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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Sunday

Who's on first? A baseball reference on the big football day :-D

We never get a second chance to make that oh-so-critical first impression.  That first spark, or fizzle. It could be a chance meeting stepping over each other to get in the Starbucks line first when you're running behind in the morning; meeting future in-laws for the first time, or that business meeting set up by your associate that you thought was going to be a sleeper, but turns out introduced you to Mr. Perfect.  Ok...that last line is a stretch (women will see the humor in that) but you get my point.  Once. That's all we get to make someone stop and think: "I really want to get to know him/her better" or "Gawd! Good riddance that one is out of my way!".  Veronica Walters made the first impression to upstage all first impressions.  Her "Random Encounters"  were just that...random, once, and most important of all...silent.  How did she lure her intended random partner into such a tryst? More importantly, why? Why did she risk so much for one quick silent encounter with one man, one time? That question is answered, along with a story within a story that has a sizzling sexual secret all its own.  E-downloads of  "Random Encounters" are available exclusively at Amazon.com or if you prefer the comfort of paper and book with a spine you can crease, order at my website and you get my award winning poetry ramblings "LifeLoveLust" for free. 


From the perspective of one who has been working (playing) at pursuing success in writing, I've learned a few things along the way.  I wouldn't have it any other way for myself.  I'm a 'learn by doing' kind of person.  It sticks with me that way.  A reason why when raising our children, we let them make their own mistakes (thereby learning from them).  Hovering parents who stand over the school admin's shaking their crooked little fingers in the faces of principles and teachers to get their point across that their perfect little angel couldn't possibly have been as bad as they say, are wrong.  Plain wrong. Those parents are a subject matter I do not want to get started on in this arena.  Suffice to say, they are not doing their children any favors by fighting their battles for them.  Let's move on...

Back to writing.  I've spent an extraordinary amount of time perusing the internet looking at other authors art.  I follow countless blogs, authors helping authors, reviewers helping authors, I have many writer FB friends which I'm grateful for as I wouldn't have found their writing any other way. My LinkedIn connections have been invaluable. The internet is saturated with sites featuring writers trying to make it in a nearly impossible field of mazes.  I've found some amazingly good stories by unknowns that makes me stop and scratch my head...why don't they have the ultimate dream of a publishing contract with the big boys in New York?  Alternatively, I've seen some crap that also makes me stop and scratch my head...what in the world gave this person any idea their writing is worth the internet space it's taking up?  Now...it's not that I think my writing is the be all, and end all.  In fact, I've been pretty clear about my writing.  I think I'm average. I don't believe I should have any more (or less) of a chance of getting that big boys NY contract than the next average writer.  It comes down to taste.  Taste in subject matter (genre), in story structure, how long or short the story is, how much the reader wants to get invested in the book.  Maybe they only have a few hours on the weekend free to read something to escape from the realities of a hectic life.  My books fit in that niche perfectly. Not so long that you have to read in several steps, but just enough to have a little break from the stresses of everyday life.  So, what are you reading today? Thriller, murder mystery, fantasy, erotica so hot it would singe the brows if the book gets too close? Hmmm? Gimme a shout! I want to know :-)  


Are you a diffuser?  No, not the ones in decorative glass with scented oil you place around the house to freshen up the air. In life, we have instigators and diffusers.  We can make the conscious choice to either fuel a bad situation, or help put an end to it and stop the bickering.  I'm talking about personal relationship situations, of any kind whether they be co-workers, relatives who tend to be heavy on the drama, or online discussions where some people make it impossible to agree to disagree. You know the ones...they not only want to be right, they want you to like it!  I've normally been one to take the high road. I've too much pride and self-respect to let it show someone got the best of me.  However, just a hint...usually when I give any rebuttal (which is rare) and I end it with the code words 'have a nice day!' just picture me with my three finger wave, middle finger extended in a nonverbal but peaceful gesture.  It means, don't go away mad...just go away. 


SO CLOSE! A reminder that tomorrow February 6 is the last day for "Stuck Outside Of Phoenix" , Art Edwards & Nico Holthaus to raise enough money to get the kickstart campaign funded.  I wish I could give them all the money they need for their project, it would make me very happy!  Please...if you only have even a few bucks to give, pledge it.  It all adds up collectively.  If you have more than a few you can spare, very cool! It's going to be a great independent movie project that starts  here and you can be a part of it.  As of this morning, they only need a little bit more to get their total raised, so if you have a little bit, please give.


Whew! Long winded today, aren't I? That's what happens when there's a dry spell and inspiration has been lax. I promise I will get back to doing some artist interviews and features, hopefully next week, and I'll feature someone exciting I know you'll love to read about! I have many in the wings, I've just been a little out of sorts with being so sick for couple months.  I'm doing better, thank you all for your kind concerns and well wishes, and I'm getting back to my sassy self, so look out!

Hug somebody today! I have my darling Lhasa Apso Stanley here next to me and we're comfy cozy with lots of hugs.  I've got my Keurig, too :-)

Randomly yours,

*Hugs* ~ K

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