished, they have the right to have it published.  Bullshit!  Publishers, agents and editors are so saturated with manuscripts and queries right now, I'm surprised they can even leave their offices.  I have several stories finished.  I'm not so self centered to believe they are greatness.  I aspire to greatness, and maybe someday I'll get near there with practice, practice, practice...as the saying goes. I have a simple way of storytelling that I hope will appeal to a certain audience. I don't love every book I pick up. I don't love every author I've ever read. I'm sure some readers and reviewers disagree with me. That doesn't offend me.  Writing is subjective and not all styles of writing appeal to all readers. Conversely, I've read many independent authors novels that I thought were terrific and found it beyond comprehension that a publisher had not picked up their novel.  To feel one is entitled to a lucrative publishing contract based on ones own opinion of their art, is unrealistic.


I've also noticed an increase in whining about our economy being in the septic.  Not much an individual can do about that, what with our government in such dire straights.  I feel for those folks who have through no fault of their own, lost their jobs.  It's devastating.  I know, cause I've lost jobs in the past and I know how it feels.  I've had to search for a job, so I know rejection and how difficult it is to find a job in tough times.  But, for cryin'outfreakin'loud,  get up off the couch, put down the remote or the game controller, whatever is capturing your attention, and do something positive! No one can make a difference in your life, but you. 


What's up with college football?  Every season, we get some college team who had a terrific year, then are slapped with NCAA sanctions on the current season due to violations in the past.  Are college educated people really that stupid?  To believe they can get away with violating the rules to obtain the best players and give them an advantage isn't logical. I don't have a college degree, but my common sense tells me if I violate the rules, I'm going to get caught and pay a price for it.  Smarten up, people. 


I've received a few comments in e-mail (why there is a phobia to comment here, I don't know) about my blog.  Specifically, that it is too "unadorned".  Well...I'm an unadorned kind of gal. No glitz, glamour, or frills.  I'm pretty simple, my writing style is simple, and I really don't have the patience to ghetto up the blog for aesthetic purposes.  I like the color, and the serenity of the simplicity. The objective is to communicate, promote my books and give other artists a forum to promote their art.  Putting up video, cutesy snapshots or other photoshopped garb would take away from the main subject.  So, deal with it.  People who know me, know that what you see, is what you get.  I'm not a superficial kind of person, nor do I give in to what is popular or mainstream.  Hence, being an independent artist. 

There. All better now.  Me whining about other people's whining.  The pot calling the kettle black, you say? Well, sometimes we all need to blow off a little steam. And, sometimes...we just feel powerless over some things in our lives that we want to change, but have no control of and it makes us miserable, so we complain, or rant, or take it out on others when we don't really mean to, or it shows in our attitude. What's your rant today? Post it here and feel better.  

Stealing a cue from my friends at Hobart (www.hobartpulp.com, if you haven't visited them, please do):

Things we like: Green olives in spaghetti sauce, the new Camaro SS (in cops-chase-me red!), maple cupcakes with bacon topping from Temptations, non-judgmental friends, NCIS reruns (can't wait for the season opener!), kids going back to school, the burning bushes turning, new shoes, the porch, eating ripe tomatoes right off the upside down vine, a really smooth red wine, new music by anybody putting out new music, the playoffs, fall.   

Things we dislike: judgmental people, chips that break when you try to scoop the dip, flies in the kitchen, vacuum left at the bottom of the stairs (again!), extortion, missing a close friend, expired coupons, work, hurt feelings, new shoes, Lee Child gave Jack Reacher a girlfriend and a house(!), snooty artists with I'm-better-than-you attitudes, grudges.


Now that I've gotten all that off my chest, I'll go back to my usual annoyingly sweet self.  I will get back to the business of writing, reading, and reviewing. I have some great independent artists to bring you in the coming weeks.  Something tells me I'll have plenty of time for that now.  I'm currently reading "A Spy At Home" by Joseph Rinaldo and will have a review and interview with the author in the near future.  My apologies to artists who have contacted me to read, review and interview. I've been a little overwhelmed with e-mails on that subject and I decided the only fair way to do it, was first come.  I've had to decline a few simply due to the subject matter not of my interest, i.e. children's books.  I don't have a desire to read or review children's books, so if you're a children's author I will save you the time of submitting to me.  I still need musicians to interview, too, so if you're a musician who would like a shameless plug, please get in touch, speshlk0510@msn.com, or tweet @speshlk0510. 

"Random Encounters" and "LifeLoveLust" are available: www.lifelovelust.webs.com or for e-reader versions lulu.com, smashwords.com, or amazon.com.  I haven't decided yet on a firm release date for "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey" but it'll be soon and I most certainly will announce it here first. 

Hug somebody today! I could have used one myself ;-)

Serenely (now!) yours,

~ K

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