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Monday, February 20, 2012

It's all about the music! Mostly...

I'm a fraud. A liar, even. Is there a support group somewhere for evil people like me?  Here's how it all started:

I scored tickets courtesy of the good people at 95.3 KPND, Sandpoint, to the meet and greet and "Big Head Todd And The Monsters" sound check. Thing is, I don't know who "Big Head Todd And The Monsters" are. The radio station gave us a nifty cd/dvd that must be pretty terrific. The band came down off the stage from sound check, chatted for a few minutes, and autographed for everyone.  There was about 12 -15 of us there, I didn't count but we were a small group.  I pretended to be a fan.  I had to ask one of the real fans there who was who as there were several people milling about and I didn't even know who the band members were. Bad K!  But, there is a method to the madness.  I knew getting the tickets to the meet and greet would get me in the door first for the opening artist, Mr. Roger Clyne.  Now...normally, we would have a Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers show, but for this trip Roger did a short series (six I believe) as an opening for BHTM.  So, you see it's all perfectly good.  I had a good reason for being a fraud and it paid off in the end! I was front and center for Roger's opening of the show along with other dedicated Roger fans who sang, clapped, and very much appreciated the energy he put into his solo show. 

And then...there's Tawni...

Just about everyone who has been RCPM fan for much length of time has heard of the legend that is Tawni. She's been a faithful follower of the band from their humble beginning coming out of the ashes of Roger's former band "The Refreshments" . (To most of us, we simply refer to it all as Roger music as he's been the front man for the band since its inception no matter who the other players are and there've been a few changes along the way. We all go with the flow .)  Tawni stealthily followed Roger on his west coast trek and made every show except one. Spokane was the last stop and I'm so glad she made it! I've always wanted to meet Tawni. She's a legend in RCPM fandom and to experience the energy of a show right beside her was an honor and a pleasure.  Side by side front of stage, we had a great time tuning in to the music, singing every word to:  Marie, Green & Dumb, I Do, Mexico, Banditos, Bury My Heart At The Trailer Park, Americano!, and Wanted.   We shouted, clapped, and swayed in a trance-like state.  It was a fabulous evening and the only down side to it all was how short it was! I have seen countless RCPM shows and it's difficult to let go at just one hour, but BHTM kept him at the time limit so he had no choice.  Knowing Roger, I think he would have continued as long as we were all standing.  He's the energizer bunny of rock! A great time with great people and I can't wait to get back up and do it all over again.  

The kids are alright...

Roger is so appreciative of parents who bring the kids and he always makes a special effort to give them undivided attention. There were a few sets of parents who brought their kids, I would guess they were aged 8 -10 or so, who Roger noticed sang the words to the songs right along with the rest of us.  Second generation Peacemakers singing the words to his songs at shows! Roger took a request from one young fan and gave her one of his guitar picks as a gift.  She was thrilled! Just another fun moment from shows that make for fond memories. 

Yet more confessions of a groupie...

While I'm making confessions I might as well come completely clean.  I'm also very bossy.  Hard as I try not to be, I just am. After the Roger show, I was standing at the BHTM merch booth and telling their merch guy that "Jason doesn't do things this way."  He questioned: "Who is Jason?" (RCPM's merch guy). Then I think he just wanted me out of his way. Next, I was trying to bring order to Roger greeting fans after his set, getting people in line for photo ops, talking to other fans about his music that were new and hadn't been listening to it as long as I have.  I will work harder to refrain from such annoying behaviour in the future.  But it probably won't do any good.  I'm just that way. I like order and unchaos and I try to make it so.  

Some of the best of the evening wasn't even a part of the show...

I do believe everything is as it should be, but sometimes I need a little kick in the behind to remember it. I pulled up in front of Knitting Factory in Spokane fully expecting my usual handicapped parking space right in front of the tour bus.  To my surprise, that space was no longer designated as handicapped and was already taken. I circled the block thinking there must be a handicapped space somewhere close cursing to myself the whole time, but there was not and I had to park across the street in a paid lot. It wasn't that far, so I wasn't too upset. I got the few things I needed to take in with me without carrying a cavernous purse like I usually do. When I was waiting at the corner to cross at the light, none other than Roger walked up to make the trek too! I accosted him to come back to my truck with me to autograph a very delicate item (the news ad I purchased reflecting an article featuring "The Refreshments").  He politely agreed and we chatted for a few moments prior to getting back to the crossing and going our separate ways before the evening started. I'm always amazed at how polite and receiving Roger is of fans, and willing to accommodate requests if he can. As is his usual first class cowboy gentleman way, he wasn't the least bit testy about me invading his personal time before he had to get ready for a show.  I let Roger know there would be a glowing review at my blog and invited him to read all about it, however he politely declined saying he never reads that stuff.  I encouraged him reiterating it would be positive, but I'm fairly certain I was not able to convince him of that.  In the inner circle of Peacemakerdom, I would be termed a kool-aid drinker.  People can call it anything they like, all I know is the music is a deep personal happiness, a zen like state, that I've received no other way.  Fellow fans around me singing along, Roger on stage sweat dripping from his hair and soaking his shirt and he still gives it every ounce of energy he has whether it's a few dedicated die-hards at the front of the stage or the venue filled with hundreds. At one point I closed my eyes, swaying to the music and almost felt my feet lift off the ground. It's that powerful! Definitely a heaven sent gift that everyone should partake in. Roger always invites everyone to be a part of the congregation, and I do too.  The full band will be appearing May 22nd at Knitting Factory Spokane and if you haven't already met me there, I invite you to.  It's going to be another rockin' good time!

Just a short reminder, the paperback cover of "Bright Lights, Money & Show Biz, Honey" with Roger's silhouette on the front is a limited edition.  He signed my copy for me at last nights show *big grin* and you can get yours at my website or the e-download exclusively at Amazon.com, just click the link at the top of my blog and it'll get you there. 

Adios, mi amigos!  Hug everybody today and share the love the universe has given to you.

*Hugs* ~ K

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